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  1. 😉 Well, I amd that seasoned simmer, and rw pilot since 1980, who actually got bored / hopeless about pretty much all alternatives presently available, excluding my good old Aerowinx PS1, then PSX. MFS was the last drop in a filled with disappointment cup.. In 2012 I was tricked by MS FLIGHT... This time it was just way too much for me to deal with 😕 Then, after having used pretty much ALL glider simulators ever available for the PC, since the good old SFS, I am looking forward into this one, maybe simple from a "systems" pov, but probably much more convincing from a "feel of flight" and basic gliding filed operations pov... 😉
  2. Great Mathijs ! Perfectly understandable! I look forward for the release - it's going to be my return to flight simulators :-)
  3. Will. apart from thermal, also orographic support be simulated in future updates ? I don't really know if it makes sense for the scenery area that comes with this simulator, but if there are hills it would be great to be able to get some of it 🙂
  4. Looks AMAZING Matjhis !!! This tittle will surely bring me back to flight simulation ! It's going to be a delight to try two of the gliders I scored many hours on ! Hope Aerosoft get's the Best user support from this séries..
  5. Can someone please provide the link(s) for the CRJ manuals already made available please ? Couldn't find it at the forums here :-/
  6. Ok guys, again thanks a lot for all you support! I'll report back after trying the ""run as Admin"... This worked for the Katana Load & config app which wasn't doing anything unless run as admin... And yes, I intend to get the 4X version :-) as well as the TO Extended ;-)
  7. Just a follow up... Flight1's fix didn't work - My Katana X still has opaque canopy when it's raining :-( I accepted the install of FSX Gold into the default C:\Programs(x86) folder, in windows 7. I wonder if this was one of my big mistakes (?). Have meanwhile seen recommendations of an install to something like C:\FSX instead to escape the effects of UAC ?
  8. Ok, again thank you Otto and Herman for your prompt and helpful replies :-) I also installed the Twin Otter X, and that one doesn't suffer from the same problem, but I am aware that an "Extended" version is also in the works :-)
  9. Ah, you mean that only the Katana 4x is compatible with AccPack? Thx for the "rainfix" ;-)
  10. It is off, but thx anyway fro the hint ;-) I did enable it (DX10 preview) yesterday. after installing FSX Golden, but then disabled it again, unless something got stuck in the CFG file (?). Where in the CFG files can I see the DX10 setting just to make sure it is off?
  11. I have just installed the DA-20 Katana X download version, on FSX Golden Edition (which includes Acceleration and is fully patched). The installer version is v2.00. When in the VC and raining, the canopy becomes opaque. I believe the update available at my account with SP2 is already included in the v2.00 installer (?) Is there a fix for this rather annoying bug? Thx in advance
  12. Would like to know about successful installations of soaring add-ons, including CumulusX!, Aerosoft Discus X, etc, in LM Prepar3D. Thx in advance for any comments!
