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  1. Okay, thanks for the heads up. How does this affect users that did not do a clean install, just upgraded their existing V5.2?
  2. Hi captain, I had to reinstall P3Dv5.3 completely, doing a clean install. The sim is up and running now. I uninstalled your program, downloaded v2.1.3.23 from my shop account today and reinstalled this version. Simstarter does not detect my existing P3Dv5.3 installation. Autoupdate to V2.2.1.13 also does not detect my existing P3Dv5.3 installation. P3Dv4 is still installed and detected. Any idea what is going on? Thanks in advance
  3. It is a known issue, when you head over to the MS forum, you 'll find some topics about this. What is going on is described there Track IR Stops Working - Bugs & Issues / Hardware - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums Johan
  4. If I would notice that a yellow arc is missing, I would wonder ... why? 🤔and then start reading the manual to look for an answer😉 Maybe that's the whole point 🙄
  5. Yes, I can confirm this as well. No more CTD's when taking off
  6. That is already been answered in this topic by A. Muegge On the landingpage Cheers 🍻
  7. Tnx for the update. Just learned that there will be an upcoming hotfix. Hope the devs can keep up 👍
  8. Mathijs commented on it on aug 28th, so I would say, give it some time😉 How long? That is up to you...
  9. Park the addon and wait for an update. The world is a big place. That is what I am doing 😎
  10. Yeah, that is my experience as well. The left side of this button is always clickable, regardless of the viewpoint. With the track IR , I really can move my head around in the cockpit. It seems to me that the click/grab area for the flightspoiler handle is overdimensioned, meaning that the mousepointer already changes shape (hand) when in the vicinity of the handle and not when hovering above it. Maybe this is related to the topic. Anyway it is a minor annoyence that can be handled on the ground and/or inflight. Again, great plane and thanks
  11. I realize it is a small issue, but at first use of the plane discovered it immediately as I regulary make mistakes when inputting stuff into the CDU 😋 When the flightspoiler handle is not deployed, only the left part of the CLR-button can be used to click on with the mouse. Hovering with the mouse over the center or right side of this button, makes the mouse pointer change to a hand, meaning I can grab the flightspoiler handle from there already. The other keys close to the flightspoiler handle(Y-T-O) seems to be not affected. This happens regardless of: -Track IR on/of -zoomlevel -Window size Windows 10 Pro B19043.1083 CRJ550/700 V1.0.5 from Aerosoft MSFS V1.17.3 Has anyone experienced this too? And to the dev team: wauw ,you did it again, great plane👍
  12. I think you are right Tom. Was looking for his post in the P3Dv4/5 section of the forum after I read his initial post and did a quick circuit in the CRJ Pro 1000 (V2.5.0.0 SP3 released yesterday and distributed through the ASupdater) on P3Dv4. I tagged the post as followed in case it will be moved to the correct section . I jumped in the plane at EBBR for an ILS approach Rwy25R. Did not climb out to 3000ft as published. The plane was well stabilized overhead BUN at 2000ft, 230kts, AP engaged, heading mode and altitude mode engaged. After turning to interception heading of the ILS (214) and well stabilized , I engaged APP mode. At that point the plane position was not on the localizer yet and below the glideslope. (Both localizer and glideslope alive)She started to climb immediately (Applied additional Thrust 😁) and after glideslope interception started to descent (Speedbrakes 😁) as @hpjanssen stated Need to make more approaches..
  13. Just had a quick look at hardware prices in my favorite hardware shop. 'die Preise unverschämt sind' ----> that is an understatement😁 It is time to sell my rig and earn money instead of spending 😉 Just kidding... Die preis/leistung ist momentan vollig verzerrt Ich glaube nicht das sich der markt fur grafikkarten schnell beruhigt Einige snelle gedanken: -Gehst du fur VR? -Sind FPS wichtig fur dich? Viele Leute haben High-End grafik karten und sind nicht zufrieden mit Ihre framerates -Gebrauchtmarkt ist vielleicht eine Moglichkeit in Erwartung von Besserer Zeiten? Ich glaub mal das du gut informiert bist und Wunsch Dir Viel Gluck beim Einkaufen
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