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  1. Fixed the full reverse trust functionality for when the throttle levers are pushed down beyond the detent points (from idle reverse to full reverse) Note: you may receive a few warning dialog boxes about missing variables when you load/bind this profile for the first time, it seems this issue is caused by the recent version of Honeycomb Configurator, a quick workaround is to turn on/off the middle row toggle switches once and then reload/rebind the profile, after doing this, all the 'missing variable' messages are gone and switches perform as mentioned in the tables above.
  2. Regarding missing variables, please see my comments above for a workaround, there is nothing that I can do in the profile to remove the pop-ups, it needs to be addressed by Honeycomb (Configurator), I'll check the 'full reverse' scenario to see if I can replicate it. Also please remember I'm a community member that have spent tens of hours of my own personal time to create and share this profile with the community. so next time please add a 'please' to 'Need a fix'
  3. I (the creator of this profile) noticed the same issue, It seems this is an issue that was introduced with Honeycomb Configurator ver. 2.1.0. or QW 787 SP4. Those variables still exist in QW787 SP4. The only way (and easy way) that I have found to solve this: After the QW787 has been loaded in P3D and you have got the error message(s), turn on and off the custom switches in the middle row once, and then load the profile again (re-bind) in P3D. Now it binds properly and there are no error messages. I'll keep looking into this to see if I can find a permanent fix. But it seems there is nothing I can do inside the profile to fix this. This is an issue with the dll that load Honeycomb loads into P3D.
  4. Hi @BenBaron I purchased PMDG 777 after I had installed the Honeycomb Configurator tool, so even though after I purchased and installed PMDG 777, I went to the Honeycomb Configurator and re-activated PMDG and 777 profiles, it seems the tool doesn't add those two lines for data broadcast to the .ini file for the airplanes which are installed after the tool's installation. The Configurator tool had added the lines to PMDG 747QOTSII's .ini file because that airplane was installed before the tool got installed for the first time. My feedback is if you can add the logic in the Configurator tool to check for those lines and add them if they are missing, that will help customers greatly. Even a written note in the documentation would have saved me and others many hours of investigation and frankly would have added to my customer satisfaction of HoneyComb products. I'm happy with the hardware but the experience of getting them to work with PMDG 777, 747 and QW787 has been extremely time consuming and painful. In retrospect, I WOULDN'T have purchased the Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle, if I knew I had to spent these many hours to get them to work. As my contribution to the community, I ended up writing the QW 787 Bravo Throttle profile over the holidays which I posted on Aerosoft Honeycomb profiles page which at the time of this writing has been downloaded over 255 times, honestly that isn't my job as a customer to do that, that is the job of Honeycomb who got paid to provide these profiles. Regards, Jim Morrison
  5. I was able to solve my own issue by adding the following lines to 777X_Options.ini file which is in your PMDG777X folder: [SDK] EnableDataBroadcast=1 The PMDG 777 wasn't broadcasting its data and Honeycomb profile have no way of seeing the annunciator values.
  6. PMDG 777 Bravo Throttle Profile | Red LED annunciators don't light up when they should be on I have successfully installed and started using PMDG 747 and 777 Bravo Throttle official profiles. The profile for PMDG 747 works perfectly including all red LED annunciators, however the profile for PMDG 777 works fine for everything except the red LED annunciators (the white LED annunciators work fine). I have spent countless number of hours reviewing the .json files and PMDG 777 SDK and it seems the profile already has the correct SDK variable names and logic for the red LED annunciators. It seems somehow it can't see the values for those variables in the P3D v4.5. This is specially strange as on the same system, 747 red annunciators work perfectly. Anybody else has experienced this or is aware of a fix? Regards, Jim Morrison
  7. This profile doesn’t have any mappings for any of the axis, those are and should be directly controlled through P3D Controls settings.
  8. @collegeroad We have tested this profile on at least 4 different machines and it works perfectly on all of them. Profiles can't make your p3d crash, worst case scenario is that the buttons may not function, not crashing p3d. most likely your issues are elesewhere.
  9. Version 1.0.3


    This profile includes and assigns almost all the control on Honeycomb Bravo Throttle including MCP buttons, rotary knobs, controls, LED button lights and annunciator lights on Bravo Throttle. As Bravo Throttle is not specifically designed for the 787 systems, I had to get creative and create a logic to map the physical elements on the Bravo Throttle to the 787 systems, this is specially true in the case of the red annunciator lights. One of the key goals in building this profile was maximizing the usage of all physical controls on the Bravo Throttle. Creating and testing this profile took 5 full days of writing and then testing a new json profile that you can easily add to your Honeycomb-Configurator application. This profile is also easily customizable, so if you prefer your assignments differently, you can achieve that using the Honeycomb-Configurator application. I haven't had a chance to create a PDF user's guide with pictures for the control assignments yet, so for the time being, please use the application to look up the control assignment and customize it to your liking. Here is a quick summary of the MCP button and rotary knob assignments: MCP button assignments Bravo Throttle MCP button Assigned to 787 button Bravo Throttle button light logic HDG HDG SELECT (not HDG HOLD) Since HDG SELECT doesn’t have a light on the real plane, the button light is mapped to HDG HOLD light NAV LNAV LNAV APR APP APP REV LOC LOC ALT ALT INTERVENE (not ALT HOLD) Since ALT INTERVENE doesn’t have a light on the real plane, the button light is mapped to ALT HOLD light VS VS VS IAS VNAV VNAV Rotary knob assignments Bravo Throttle Selector position Bravo Throttle INC/DEC rotary assigned to 787 rotary knob IAS IAS CRS Captain’s side BAROSET (since real plane doesn’t have a CRS rotary) HDG HDG VS V/S ALT ALT Middle row switches Bravo Throttle middle row switches from left to right 787 function 1 Flight Director (FD) left and right ON/OFF 2 Transponder XPDR <-> TA/RA 3 WRX glareshield button left 4 TFC (traffic) glareshield button left 5 TERR (terrain) glareshield button left 6 Pedestal FUEL CONTROL left engine 7 Pedestal FUEL CONTROL right engine
  10. Hi Raphael, great work on both the PMDG and QW787 profiles. are you planning to release a Bravo Throttle profile for QW787?
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