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  1. At LFMN rwy04, i keep on having object collisions just before rotate point, but i cannot see any object - sim just stops with outside view of bus, but no objects...
  2. OK guys, just found the solution from Niko from PSXSeecontraffic: In FSUIPC i had to adapt the TCAS range (unlimited) to a realistic 40Nm as set in lateral range in PSXT/RT. Now TCAS is working ! Thx all for your help !
  3. Hello, via PM i got this explantion from Janus (JSS Simulations): I suppose this fix is ment for acft from JSS, but when he mentions that TCAS was written for FSX and so these adaptions were are necessary, then i presume also necessary for airbus ? The TCAS was written for FSX and can sometimes give you not the correct action in prepar3D. So in other words just a VSI. In the aircraft folder you will see a panel folder. In the panel folder you'll find panel.cfg. Scroll down till you get to the Vcockpit03.... THIS IS THE ORIGINAL FOR PREPAR3D [Vcockpit03] Background_color = 0,0,0 size_mm = 1024,1024 visible = 1 pixel_size = 1024,1024 texture = $c160_03 ///gauge00=JSS_C160.B!xpdr, 0,0,1,1 ///gauge01=JSS_C160.B!display, 327,346,512,400 ///gauge02=JSS_C160.B!engine, 0,997,20,20 ///gauge03=JSS_C160.B!audio, 0,0,20,20 To activate the tcas delete forward slashes from gauge00 to gauge03. Now put forward slashes in front of gauge04 and save. NOW IT WILL LOOK LIKE THIS [Vcockpit03] Background_color = 0,0,0 size_mm = 1024,1024 visible = 1 pixel_size = 1024,1024 texture = $c160_03 gauge00=JSS_C160.B!xpdr, 0,0,1,1 gauge01=JSS_C160.B!display, 327,346,512,400 gauge02=JSS_C160.B!engine, 0,997,20,20 gauge03=JSS_C160.B!audio, 0,0,20,20 To reset just reverse the steps as example for prepar3D
  4. Some more info: i just did a test by appoaching a very busy airport as JFK; there was very much activity and then i got 1 aircraft, only one was showing up on TCAS from 50nm till landing... so it does detect, but only one out of many...
  5. Just discovered important info: when i stop Realtraffic and put traffic slider in P3D to 100%, then my TCAS works OK and shows immediately 3 to 5 acft around KJFK !! so TCAS settings are set OK after all... i suspect my TCAS is only not detecting Realtraffic acft
  6. Thx Wolfgang, but checked all that, even at complete flights to FL 330, not one indication during the whole flight at all altitudes. I remember having good and much TCAS warnings, earlier times , when approaching airports with FSX and P3D, but i guess i never had TCAS working after upgrade to 64 bits and P3Dv4
  7. When climbing or approaching busy airborts as LFMN or KJFK i have no TCAS indications, everything else on NAV display but not one white diamond... TCAS is put to on ad tried all distance settings. P3Dv4 and realtraffic is injecting traffic ; about 50 to 100 acft on RT radar scope, but nothing on TCAS.... Can it be related to P3D crash settings ? Ex: TCAS not working if ignore crashes... in this case that could be the cause...
  8. I posted question at other forum about my airbus mostly 10 mins after T.O. is loosing speed, decends and goes into A-Floor, no other warnings, settings are OK. Same flight/ same data with FSLabs: no problems at all An other member informs me about a known bug with some users ? bug without solution ? What is AS advice for this problem ? Other member's solution is to use FSlabs and no more AS airbusses ? really ?
  9. Sorry guys, i lost many hours of time in trying to make my ipad work again as MCDU, untill i finally gave up... a little later i received a PM of a guy that suggested me why not to try the solution from, i must say, it works super ! no strings attached ! download , install and runs like a charm in 5 minutes ! very satisfied !
  10. My tablet shows the MCDU but is not responding to the buttons on the tablet, the mcdu display changes when i do inputs on the mcdu on the pc but not vice versa. I did updates with AS updater for 320 and 319 about 8 days ago.
  11. Hello, how about version for 64bit airbus P3dV4 ? at the forum of virtual avionics they seem to be waiting for data from aerosoft, but i can see an answer from Mathijs where they are waiting for new questions from Virtual Avionics, both parties seem to be waiting for each other and nothing will happen ? or is there a new version coming soon ?
  12. Disregard post, in 64bits version this map has changed
  13. when entering flightplan-data in mcdu, it was not responding, if found the cause as in P3Dv4 FP-tab, the map where load flightplans is reffering to, was not OK. In P3D flightplan tab, you can change the map, but when i try to i cannot save the map where my flp files are, it stays grey... any help ?
  14. OK, so no worries... thx Tom
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