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  1. Been flying the newly updated CRJ and have noticed the INTC CRS no longer appears on the LEGS page when selecting a waypoint. This function is quite useful, especially when being vectored onto an ILS approach. Say you're flying an ILS with a final app course of 125 and the final app fix is FALIA. While being vectored onto the approach you'd like to "activate" the approach in some way in the FMS to get an extended centerline to the FAP rather than just going DIRECT to FALIA so the FMS sequences the waypoints properly. So you'd accomplish this by selecting FALIA on the legs page and put in 125 in the INTC CRS line and execute. I've seen this in the CRJ before, quite some time ago. It is even shown in the documentation, but no mention is made about its function. You can see here from Vol6_FMS documentation: And here is documentation I have found in FCOM for the CRJ900:
  2. Ah that was not the case haha, I should've mentioned that I was in managed speed mode as well. Glad to hear its being looked at!
  3. No, V/S and OP CLB are separate climb modes. Open climb simply allows to you climb unrestricted to the altitude you have set, bypassing any SID restrictions. Say you depart Manchester and are given clearance to climb to FL190. The SID has restrictions at 5000', but of course ATC does not want you to level off at 5000 since they gave you FL190. So you use OP CLB to bypass the restrictions on the departure, this way the aircraft will climb at the calculated climb speed all the way to FL190.
  4. What I mean is that the airplane should still accelerate above 10,000ft when in open climb and managed speed, but the AS Airbus does not. As you can see in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9p5AORcY8o at about 17:00, you will see the PFD where they have just crossed 10,000ft in open climb and now the aircraft is accelerating beyond 250kts to the climb speed of about 295 or so. You can see the same in this video as well https://youtu.be/J7U2CzY-A7w?t=12m20s around 12:20. They are in open climb and selected speed, and crossing 10,000 they set managed speed the aircraft accelerates to the climb speed 292, still OP CLB. The issue is the Aerosoft Airbus only does the acceleration above 10,000 in managed climb mode, it does not follow the same behavior as the aircraft in the videos. If you select OP CLB below 10,000ft, it will fly all the way up to the selected altitude at 250kts in managed speed mode, which it should not do.
  5. I've noticed on nearly every single flight that unless you are climbing in managed mode, the Airbus will completely ignore the acceleration to climb speed above 10,000ft and will climb at 250kts all the way up to FL390 or whatever in open climb. At this point open climb is effectively not usable because even in managed mode the airplane ignores any altitude restrictions on the SID anyway. In the screenshots you can see the purple dot disappear in open climb. Whether or not you are in open climb, the aircraft should as far as I know, still accelerate to the climb speed above 10k.
  6. American Airlines with IAE engines on the A319 would be amazing, with and without sharklets.
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