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  1. Hi Thomas & Mathjis, I have it working now. The Event Log Mode setting had reset to 'Basic' mode, possibly when the PMDG add-on was installed. Many thanks Mike
  2. Thanks Thomas and Mathijs, It happens for every flight, if it were a waypoint error it would likely only happen for one flight. I will go through the settings again but I do not really know what I am looking for. Mike
  3. The Flight Log (under 'Flight Plan' tab) is not updating. The map is working fine, my flight is being tracked in real time. This problem occured a couple of weeks ago; it was working fine up to then. Unfortunately I do not recall what I did, if anything, to cause it to stop. I have since upgraded to version 3.5.2 but still it does not work. Can somebody please help me? Thank You. Mike
  4. I am quite angry to find that now the A330 is only available for the Windows 10 O/S. I have waited very patiently for this aircraft for a very long time with the expectation that it will operate on W7 Pro 64. I have been unreasonably criticised by officials on your forum for asking questions or responding to comments that Aerosoft does not like. So I have heeded advice given on your numerous A330 forums and absented myself and thus been very patient only to find absolute disappointment now! Firstly we were led to believe that this aircraft would be available for FSX and excuses were made when it was announced that it would not be so. Now we are told that it will not be available for W7 Pro 64 bit. I have W10 on my notebook which I have only had for just over a year and I have had no end of problems with it I have had more problems with that computer in a year than the total that I have had in the last 25-30 years. It is no wonder to me, therefore, why MS gave away free upgrades when W10 was first released.. the O/S is RUBBISH! So there is NO way that I will be upgrading my W7 desktop and any future computers that I buy will run on Linux if I cannot install W7. If Aerosoft have taken it upon themselves to produce products solely for the W10 O/S then sadly I will be saying a reluctant but permanent goodbye! :-(
  5. Thanks Stephen, I manually edited the route that was exported to the a/c so that hopefully is OK. I will be arriving at the waypoints soon so I will see how good my intervention has been. :-) thanks again. Mike
  6. I have been working on a route from EGBB to FSIA using both PFPX and Navigraph Charts and have come across a discrepancy. The routing from the Mogadishu FIR/UIR takes me along airway UM651G to ESTOK and from there on UM651 to ANVIX as I have depicted here: MURAL UG651 KUSUB UM651G ESTOK UM651 ANVIX T137 ROUTY This routing appears to be fine in Navigraph Charts and in Skyvector but PFPX shows a discontinuity between the KATHY and ESTOK waypoints and will therefore not accept the route. PFPX will only accept the routing if I insert a DCT between KATHY and ESTOK. Is this an error (or an omission) in the PFPX database? Mike
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