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  1. Thanks Stephen. Unfortunately PSX Navdata is only updated once a year so the SIDs & STAR data is often obsolete before it is even purchased so it is often useless. If the route data contained the SIDs & STARs then they would be inserted into the FMC without being dependent on the obsolete internal Navdata. As it is at the moment the only way to enter the new data is by hand. :-( Mike
  2. Does PFPX export the SID & the STAR when they are selected in the route editor? If it does then how do I switch it ON or OFF because my exported data files do not appear to have included them? Mike
  3. Thanks Tom, thanks Emanuel. It looks like I need to contact Navigraph. Mike
  4. PFPX will not validate the route: ORTIS UN728 CABOJ UG851 MIYEC UT365 SOLMA UR866 OG UR984 LAG UG856 BIDZI I get the IFPS Response: Error code Route139; description: "UG851 is preceded by CABOJ which is not one of its points" This appears to be incorrect as CABOJ is on airway UG851 and the World Map in PFPX confirms this, as does Navigraph Charts. identifies the airway as UG851G but that identification is not recognised in PFPX. This is not the first time I have encountered this message, I had it with another route but I do recall which one. Mike
  5. Thanks Stephen, I do you have an idea as to why I am unable to open the 1802 and 1803 rar files? Mike
  6. Hi Stephen, Me again! :-( It appears that I might be doing something wrong (although I do not know where) because ALL the route restrictions are marked as having been revised on 25th May 2016. There is nothing more recent even though I have installed, as per the instructions given in the 'read me' file, the 1801 update. I am not sure that I understand how to use the RAD in PFPX so that may be where my problem lies but the manual is of no help at all as far as RAD is concerned! Another issue that I have encountered is that when attempting to repair my PFPX installation using the "maintenance' function of the installation file the ONLY option given is to completely remove the existing installation which is NOT ideal nor is it what I expected or wanted. Mike
  7. Hi Stephen, I cannot open the "Update1803" file, nor can I open the "Update1802" file. WinZip reports that either file "...does not appear to be a valid archive." Earlier files appear to be OK. Mike
  8. While I have your attention Stephen, can you tell me where the 'RAD Restrictions & Directs' file goes please? Thanks Mike
  9. OK thanks Stephen I am starting to understand it now. If FRA gets rid of the seemingly stupid and ill-thought out restrictions in Europe it will be a good thing. :-) Will FRA also include low-level airspace (resulting in no airways at all)? How will FRA affect the FIRs and UIRs, will they remain unaffected? Mike
  10. Thanks Stephen, unfortunately I am none the wiser. Your reply does not appear to answer my question :-( Regards Mike
  11. I am curious to know why PFPX shows the limits of Upper Airways in the LPPC LISBOA UIR as being between FL195 and FL245 when aircraft in the real world, as shown on, are clearly flying well above that higher limit. Mike
  12. Thanks Stephen, the 2015sp3 vcredist files fixed the problem. Mike
  13. Hello Stephen, I am getting VERY tired of this! I have installed a lot of programmes onto my new computer over the past couple of days or so and ALL are working as they should except for PFPX! PFPX has been a source of continuous problems ever since I bought the application; after many modifications and upgrades (fixes?) it is still, clearly, not as robust or as reliable as one would expect. Once again it just does not work as it should! I don't know the machinations behind the programme so I am not in any position to do the producer's fault finding for him but that is what I feel I am doing and I am not doing a very good job of it, nor am I getting any substantial results. I have installed all versions since 1.22 and all hotfixes and I get some results but then I get nothing. I have given you as much as should be needed (it appears from all these installations that the yellow 'Find' button could be a key) for the producers to find a solution that works, in the past it has taken them an inordinately long time to solve the 'crashing' problem with hotfixes that only seemed to work until the next version release. You have kindly given me a lot of vcredist files but I have no idea what I should do with them. I have replaced the two files in the PFPX folder and renamed them with no apparent results. Whether they are not the issue or whether I have not used them as you expected I cannot say. I hope there is a solution to this problem soon as at the moment the programme is only occasionally functional. Regards Mike
  14. I'm afraid the Hotfix did not fix the problem :-( I have tried various actions and found that the problem appears to be with the 'Find' function in the 'Route Editor'. I can generate a route, build it, validate it and export it. I can even make changes and all works as expected. However, when I enter a departure and destination and ask 'Route Editor' to 'Find' a route for me it crashes with the message "Professional Flight Planner X has stopped working". I notice that the "Find" button is a faint yellow whereas all other buttons are white, whether this is significant I do not know. I also note that the nav database NG1709 is being reported as out of date in the summary list at the bottom of the display. Again, is this relevant? Another problem is that PFPX does not remember where FSX is. Regards Mike
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