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  1. It OK , mistake due to not updated manual for this 1400 Euro card from MSI ! In the manual there is a diagram with text about using the 8 pole and 6 pole PSU connector, but in reality with this new RTX2080ti there are 2 x 8 pole connectors and 1 x 6 pole connector, the manual still refers to previous version of card. Poor service.
  2. After reading this i also want to react, as i just saw another message also on FB concerning AS airbus: It’s alright but it’s buggy, doesn’t like turbulence it’s shoots either up or down at 3500fpm... This is an issue that also i had many times the latest year. I updated my GPU now to RTX2080ti, framerate is +40 now. Weights, fuel, pax, all of this data is OK, but all over sudden, during level flight or climb faze, the bus acts like crazy, starts to climb at 4000ft/min goes into A/floor etc... i put auto thrst off, stabilise the thing and it s OK again for 5 -10 minutes or sometimes longer, but all over sudden it starts again. Over the past months, i re-installed P3Dv4, deleted shaders, deleted cfg files, but the crazyness keeps on coming back. The AS airbus is nice, but these issues let me stop using it.
  3. After installing AS A330 and some extra scenery from AS Shop, my framerate became slow, so i decided to change my GSX980ti for a new MSI RTX2080ti. Led lights go on but my PC is not detecting this card ! I followed instructions to first clean with DDU and then download latest NVDIA driver, but i am stucked as system responds that installation is not possible without card in slot, but it is in the slot, but not detected. Any help ? PC is W10 i7 PSU 650 watts
  4. Hi, the viewfocus feature in the 330 is nice, but how to adjust these views, as in my 330 some views are OK but others are about 30 cm too much to the left or right to obtain a correct image of the item ment in the checklist (camera viewpoint error)
  5. Seems to be either a difficult question, or a stupid one ?
  6. In my AS A320, with FS2crew voice addon, i asked FA for a coffee, he brought in the coffee (voice) and a few seconds later, the coffee cup was visible on the tray ! Was this a coincidence or is there a relation with FS2crew commands ?
  7. With Aerosoft 320, almost at cruise (FL300)- all over sudden the Autopilot kicks off - A-Floor goes on - speed taper. Not possible to engage again. No fault indications - no speed brake - no turbulence - gear and flaps up.- weights OK - If you touch a flight control, it goes off, (its normal then) but you can engage again. In my case i was not able at all to re-engage AP. What can be the cause ?
  8. OK Bob, here i paste the answer i got from Virtual Avionics (also @ mathijs): There must be some confusion as there has never been a release for the Aerosoft A320 64b for P3D v4. This is simply because Aerosoft didn't release an SDK for it. Without the SDK, we cannot retrieve data from the Aerosoft.
  9. As i just bought your new A330, that brings me to update the question about comptability with Virtual avionics their MCDU app for ipad ? In the AS 330 there is indeed a system incorporated to use the ipad as MCDU but i am sorry to say that the Virtual Avionics version works better ( full screen - button sensitivity - more realistic copy of the real MCDU..) When posing my question to Virtual Avionics, they keep on persisiting that they are unable to do something as AS keeps the SDK closed ? What about previous 32b airbus versions ? Was SDK then not closed for them ?
  10. As stated in my post; to take the choice ''what pilots hear with their noise cancelling headphones'' makes no sense as these pilots either hear nothing or they hear music from their iphone connected to the headphone (irl). We should simply choose for straight cockpit sound without phones. This is how the 330 cockpit sounds in real world: (notice the capt his Bose as he is NOT hearing this sound , he hears com only !)
  11. I do not quit agree with the sound criticisms about wanting to hear sounds as a pilot or as a passenger, as discussed already a few times... I had the chance already a few times to put on the Bose noise cancelling phones in a real A330 cockpit (with my cousin). This is NOT how we simmers should want it as there is almost no sound at all then ! That is what noise cancelling is all about ! If someone prefers the real sound that the PF or FO is hearing, well OK put sliders almost to zero and put some music instead, because this is what the pilots get as cockpit sound I think best is to simulate the real sound as it is in the cockpit, without headphones, and indeed, not at the passengers cabin where the engines and the " barking dogs" are much louder then in the cockpit.
  12. Thx for reaction, i will make one. According to me it is one of the background cockpit sounds (air-ventilation - cooling fans - motor driven units - etc..) that does not stop after cutting off all power. When starting in opposite direction (from cold en dark) there is indeed no sound (as it should be...) Not such a problem, but i have a rather powerfull sound system from Bose on my sim, and then the remaining hissing sound is a bit annoying. (Just for info: when doing the same handlings at same spot with my FSL bus; all sound do stop and total silence comes in...)
