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  1. Dear Sir or Madame I brought a disk version of Maderia X Evolution. I use prepare3dv4. Is it does not install. How do I get an up to date installer. So I can use the program.
  2. I will try the windows file checker. I am going to do a flight with the A319, to see if it happens with that addon. Many Thanks James
  3. While climbing to cruising altitude in the A320, the autopilot disconnects several times and also sometimes the aircraft suddenly goes to the left at slow speed during landing.
  4. I recommend that uninstall and re-install the add on, and do not run the updater. This solved the problem for me. At this time, I would not run the updater at this time. I have now done two flights without this problem, since I have done the re-install. I think that there could be a problem with the update.
  5. Doing another flight to make sure that it is not a one off.
  6. Thanks Just re-installed the add on and done a test flight. It is working fine. I think the upgrade was the problem.
  7. I will do another flight to see if the problem re-occurs.
  8. I did not have this problem, when first installed. It worked fine. I have set up my throttle. Could it be, that I also have a logitech connect. Will I also need to set that up as well. I use fsuipc. I have set that up as per the instructions. On the engine indicator display is indicating idle thrust, I have set the climb power and the engines idle. Programming the throttles has not stopped this.
  9. I get an indicator, THR CLB. Also won't hold when Speed is also displayed.
  10. I have also gone through the step by step guide and the throttle setup. No effect the autothrottle will not hold the speed.
  11. Dear sir or madame I have just had to re-install A319 professional. I select the autothrottle, I then select the CLB setting and the aircraft just decelerates. It will not hold either managed or selected speed. What am I doing wrong. I have a saiket throttle and stick. Many Thanks James Attwood
  12. Thanks for the reply. I will try using the mouse wheel.
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