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  1. I downloaded (and installed) the first version and run the Updater. Now MCDU3 is working. About the question, I don't remember if I restarted the PC after running the Updater the previous time. Now I know that I did.
  2. After downloading and installing version, the MCDU3 is fully black... off. The batteries and external power is ON. How can I set it on?
  3. I have been received this error using the A330 since the last update to version. Using the A319 (version the error does not happen. Others P3D simmers that has better video card than mine (a GTX750ti 1GB - bellow) has received the same issue. Error that I received: Error that one other user received: There are similar users report of a GTX1070.
  4. The Updater is running fine now. With version now. Thanks.
  5. The volume checklist was 80%. I do not know what I did but the announcments are audibles now. Thanks.
  6. (1) Saving the flight at some point before intercepting the localizer to load this saved flight later for practices or (2) using the SIMstarter NG for this?
  7. I confirm managed speed drops during descent and I am not using any third part add-on. Managed speed is also making a mess during climb. It stays changing fom THR CLB to SPEED, SPEED to TOGA LK, to AFLOOR...
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