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  1. No problem, Shaun, my repaint is done .
  2. Yes, but it isn't the answer to my question. But ok, I'll have to create my own
  3. Hi, I would like to create a repaint for our helicopter VA, but I don't find paintkit. In addon description is "There are seven different models available, not only the different Seahawk models used by the US Navy, but also the export models (Japan, Greece and Spain) are included. The Coast Guard model (Jayhawk) is also included. Fifteen liveries and a paint kit are available." and on Flightsim I found many Seahawk repaints. Please, where is it? Thank you, Karel
  4. 628 downloads

    Royal Hawaiian Air Service Twotter - N44693
  5. Nice screens!!! I must buy Megasceenry :twisted:
  6. Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed my repaints and the logo I made. I hope I'll finish some more hawaiian paints. :wink:
  7. Hi Twotters fans! My Hawaiian "2 in 1" pack is finished...time for download -->Twin Otter - Hawaii<--
  8. Hi Jim, I'm redraw your logo to vectors and make bigger pics. My version have some few changes, but if You can use it for your Island Air...just do it 2964x442 resolution pics
  9. Hi Jim! Yes, this logo I search, good work. Good luck with your Aloha repaint I'm start work on Royal Hawaiian Air Service Otter, here is WIP screen. Colors and font isnt finish version :wink:
  10. Thank you :wink: Island Air have totaly new planes and logo design. In "history" on website is only text. I'm loking for Aloha Island Air logo (1989) from EDOT-TH firts post ( But I i see only one this pictures After finish next repaint from Hawaii I make "2 in 1" pack and upload it to my website :wink:
  11. Hi, I like flying on Hawaii...I make for fun first repaint from "isles". Island Air Twotter (very...VERY hard work on yellow strips). Now I search oldest logo for Aloha Island Air, but not have luck :? Same problem is Princeville Airways, I have only small pics. Sorry for my bad english.
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