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  1. Hello, on 17th of May I ask for support for the AS Frankfurt EDDF Airport for X Plane 11 but still no feedback how to solve it? I follow the forum thread and tried all solutions. I find out the causing file is "" but I don't really now what is causing this?! There is a picture to show what I mean Maybe someone can help me Thanks in advance  Best regards Daniel
  2. Hallo, leider habe ich das gleiche festgestellt bei mir? Habe es deinstalliert und neue Version installiert, es ist weiterhin gleich geblieben. Konnte aber feststellen, dass die Datei im Ordner drin ist ( Danke im voraus Gruesse Daniel
  3. Hello Mathijs, I have question about the Combat Simulation "Jet Thunder" I had search the forums using the search box and google but I didn't find it!? Just wondering their is no statement that the project stopped or they are still working on it or I missed something, maybe you can put more light on this project if they will exist some day? Thanks Best regards Daniel
  4. ICAO: RJSN Name: Niigata International Airport Type: Payware FS: FSX Designer: Wing Creation Inc Link: AES 2.41
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