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  1. Appears to be a problem either with AS, PMDG or Orbx in this area.. I deactivated the PANC scenery and the CTD was still there.. Is it possible for some to test this to elimated any other issues on my side? Thanks Andrew
  2. Here is a sceenshot flying over PANC (no TrueSky) using AS Beta #2
  3. The new version of PANC for V5 is causing CTD with the PMDG 747 and AS Beta#2 .. My Computer locks with a CTD.. There is also a problem with the uninstall file see attached screenshot (i renamed to uninstall) I have tried to unistall reinstall select and deslect options same problem.. I have Orbx Alaska install If I dont load AS then everthing is fine... The strange thing is AS works fine with all other Airports and place across the world including Aerosoft airports . The problem only exists at PANC Any suggestions would be grateful Thanks Andrew
  4. Can anyone help me with this problem... I have try many options... but no change Thanks
  5. I have been able to connect but have a CDU display problem.. I have try different computers and tablets IOS and Android with no luck. As there is no alternative to use a external CDU I would appreciate assistance with this issue... I was using Virtual Avionics A320 CDU prior to moving to PD3V4. but unfortunately they are not going to upgrade to A320 x64 (pity) Here what they said "The difficulty with Aerosoft A3xx is that they don`t, unlike other add-ons such as the PMDG, provide a SDK, so that we can interface with and retrieve the MCDU data from. Andrew
  6. Us the updater ASUpater you find it in the Aerosoft Dir
  7. The update allow me to connect ... but have another problem.... NO input keys or graphics.. Checked on another computer using Chrome and two tablets (IOS and Andriod) same problem Pic 1 is from my 2nd computer Pic 2 is the android tablet Andrew
  8. Correct I do not have the A318/319 Installed. I have fixed the Navdata database by allowing Navigraph FMS Data to auto scan and then use the A318/A319 location. It would appear to me that a small number of issues I have encountered assumed that the A318/A319 was installed. Look forward to the update Thanks Andrew
  9. Hi, Is the Airbus X- ConnectExtended the same as Connect Pro... See attached screen shot of A320/21 Configurator,,, (Webserver) I am desperately trying to get my Android tablet connect to the MCDU without success. On another subject how do I get Navigraph to the be the default database when a load the A320... Each time I have to select the active database... Thanks Andrew
  10. Can some please post the .ini file required Thanks Andrew
  11. Hi guys, I have the A320. I don't own the A318... Here is the error when I click on Connect Pro. Seems the .ini is with the A318 version. Andrew
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