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  1. I have looked it up online and on my computer. I need to buy a new monitor and graphics card. My monitor is not HDR capable. The graphics card just so I can take advantage of the new monitor. At best it looks like a couple months before I am going to be able to use the A330 again.
  2. Thank you I have no third party shaders installed.How do I turn on HDR in Prepar3d. Also my monitor is not capable of displaying HDR games. Could that be the problem. Would be best if I upgraded my monitor.
  3. Updated Graphics card driver. Will do a test flight tomorrow, to see if the problem has been solved.
  4. Hello I load to aircraft successfully most of the time and are able to fly it. The rest of the time I get successful load up and then the below happens. shortly followed by a CTD. I have just loaded another aircraft. It appears to be a graphics card issue. It appears to be a graphics card issue.
  5. My first screenshots off the A330. Taken in Prepar3dv4.5 at TGPY.
  6. Hello All This is the first time I have posted a screen shot online. The picture was taken after arrival into TGPY. This was my second flight. Well done to the time from aerosoft. There are a few bugs, which are expected. You have really outdone yourself.
  7. Dear Sir or Madame I have just purchased 1 mouth of NavData Charts pro. I cannot paste the serial no. So I entered the serial manually. After entering it several times I keep getting the error message No subscription. I check it for errors and found each time that I had entered the code correctly. After several attempts I have still had no success. I would prefer to copy and paste the serial number. It is strange that I can't do that. Many Thanks James Attwood
  8. Hi Wonderful repaint, but for some reason the flight has not loaded correctly in prepare3d. I get the instruments but not the back panel. My is this and what do I need to do to correct it? jamesattwood59_67@yahoo.co.uk Many Thanks
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