  13. In my Airbus A319 cockpit: when i put off all systems and i put off all power, then a hissing sound keeps on continuing trough my speakers... What is that sound ? when entering the cold and dark state, it should become very quiet in the cockpit, no ? Relatively loud hissing sound keeps on going, even after 20 minutes, still there...
  14. Thx for the quick response ! I like the roaring sound that comes in at 1'26'' this is the sound inside the 330 cockpit as real as it can be, and indeed, this captain uses the very good Bose noise cancelling headphone, probably because he is no longer a big fan of cockpit sounds after a few hundreds of take-offs in this machine. Anyway for the guys that want to simulate the Bose headphone sound inside the cockpit; not so difficult; put the sound sliders almost to off... because this is what noise cancelling does... but i cant wait to buy this Aerosoft 330 version, and i will put the Bose sound to on, but it will be my Bose Lifestyle dolby-surround system...
  15. About the sound-question from Mathijs; in my opinion that is the sound that most simmers want to hear:
  16. At LFMN rwy04, i keep on having object collisions just before rotate point, but i cannot see any object - sim just stops with outside view of bus, but no objects...
  17. OK guys, just found the solution from Niko from PSXSeecontraffic: In FSUIPC i had to adapt the TCAS range (unlimited) to a realistic 40Nm as set in lateral range in PSXT/RT. Now TCAS is working ! Thx all for your help !
  18. Hello, via PM i got this explantion from Janus (JSS Simulations): I suppose this fix is ment for acft from JSS, but when he mentions that TCAS was written for FSX and so these adaptions were are necessary, then i presume also necessary for airbus ? The TCAS was written for FSX and can sometimes give you not the correct action in prepar3D. So in other words just a VSI. In the aircraft folder you will see a panel folder. In the panel folder you'll find panel.cfg. Scroll down till you get to the Vcockpit03.... THIS IS THE ORIGINAL FOR PREPAR3D [Vcockpit03] Background_color = 0,0,0 size_mm = 1024,1024 visible = 1 pixel_size = 1024,1024 texture = $c160_03 ///gauge00=JSS_C160.B!xpdr, 0,0,1,1 ///gauge01=JSS_C160.B!display, 327,346,512,400 ///gauge02=JSS_C160.B!engine, 0,997,20,20 ///gauge03=JSS_C160.B!audio, 0,0,20,20 To activate the tcas delete forward slashes from gauge00 to gauge03. Now put forward slashes in front of gauge04 and save. NOW IT WILL LOOK LIKE THIS [Vcockpit03] Background_color = 0,0,0 size_mm = 1024,1024 visible = 1 pixel_size = 1024,1024 texture = $c160_03 gauge00=JSS_C160.B!xpdr, 0,0,1,1 gauge01=JSS_C160.B!display, 327,346,512,400 gauge02=JSS_C160.B!engine, 0,997,20,20 gauge03=JSS_C160.B!audio, 0,0,20,20 To reset just reverse the steps as example for prepar3D
  19. Some more info: i just did a test by appoaching a very busy airport as JFK; there was very much activity and then i got 1 aircraft, only one was showing up on TCAS from 50nm till landing... so it does detect, but only one out of many...
  20. Just discovered important info: when i stop Realtraffic and put traffic slider in P3D to 100%, then my TCAS works OK and shows immediately 3 to 5 acft around KJFK !! so TCAS settings are set OK after all... i suspect my TCAS is only not detecting Realtraffic acft
  21. Thx Wolfgang, but checked all that, even at complete flights to FL 330, not one indication during the whole flight at all altitudes. I remember having good and much TCAS warnings, earlier times , when approaching airports with FSX and P3D, but i guess i never had TCAS working after upgrade to 64 bits and P3Dv4
  22. When climbing or approaching busy airborts as LFMN or KJFK i have no TCAS indications, everything else on NAV display but not one white diamond... TCAS is put to on ad tried all distance settings. P3Dv4 and realtraffic is injecting traffic ; about 50 to 100 acft on RT radar scope, but nothing on TCAS.... Can it be related to P3D crash settings ? Ex: TCAS not working if ignore crashes... in this case that could be the cause...
  23. I posted question at other forum about my airbus mostly 10 mins after T.O. is loosing speed, decends and goes into A-Floor, no other warnings, settings are OK. Same flight/ same data with FSLabs: no problems at all An other member informs me about a known bug with some users ? bug without solution ? What is AS advice for this problem ? Other member's solution is to use FSlabs and no more AS airbusses ? really ?
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