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  1. Wow I see that in this forum I got negative votes for just asking an update on the a330 . Why I can't even ask for an update ?
  2. Would like to hear more updates on a330 .How's it going guys?
  3. Will this a330 be available for fs9? Anyways thank you guys for your daily updates. I always keep visiting this site daily for updates.Its like reading newspaper daily and getting to know whats going on!
  4. All I wanted to say is that even if we need to wait for your products its worth it as your products are perfect in every aspect.
  5. Though aerosoft is late to release product but its products are always up to the mark complete and fun to fly unlike bbs who release incomplete busses and the keep on giving nonsence updates .You guys are doing a fantastic job .Keep your great work up.!!
  6. same here but of 737. I read it for like four to five times to get some knowledge about the aircraft
  7. sir there is a practice in which the trainer capt puts both throttle to idle simulating both engine failure but when the student cannot land the aircraft on runway the instructor leaves the throttles and lets student use it I did not mean cigars and stuff smoke in cockpit means something short circuit or burning of some component
  8. sorry to say but airline pilots are made to practice failures in flight during training at least . you may be knowing pilots who have never faced any failures but in my country the pilots I know they had failures like tire burst ,fumes in cockpit . plus you are not the one to decide whether you will have failure . its natural and may happen to any time with anyone.regards.
  9. see that's what I told earlier we are giving aerosoft ideas late and when aerosoft starts working on those we shout and become impatient that the release date is passed and the project is late.
  10. hello aerosoft wanted to ask you that will there be multiplayer setup or anything like that with the a330 like on lan as I always fly with my friend
  11. it does make it interesting but sometimes we take it too far and start fighting.lol
  12. lets forget about the paper stuck between throttles and concentrate on a330.everyone will have different views on it .Its subjective.Aerosoft just is trying to do things that generally happen in the cockpit.lets stop fighting pls guys.Aerosoft is developing such a fantastic bird and we like small kids destroying all the fun cheer up guys!
  13. well if you can't wait we cannot help.well always things don't go as planned ,have some patience dude,aerosoft is giving their best for its a330 .the longer you wait for a product the more nicer you feel when you get it .I can wait for years for a330 launch.the time for launching is not important for me the quality of product is most important for me which aerosoft has always given the best. PLUS aerosoft is putting our idea in airbus and giving it more details so of course its gonna take time.Keep your hard work up aerosoft you are the best!
  14. To add realism will there be airhostess coming in the cockpit??above 10000ft
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