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  1. Greetings, How did you get it running? Thanks......
  2. Thanks for the kind reply, Hans. For me I now have P3dV3.3.5 working so nicely that I'm quite happy with it. Other than around New York City & Washington with some payware scenery I very see see an OOM anymore. My current P3d installation is now well over 300 gigs which I have installed on a M.2 drive. All the best, Dave
  3. On one of your other threads, now closed to comment, you discussed products that will work on P3dV3.4 only and not earlier versions of P3dV3. Does this mean that the upcoming A330 and the new RJ will work only on P3dV3.4? The reason for my question am running 3.3.5 and stayed with it for a couple of reasons....it's running very well and there were all sorts of complaints about 3.4. I got tired of spending more time tweaking the FSX and now P3d sim to get it to work properly than actual time flying....and yes this means I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computers so it took me more time. As to whether I will upgrade to 3.4 in order to run your latest creations I haven't decided yet especially with P3dV4 allegedly on the horizon. I am a long time, satisfied Aerosoft customer. Dave
  4. EFB.......

    Here in Canada the Ipad using Foreflight is popular and can be approved for use in the cockpit by Transport Canada. It works well.


     One can use foreflight on their Ipad and with the use of an inexpensive program use it while flying on P3d. You can input the flight plan, watch your progress on the various maps including IFR or VFR maps, watch your progress on an instrument approach chart while flying the approach. It works well. Only negative aspect for some will be the cost of a Foreflight subscription and that the geographic areas covered in for flight is North America. I've been using it with P3d for some time and am completely happy with it.



  5. dbw

    A320 Updates

    Looking forward to them. Really like all the liveries that you make available especially those fictitious liveries for those airlines that don't operate the airbus in real life. Just great fun. As your airbus has worked so well over the years I haven't even bought the new one by the other producer. I'm fine waiting. Thanks. Dave
  6. Good day, I am unable to successfully process a pre-order on your site. Please advise. Dave
  7. NUUK....Very nice. I used to fly over(myself in the real world) there in a king air many years ago. Another such as Sondrestrom would be very nice too and perhaps Iqaluit in Nunavut. Dave