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    The best canadian livery of all time. And yours for the A333 is well done. Congrats !
    Fantastic one... Is the new AUA livery on the pipe of HVRepaints ? Thanks for your amazing repaints job and to share them with us ! Cheers !
    Crazy one and well done. Thanks for sharing !
  1. Ok, my mistake then 😖. My bad English made me confused with the descriptions below: Night textures developed using ambient occlusion modelling Night lights effects using SODE I definitively have to improve my English... And buy a flashlight too 😁 ! Thanks masterhawk ! This thread can be closed, except if dynamic lights are on the way for Ciampino 😉! Let me know... Joe.
  2. Dear Aerosoft Team and simmers, Now That I know that I will keep staying in the dark at CIAMPINO by night, could I have from Aerosoft a special price for a flashlight? LOL ! (humour only :)) More seriously: any news about this issue? (of course if it is definitively one... Please, let me know). Simmers around here are welcome in this thread too to share their feedbacks when using this scenery by night. I will really appreciate. My warmest thanks to all those involved. Joe.
  3. Dear areosoft team and simmers, No change concerning the luminous halo surrounding the apron lights. Then, I have changed, via "DXTbmp" tool, the glowing orange lights for glowing white's ones to minimize the (uggly) halo's edges (the light could have been more diluted through the atmosphere like in other Aerosoft's airport sceneries). Other problem : the aircrafts (AI and my flyable one) keep always dark (I though first that it was a consequence of the initial dynamic light issue). Only apron and its surrounding buildings are illuminated (Cf. picture below). I may be wrong, but it's seems there is no 100 % functional dynamic lights in CIAMPINO like in Genoa, isn't it ? Cheers ! Joe.
  4. Thanks Dave ! (I have just forwarded your kind remark to my English profesor, LOL !!) I will give it a try when I will be back home ! And I hope you're right because I have updated my Win10 few days ago and I didn’t think to update my shaders following the procedure linked at your post. I knew this procedure BUT you kindly reminded me when we are supposed to do so !!! I'll be back with feedbacks (positive ones I hope !) Cheers ! Joe.
  5. First of all, thank you very much Sirs for your time to answer me. Dear Mathijs, You're right to suggest me that. But I have verified this possibility. The picture was taken with clear weather set in Sim. But I am an human, and I can't be sure that my Sim does the stuff as it expected to be. Sure, I have tweaked my Sim via official tools after a clear install of p3D v4.5. And revert back with their own automatic backups. But, how can I be completely sure that all is ok now ? Your remark has sence here and means that I have to do a new clear install. Dear Dave, Sorry for my bad English and to have not been clear enough when I have posted. I uninstalled/and installed the "client" p3d v4.5 to rebuild the default shaders Sim. To do so I did it with the "client repair" tool ("ShadersHLSL" first. And "shaders" after Sim restart). ------ Dear Sirs, As the dynamic lights is not "perfectly functional" at Genoa (default scene only! Now I use the tool posted in this forum), I decided to open this thread to verify if it was the case for this scenery too. I do not wish to take up too much of your time, but could one of you kindly post a picture at gate 112 by night to make me have an idea of what it is supposed to be with P3D v4.5 default shaders and clear weather enabled in Sim ? It will be appreciated before to make me decide to make a clear install of the Sim. Yes, I like this scenery to that point. Once again a big thanks to both of you for your help. Cheers ! Joe.
  6. Dear areosoft team and simmers, After updating from v100 to v101, I am experiencing an annoying dynamic lights rendering in P3D v4.5 as you can see on the picture below. Could you kindly tell me what I am doing wrong? Or is that what it is supposed to be? If it can help, I see that issue using the default shaders, even after having uninstalled/and installed the client p3d v4.5 update. Cheers !
  7. Man, can't say anything better than the yellow guy above... Good job ! jjbaerosoft.
    Captain fofo, I compliment you again on the work you have done. Bravo ! jjbaerosoft
  8. Hi Captain fofo ! Thanks for sharing your new excellent work ! And happy tenth anniversary of Jets go !! jjbaerosoft
  9. Version 1.0.0


    AES configuration for Aerosoft/Digital Aviation CRJ 700/900 X. These files allow to see the bus when AES boarding/deboarding processes are requested. Installation: Copy each "intelliscene.cfg" files into the required "Aerosoft CRJ-700" and "Aerosoft CRJ-900" main folders. Do not forget to remove the extension of each intelliscene file after install ("_CRJ700ER" and "_CRJ900ER") Happy flying !!!
  10. Ola ! oh yes I will do one special version Special Summer Madeira !! ... stay tune !!

    1. jjbaerosoft


      Yeah !!


      I am and I will stay tuned !!!!


      Thanks a lot Captain !



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