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  1. I've been flying out of Rothera lately, mostly up and down the peninsula (South Shetland Islands, Sky Blu etc). Rothera itself is highly detailed, and somewhat reminiscent of Gibraltar. Marimbio and King George Island are quite detailed, but there are also 'landing grounds' that are little more than sticks in the snow (and can be quite a challenge to find...)
  2. I don't know anything about USB dongles, but provided it can plug into a hub, it'll be the lesser of two evils, I guess.
  3. I really hope they aren't using that brain-dead disc in the drive "protection". It has to be the worst scheme ever invented - all it does is inconvenience legitimate users; it certainly doesn't slow down or stop the pirates one bit, and probably encourages legitimate owners to find a cracked version in order to save their precious disc1 (which is exactly what 99% of FS9 users did...).
  4. LOL! Nice try The vast majority will interpret "PC" as "Windows PC", and anybody with a Mac will tell you it's "definitely not a PC". I think you will have to answer "where is the Mac/Linux" version?" a lot more times...
  5. I asked a few days ago, and Mathijs said it was both. But that box art sure looks PC-only...?
  6. Will there be separate Mac and PC versions, or will they both be part of the same distro? (and if so, how will the licensing work, i.e. can you install to both Mac and PC?) Thanks Tim (home to a confusion of computers of different OS flavours)
  7. There are many planes I don't use (airliners, jet fighters...) and I'd like the ability to turn them off from the UI (while keeping them available for AI/MP etc) Obviously an addon airliner I simply wouldn't buy, but 15 kinds of default Boeings/Airbi? <shudder> I'd rather not have. And others will doubtless say the same about my favourite Moth/Cub etc. I did use the Learning Centre, but not in many years. It's one of those things that's very useful while you are learning (but now I have a RW PPL and many books on my shelf....) (Oh, and can we have an English English language UI option, as well as American...) The logbook I do use, although it could be so much better, as with the rewards/trophies scheme. I'm a big fan of Paul's (BASys) Rewards addon, which gives you postcards for different places and countries you visit -- it really appeals to the collector in me, so I'd love to see a similar thing continue in 2012.
  8. Don't forget many panels have a glow strip under the glare shield, as well as instrument backlights, illuminated switches etc. and yes the lights should be dimmable. While on the topic of lights, although not necessarily aircraft, please consider: * Pilot-controlled runway lighting * 'Tower' controlled lighting, with separate dimmable controls for: Runway Taxiways Approach VASI/PAPI Also the lights should be directional (RW, very few runways are highly visible from the side...) In RW training, especially at night, it's common to fly circuits with one or more sets of lights switched off for each pass. You could request this through the ATC calls... Also consider allowing Tower signal gun lighting, viz: Also consider allowing more kinds of lights. For example, a WWII-era airfield might use goose-neck flare lights (you would not have to simulate the bloke pedalling down the runway on his bicycle, lighting them... )
  9. Will the open format database be accessible both ways? For example, as a writer of a third party flight planning software, would I be able to utilise the sim database within my addon? If so, would this access be open, by licence, or undecided? Also, will the data updates include airspace? Here in England, the airspace in parts of the country is already WAAY different to how FSX portrays it, and there are more changes in the pipeline, not to mention whatever EASA foists upon us! Finally, there are important classifications of airspace for VFR pilots here that MS chose not to bother with -- MATZ, ATZ -- will these be included? Cheers Tim
  10. Club/VA Parked Traffic, AKA "Where did you leave my plane?" Primarily for MP flying clubs and VAs, but it could work in single player too. It would be nice if there was a system to remember where you parked the plane last time. Say for example, I flew the SF260 into Shoreham. Next time I start at Shoreham in a Cessna, but if I look around... there's the 260 parked on the apron. Similarly my chums fly in on an MP session, and next time their planes are parked up too. You would only need a small file to say an AI thingamyjig needs to be parked at such & such airport. Traffic could be done by registration, and planes subscribed/unsubscribed. A simple report could be used to track subscribed planes. There would need to be a server mechanism of some sort to cater for planes moved offline or on Vatsim etc (AS wouldn't need to provide a server -- it could all be hosted by the individual VAs, with suitable hooks in the sim)
  11. You'd be welcome to my EGTN Enstone ( as an example of what the small GA fields that MS included only as a runway could really look like. (Don't much care for big international airports! )
  12. For a light twin, I'd love to see a DA42 Diamond TwinStar. For a light single, I don't think you can escape the normal spamcan - C172, PA28 etc, but it'd be nice to see something modern, such as one of the plastic tadpoles (Katana etc), or something with European flavour (Jodel, Robin...) For LSA/microlight, how about the new SkyCatcher? Whatever you choose, Please, Please, PLEASE don't mirror the main textures. Carenado insist on doing this even now, and it's really infuriating -- just ask anyone who's ever tried to paint a European/South American etc rego...
  13. Seemingly half the population of America claims to be descended from Irish stock. If that's not a *huge* marketing opportunity, I don't know what is...
  14. It would certainly be fun - there are many hundreds of airshows around the world, as well as the major exhibitions -- RIAT, Farnborough, Paris, Friedrichshafen, Oshkosh, Avalon, to name a few. I don't think this is the province of the core sim though, but it would be nice if there were enabling technologies to make it easy to set up. Same with firework parties displays - 4th July in the US, Guy Fawkes night across the Commonwealth, New Year's Eve etc. These things are far from essential, but a little fun now and then goes down a treat! BTW, Visual Flight did RIAT and Farnborough for FS9, although I don't think there was ever an FSX version.
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