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  1. Hi, sorry could be confusing, I mean airports at high altitudes like LEMD (2000ft) GCXO (2073ft) or LEGR (1860ft). Regarding your question, the flight level is the correct regarding flight plan. I follow the same procedures always, but after landing on those high elev. airports it’s where the problem is. I tried defaults airports, defaults airports with manual elev. changed with ADE and payware airports with not success (A/c doesn’t reset and like I showed on pictures the aircraft is like “still flying” on ground) Thanks secondator for your time. Regards.
  2. Hi Rolf, I’m using the same checklist and everything is working except on those airports above sea level (LEMD, LEGR, GCXO.....) where after landing I didn’t heard the welcome PA anD the MCDU still as the A/c wouldn’t landed. If I perform and touch and go the second attempt is fine and all the systems working. It’s not a serious bug, but quite annoying and strange as it only occurs at high altitudes airports. Regards, Frank
  3. Hi, after a new fresh install to 1.2.4 I flown a short flight from LEBL to LEGR, and I had the same bug. Any advice to repair that bug? Thanks! Frank.
  4. Hi, after a complete reinstall, I tried a short flight to GCXO and it happened again. After a hard lnding AC printed the hard lnding report but MCDU and ECAM still stuck. And after engines shutdown no door page is shown. I have vector disabled for those airports.
  5. Hi, Rolf. Thank you! I will try a complete installation and will back to you with the resault. Regards,
  6. Hi, I’m experiencing some issues with the 320-321 (I’m using last update -experimental update) when landing on airports above sea level (LEMD, GCXO, LOWI, LPMA....) After landing on these airports and after leaving the runway the MCDU and ECAM does not reset as the AC is on ground, still showing flight plan (and go around waypoints. While braking I can hear “hundred above” CO and when cutting engines no flight report is printed. To solve this I have to save flight and load it again. Do you have any idea what is causing it? Thank you in advance. Regards,
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