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  1. Hiya Can someone do this Titan Airways G-EUNB (EX BAW) livery for the A318 Prof? Thanks
  2. Personally I don't have the money to pay for GSXv2 and its updated to the latest update for GSX so. Thanks for the idea but I don't have the money :/
  3. HelloSo I have read up everything I could find and tried everything to sort it and it works fine with the CFM Engined aircraft but with the IAE the fuel truck goes to the middle of the aircraft and treats it as if it is a default aircraft bringing up how much fuel I want, its also coming up with "Open EXIT 1" instead of the door names like it does for the CFM, and overall just doesnt like to cooperate with the A319 IAE, which is a pain. So any help would be appreciated massively, thanks. I also have asked on the FSDT Forum but got no response. Thanks
  4. I would like to request an A318 in the Aurigny Air Services Livery similar to the G-NSEY E-195 but without the yellow so it's just plain white with the registration G-HERM Thanks
  6. Whens it going to be up for download?
  7. Oh my gosh I love them! Could you do a request for me? the A319 neo Airbus House Colours with the winglets? And possibly the BA Red Nose A319 Thanks in advance!
  8. Airbus House Colours ! (New one) Just an idea!
  9. true, didnt know that, the A319neo hasnt flown but in my original request was the real A319neo, it just had no engines.
  10. There is, the Avianca default is the A319neo
  11. Hello! I have a request for the Aerosoft A319: (make sure done for the A319neo in the addon) And the Red Nose BA A319 please (G-EUOF): Thanks in advance!
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