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  1. 6 hours ago, MartinM said:

    It does not only affect flightsimmers. There is a lot more. I got my Antivirus license purchased through them too


    This just brings another argument into the equation.  Software DRM never really stops piracy; a quick Google search with show a number of salacious websites with cracks/fixes etc to circumvent said DRM.  The DRM simply punishes end users.  Worse, some unethical developers use the DRM to force users off older software so that they are required to purchase new software at full price. 


    Also, as the Aerosoft Team have testified, DRM systems cost money to implement and support.  That extra cost in built into the software's retail price.  If a DRM add $10/Euro to the final price, wouldn't it be better for the developer to leave out said DRM and sell the product for a lower price.  The sales volume would increase while reducing the need for additional support resources.  Perhaps, this might allow such developer to focus on adding addition features to a said product or more frequent updates as opposed to fielding emails for failed/exhausted activations.


    Finally, here is a real life example of software in the business world.  Honeywell Aviation Company has been providing us new DVD disks to allow us to upload a new software package for the Honeywell Primus Epic Avionics suite used in the Embraer E-175/195 series aircraft.  While speaking to the Honeywell Representative, I asked him what DRM is contained on his disk.  He chuckled and replied, "None, those measures never accomplish anything."  Wise words indeed.  


  2. If anybody hasn't been informed, eSellerate will shutting down their servers.  Initially, original software downloads will be effected.  Eventually, the deactivation and activation portion of said such DRM will be shut down.  This brings up a very important issue for end users.  When eSellerate was initially used as a DRM, software companies took pains to inform users that they would never loose access to their content since eSellerate was a long term reliable software company.  Fast forward now, if your initial software developer hasn't changed over to the new licensing system, or worse is out of business, you will loose access.


    This gives me time to thank Aerosoft for not currently using this system.  It is so refreshing to see a software publisher treating us consumers with respect instead of presuming we are all criminals out to pirate their IP.             

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  3. On 8/4/2017 at 8:06 AM, Stefan Hoffmann said:

    Here is the "master painkit" for all three sections together. Use the colored squares as calibrators to insert the large pieces into the smaller final textures. The squares must be located cleanly in the upper left corner of each texture map, without any gap. The the texture sits correct in the "local texture sheet" (3 of 3).





    Could you build a Master Template for the CRJ-900 as well?  Also, could you build a layered master template for the tail so that we could see what the completed tail will look like before laying into the PSD?  

  4. Stefan:


    Could the Aerosoft Team create a new download section called Airbus Professional then a subsection for A319 and A318.  That way, we re-painters can upload our Airbus Professional only repaints into a dedicated download section.  Also, in this manner, our original 32 bit Bus repaints can remain unchanged in their own subsection.       

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  5. On 2/18/2018 at 1:58 AM, Jetwings32 said:


    CaptKornDog, in order to do a repaint like that, a painter would need a really good painting for us to work from.  Here is a really good example:




    The reason is that the tail as well as the three strip combo is very hard to create from scratch.  But if I have a high resolution image like that, I can use the image as transparency and lay it onto the flat model. 


    Sorry wrong quote, I meant Capt Korn Dog who is requesting the old blue tulip United Paint Scheme.

  6. 7 hours ago, Kota Fox said:

    thats cool, ive actually looked into the js41 and heard good things about it, im not looking for something as large as the Q400 right now due to my inexperience, but knowing something about it is a plus, im still stuck on piston engines but maybe one day ill move up to a q400 eventually


    For simplicity of flying and departing/landing into small airports the JS41 is the better aircraft.  Also, Avsim has a huge number of JS41 repaints.  Many more than the Q400.  Finally, all of the PMDG kits are really easy to use for us re-painters, thus if you need a custom livery, it shouldn't be hard to find a painter.      

  7. The Majestic Q400.  The very best in realism.   Of course, it is so realistic that flying it with one person is very difficult. 


    Another really good plane that deserves an honourable mention is the PMDG JS41.  I am not sure if it is available for P3D yet, but in FSX it is an absolute joy to fly.  Due to its smaller size it can get in into smaller fields as opposed to the Q400.      

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  8. One thing to add is that all electronics, consumer and industrial, do have a limited usage operating life.  Capacitors will burn out, solder joints will become intermittent, spinning disks will have mechanical failures.  At that time people will upgrade/replace their computers/components with newer more powerful models.  That is only natural.  After all, how many of us want to buy a brand new black-and-white TV, BetaMax VCR or even a flip phone?  As we improve our hardware, will will naturally look at the newest available software to go with it.  Better hardware creates new capabilities for upcoming software.  Of course, sometimes the new hardware is incompatible with our older software, other times the Operating System makes older software unusable.  For example, I was a hard core FS2004 guy for many years.  I really enjoyed the simulator and my many addons.  My ancient PC was barely capable of running stock FSX, let alone a modded version with addons.  Thus, FS2004 was my simulator of choice.  When the motherboard finally suffered an internal failure, I purchased a brand new PC.  I immediately looked around and found FSX-SE on a Steam Sale.  Flew it for a year when the video card failed.  The manufacturer kindly upgraded me to a DX11 card under the RMA.  I then purchased P3DV3 and never went back to FS2004.  In this way, I believe the shift away from FSX to P3D has happened in the same way the shift from FS2004 to FSX rapidly accelerated after 2010.   With many developers focusing only on the P3DV4, this poll shows the shift is becoming quite complete. 



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  9. Identity theft in the manner you experienced can happen to anybody, no matter how careful you are.  Sadly, the digital world we live in has expanded the world for fraudsters.  My PayPal account got hacked and PayPal was less than helpful.  My Bank was the the real hero in this instance.  Needless to say, I no longer have a Paypal Account.  The internet is not the only dangerous place for identity theft, one of my friends at work had his credit card compromised at local grocery store.  That being said, an honourable well established retailer like Aerosoft will always do their best to accommodate you and do you right.  Also, your Bank will give you many protections as demanded by your country's consumer protection act.  I wouldn't fear using your credit card just because of your experience. 

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