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  1. Hi Have a problem with my bus, N1 doesnt go higher than ca. 85% on takeoff roll regardless of trottlesetting ( TOGA, Flex, Manual) Once airborne the N1 goes up to correct thrustsetting. All init and perf pages on the MDCU is filled. Have version 1.21 installed. Anyone else with the same problem?
  2. Hi, I had the wobbling effect on approaches with my logitech g940 force feedbackstick, turning off the SEC1button helped, no wobbling at all:) I changed joystick to a stick without force feedback and the wobbling and all sort of rapid pitchchanges dissapeared, even with SEC1 on:) Maybe the bus doesnt handle force feedback very well?? My G940stick has no defined neutral position, i think that is causing some problems. Happy flying.
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