  13. Has anyone been able to make CumulusX! work with Prepar3D yet?
  14. Peter, I came here today exactly to post this same subject - just to find out that you already thought about it!!!! Please do include support for Prepar3D - that way I will certainly go for it. I uninstalled FSX and have been using mainly Condor, because FSX would run slow on my computer, I also because I didn't really want to invest my money on scenery and mesh for a platform that is stagnant... I couldn't afford Prepar3D either.... Now I can :-) I will refrain from buying it if I can't see any sound support for glider flying, like the one CumulusX! gave me in FSX, so, if you decide to support Prepar3D, I will go for it :-)
  15. Oh, I know... B21... I spent years around it, and develloped a few FMs, including for commercial products :-), at least two for helicopters :-) (an area really challenging to tweak in MSFS...) My main source of inspiration was Ron Freimuth, with whoom I had the extraordinary oportunity of exchanging many email messages and learn quite a LOT about the insides of MSFS. But it started long before, when Enrico Schiratti was still in the begining of his experience with the sim, as well as Maurizio Gaviolli :-) IIt was some.... 20 years ago! Whow! I was also able to participate on the first tests of SCASM with a scenery for Azores and Madeira, many years ago... I still poll a few sites, namely Herve's exvellent source of information, which you most certainly know: http://www.aero.sors.fr/index.html In the past, and before leaving MSFS ;more than 3 years ago, and all simulation 2 years ago, I tried about all gliders from FSGLIDER, including those I had flown for real since 1980 (some rather old, such as the Bergfalke :-) ). It was allways a disapointment, and although I allways tried to tweak and re-tweak, it was no before starting using Condor and SW that I finally felt at home. Ah, around 1993 I was also an active user of the only glider simulation program available for many years - SFS! The DiscusX from Aerosoft was rather a surprise to me. Actually I had been invited in the past to design a good AS-K21 (a glider I know very well from my RW flying...) but I never really started that project. After testing the DiscusX, and now with CumulusX, using MSFS looks like I have discovered a new completely unknown simulator! The only problem now will be to buy a PC up-2-date... My rather old Pentium4 freezes easily running MSFS, and I keep everything to the minimums in order to get a more or less stable 10-12fps ! Regarding CumulusX!, it's good to know Peter is still actively working on it. I look forward for a possible update including some sort of wave. And, for the time being, and although I keep great expectation in the open Flight Gear project, sailpane & gliding simulation will be rather difficult to achieve at the levels raised by Condor, SW and now FSX2+CumulusX+Aerosoft's gliders. XPlane will certainly not become an alternative given it's rather closed and simplistic weather engine/model...
  16. HarryO Thanks for the interesting notes regarding DiscusK and CumulusX together :-) When you refer to the way FSX deals with water ballast, are you saying that the Polars have nothing to do with the real thing when ballast is used? In Condor, and in Silent Wings, ballast works credibly. I never checked with FSX though...
  17. I had to post yet another report of my recent experience with both CumulusX and DiscusX on FSX2. I have to admit I was really unaware of how realist MSFS can become in as far as soaring / gliding is concerned. As a glider pilot for real, and aslo as a user of both Condorsoaring and Silent Wings (also of SFS as far back as 1994 :-)) I have to say that the only thing now lacking to complete the rather immersive and realistic environment created by CumulusX is proper mesh and landclass for my country - Portugal - as well as for Spain. I now can say that thermal centring, as well as ridge/slope flying is even more close to real in the CumulusX+ FSX combination then in either Condor or SW - this was really a surprise for me. The same goes for the excellent flight characteristics of the DiscusX glider - a true masterpiece, I have to say! All that said, I have a couple of questions: 1) I haven't reinstalled FSUIPC, nor any of the weather injector programs I had in the past, mainly because I believe these could negatively interfere with CumulusX. FSUIPC has wind smoothing parameters, and as far as I know Peter models turbulence on slopes using "windshear", with abrupt wind direction variations as well as wind intensity, and these might get filtered by FSUIPC? Am I wrong? 2) I haven't been able to really profit from the "Smart-Tow", I believe. I set left or right circuits, restart FSX, call for the tow plane using ctrl-shift-y, the tow starts but the airplane keep climbing straight away, never circling right or left (?) 3) Regarding my will to have a better (than the rather poor default one...) landclass for Portugal and Spain, as well as the Mesh, the reason is basically that I learned CumulusX does take this data into account for generating it's auto-thermals and slope updrafts/downdrafts. So, with a more sophisticated landclass/mesh we should expect even better/more realistic performance from CumulusX - am I wrong? 4) Finally, and although I still do not intend to invest on such a platform, I would like to find out if Peter has experimented with CumulusX and the Lockheed platform Prepar3D.
  18. Harry, thx for the interesting suggestion! Maybe I'll offer one to my own for my birthday this year! For the time being I am really enjoying DiscusX, but, above all, I restarted enjoying FSX thx to CumulusX! Although I still start Condorsoaring, I strangely (because of the well known usual limitations of MSFS) find additional realism in thermal and even ridge flying with CumulusX! - Really looking forward for new features from Peter :-)
  19. Yes Peter, it's there in the manual :-) We still have the 1.8.0 version of the manual. Do you have an updated text with the fixes/features introduced in 1.8.1? Really enjoying CumulusX! REALLY!!!!
