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  1. I experienced that 2 times since i got the beaver, but its going not fine, excellent! , well it does that usually when i had realism settings at max in snow and cold weather without de icing, and speed gauge also, without pitot heat, but that is realism :wink:
  2. I am planning to get 3D lights and I ve been looking to the tutorial in the AVSIM review http://www.avsim.com/pages/0907/3D_Lights/36.jpg to see how can "easy" wold be, because i want them for the Beaver, and then i had a look to the aircraft.cfg on the beaver and i see it is really different that in the tutorial, there is only a line in the lights section, do you think i Have to break my head for install them? Because I dont want to appear to bought them and have no use in the Beaver
  3. Santa going to travel with the Beaver X Next station: North pole Merry Christmas to all
  4. today i flown the default beaver (1st time since i bought beaver X) and it also jumps but a lot less.....
  5. The beaver usually "jumps" while i am on water, amphib versions jump more than normal floaters, does anyone know something of this :?: Thanks. pujx
  6. look at here: http://www23.tomshardware.com/graphics_200...4&chart=292 There are comparisions between cards, Nvidia is the one who gets more FPS
  7. Perhaps the pilot has not fasten his seatbelt It´s Sure that You are going to "teach him"
  8. Well depends of settings I got the a radeon X1300 256Mb, 2 gb ram, pentium D and i get around 8 FPS :x with the wheeled beaver X in friday harbor: lower res with graphics high, plane med high, AI at ultra high, weather med high, and scenery custom (med high with 1X low water, 1m res textures) and i put a higher res (1280x1024x32) and well 3 fps with also 2x high water. :evil: i put everithing at low and i get a max of 32 fps :roll: EDIT: lol now i seen fps performance in graphic cards, Nvidia in first places, look down and you will see...x1300... :x http://www23.tomshardware.com/graphic
  9. thus gauges look :shock: , just no words. We will have somekind of skydiving mode? or an effect where you see guys jumping, something like the MAAM DC-3 but skydivers: http://www.avsim.com/pages/0807/DC-3/DC-320.jpg it wolud be really cool :roll:
  10. Any updates of the project? there has been some time from the last update... I got another small request for this twin otter: Is possible to get a small pop up GPS :?: looking forward the twin otter project
  11. Yes, i got the updated version and it also does that, all the models i flown have that, you can also take out engine cownlings on air and they appear near the plane, and in wheeled versions with parking brake appear with tyings on air. Its not much annoying for me but if is fixed better It will be nice to have a turbo beaver :wink:
  12. Hmm... didn´t know that aerosoft had aircraft with special halloween MDL´S :mrgreen:
  13. Great panel, thanks. Is this going to be on a next update of the Beaver X?
  14. It is a wonderfoul aircraft, I always fly it, I cannot fly another plane that is not the beaver X. It is a great work, thanks Aerosoft.
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