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  1. The copilot is not modeled. You can add the weight, but he/she won't show.
  2. No, definitely not. This is a stand-alone simulation.
  3. You can make changes to the aircraft.cfg file, among other things. If you have the software development kit installed, take a look at the documentation in fsxsdk.chm - if you look under "SimObject Container SDK" there is a section called "Aircraft Configuration Files". Enjoy playing around
  4. Edit: Andrew beat me to it One thing to consider is, if you want all the models, you will end up paying considerably more for the PMDG than the iFly. You'll have to decide if the added depth of PMDG's system simulation is worth the extra money. For me the answer is "yes", but your priorities may differ from mine.
  5. The OP had the unpatched version where some cockpits had the carb heat and cabin heat levers swapped.
  6. OK, thanks for the clarification. What about a plane like the Piper Cub that doesn't have strobe/beacon lights (or any other kind of lights)?
  7. The trim tabs work correctly with the beta patch installed. Think of it this way: Moving the trim tab up will help force the aileron down, which in turn will lift that wing.
  8. Felt so much like being in Marcel's Katana that I kept turning my head and wondering why my TrackIR didn't work I don't think there is any requirement to have lights on during daytime. Strobes make sense for visibility of course, but pos lights probably don't do much.
  9. Not stupid at all. There is some discussion about oil grades here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/45290-lube-questions/ At low OAT use SAE20. At higher temps use SAE40.
  10. It should not ice up with carb heat on. Did you install the beta patch (http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/45135-open-beta-101-update/)? There was a problem with the labels on the carb heat and the cabin heat knobs being switched in some cockpits. Maybe you are actually flying with cabin heat on? The risk of carb ice at 17C oat and 14C dewpoint would be greater than at 17C oat / 8C dewpoint, yes.
  11. What you describe does sound like carburettor icing. Make sure you apply carb heat before you make any significant power reduction. In many FSX aircraft the application of carb heat clears any ice that has formed almost instantly. Not so in the Katana - once your carburettor ices up you better start looking for an off-field landing spot.
  12. Yes, no problems whatsoever.
  13. Carb heat should be turned on whenever you significantly reduce power, e.g when you are descending the aircraft or coming in for a landing (although you may want to turn it off on short final, to have maximum power available in the event of a go-around). The idea is to prevent carburetor icing which occurs in humid air. At -8C the amount of water vapor in the air is insignificant, so no need for carb heat. Using carburetor heat does have an impact on the engine, although I understand that this is not a big factor in the Katana. A short article on the topic here: http://flighttraining.aopa.org/students/presolo/skills/carbicing.html
  14. In the start menu, inside the "aerosoft" and "Diamond DA20-100 Katana 4X" folder there is a link to a tool that resets the configuration.
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