  20. While the manual states that thermal height can be made to adjust to terrain altitude, does this reflect on the height of the cloud bases as well? As far as I understand CumulusX! takes the altitude of the lowest cumulus layer in MSFS weather as a reference for the altitude of it's thermal clouds. Over mountains this would mean that the cloud base height would not be adjusted to the corresponding thermal height. Is this the case, or do clouds generated by CumulusX ave their bases higher over mountains?
  21. Hi Emi, one of the main limitations, for me, in Condor is the total absence of the Portuguese terrain. I am unable to "fly" in Portugal with it :-). I look forward to be able to create a scenery for Portugal, but I am running out of spare time, as usual.... FSX, albeit it's many problems / Limitations, when added by really good add-ons such as FSUIPC, CumulusX! and now DiscusX! can be a very useful trainning tool. Regarding flight and weather model, the default MSFS weather, although including features not found in other simulators, such as temperature layers, T and Td, does not really make any use of it. Programs like CumulusX overcome those limitations by providing a very credible gliding environment. Presently I really find FSX+CumulusX+DiscusX equal in performance and usefulness to Condor. Condor has been designed as a Soaring simulator, so it includes very nice features such as support for link to external devices you use for real world soaring, task definition menus, gliders that are said to be up to their real counterparts in terms of performance (always arguable...) Scenery wise, Condor is very limited in terms of VFR data we use for our RL flights (specially for me who will probably never be able to fly at those exotic scenery areas in RL :-| There is some sort of wave model in Condor too, but I never experienced it. Also, although the model is there (just as in Silent Wings), there are no wave clouds to help us glimpse the right points to be at the right time, so, I look forward for Peter to add some sort of wave model to CumulusX, probabley with nice (staic :-) ) wave clouds too :-) This will make CumulusX almost PERFECT! Condor is also a very easy program to run smoothly even on very low end machines like mine. In FSX I get, with the graphics settings down to Low or VEry Low, no traffic, etc... sometimes as low as 9fps! This really spoils the experience, and certainly interferes too with the performance of an "injector" like CumulusX and the FM of the great DiscusX. Condor is apparently stagnated - I can't see a word about the next version. It's been there since 2005 and appart from 2 glider packs, and a few patches, it is still the same. Now, although FSX is also stopped, and FLIGHT is apparently not going to bring good news, there is a miriad of good add-on products, and there is CumulusX!. If I were you I would stay with FSX + CumulusX and invest in detailled scenery for your area of flight, including good mesh. Yesterday I flew the Discus in Serra da Estrela - Portugal's highest mountain. CumulusX! performed beautifully in all respects! It was as if I was really there. To be honest when I decided to try it I couldn't really believe I would have such a great experience! We could arrange for some online flights, but I have yet to recall how to enter multiplayer sessions in FSX...
  22. I've been away from flight simulation for quite a while. I fly gliders for real, here in Portugal. In the past I never used FSX for gliding. As a matter of fact, flying for real and using Condor and SW did put an end to my MSFSX use. After comming back, I had to decide, since my machine is still the same - very out of sync with new standards - what to re-install. I installed Condor, and then decided to have a look at DiscusX! from Aerosoft. I was rather skeptical about it... At the very same time I re-discovered CumulusX!. Together, CumulusX! and Aerosoft's DiscusX are now the only 2 add-ons I have installled in FSX. I might re-install FSUIPC too. I have to say that glifing in MSFS has rose to a point where it became really usefull, including for real world practise, thanks to both CumulusX! and DiscusX!, so, I am really grateful to both teams for their EXCELLENT work. Peter's support is great, and I have exchanged a few emails with him. I really look forward for further enhancements of this already GREAT software. Thanks Peter, and thanks Aerosoft!!!! Keep the good work and have a GREAT 2012!
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