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  1. If you are interested in replacement jetways there is a package that does that http://secure.simmarket.com/zinertek-ultimate-airport-environment-x.phtml. In terms of AES for every airport it would be too much work for the developer to do to redo all the jetways etc to add complete AES. However I don't see why some basic AES functions couldn't be provided at EVERY airport - surely the catering trucks etc could be programmed to appear a set distance away from the aircraft - why would it matter what airport or gate etc they were at? Obviously this wouldn't be as good as the detailed attention the payware airports get (and at some gates they may appear in buildings etc) but it would be better than nothing Jon
  2. Hi, I've sent you a PM (as it seems a bit unfair to post on Aerosoft's forum why I prefer another scenery to theirs - which is a great scenery in its own right) Jon
  3. Ok fair enough - I think I'll just hang onto my products then (who knows having to keep them may even make me start using Live Cockpit again!. Out of interest how much would you charge for altering the database? thanks for the reply Jon
  4. Hi, I downloaded Mega Airport Heathrow (in 2007) from this website. However I recently replaced it with UK2000's version of Heathrow so I no longer use Mega Airport Heathrow. Is it possible for me to sell my serial number so someone else can enjoy the airport (and I can raise funds for more flight sim purchases!)? I read the locked post at the top of the forum (second hand codes & car booth sales - a warning) which talked of the seller having to "contact us to have this [transfer serial to new person] done and we will present them with a invoice for that". Can you provide more details please? Similarly I have a copy of FDC Live Cockpit that I no longer use and would consider selling it was possible. thanks for clarification Jon
  5. Indeed - the fact the poster was confused between AES and AESlite scarely seems to justify the response he got. He was not rude or aggressive - he just asked a question (a response along the lines of those from Rainer would have been more appropriate). Jonathan Moore (name signed in full )
  6. You could try using an AFCAD editor such as ADE (Freeware) or AFX (payware) to remove the unwanted parking positions Jon
  7. Good point and it is clear that AES adds more than it takes away. I just think it is a shame that adding AES to some airports means some existing features have to be lost. Pity there isn't an option to disable AES jetways and use FS DreamTeams. Jon
  8. I should have said I am using FSX. AI are able to call the default jetways in that. Some developers have been able to add custom designed jetways that work the same way and dock with AI planes. FS DreamTeam call them "Native animated inverse-kinematics based jetways in FSX." Unfortunetly it appears AES removes this.
  9. Hi, Been giving the AES demo a go to decide whether to buy it or not. I must say I am very impressed. My own slight concern is how AES works at airports that already have active jetways rather than static ones e.g FS Dreamteam airports. My experience so far is that AES makes all the jetways static. Therefore although it adds a lot to the airport it also takes away some exisiting features (jetwys that dock with AI planes). Is it not possible to have AES just add the other features at these airports and leave the jetways as before? Jon
  10. I agree - airport management is one area I would like to see greatly improved (either direct in your sim or more likely through making the code such that it is easy to add in by 3rd party developers - I really like the modular idea proposed earlier in the thread) Aside from the things Mike mentions I would also like to see more intelligent parking of AI aircraft. AI aircraft should taxi to the gate and then if its next flight is not for 6+ hours it should be moved to a distant 'parking' gate leaving the 'terminal' gate free for other AI aircraft. I tire of seeing a 747 attached to a jetway when it is not leaving for 8 hours when an airbus A319 is leaving in 20 mins but has to park next to the maintenance hanger as there is no other free space.
  11. I have Gatwick from UK2000 which has default FSX moving jetways, and a few FS Dream Team Scenerys with moving jetways (their custom ones) and Aerosoft's own CDG with the majority of the jetways moving. They all seem (relatively) smooth and I get decent frame rates. I do have quite a good computer though. I find it hard to go from standard FSX with moving jetways to static ones even if the airport itself looks (as it does) a million times better.
  12. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to replace the static gates at EDDF Frankfurt with FSX Default moving ones? I have manged to remove the static gates by removing the relevant .bgl file but I cannot seem to get the default FSX gates to appear. I add them using AFX or ADE but they don't show up in the scenery - (I assume due to some exclusion applied in your scenery) is there any way round this? Alternatively are there any plans to release an update with moving gates - FSX default or custom? thanks Jon
  13. I have FSX and the moving jetways don't seem to have a huge impact on my framerates. It seems to be the amount of AI traffic itself rather than amount of jetways or ground vehicles that impacts framerates. If some add-on airports and all the default airports can have moving jetways I don't see any reason why all add-on airports can't have them without killing framerates. Whether this is something that can be done by AES or has to be done by scenery developers is another issue.
  14. Hi, I started that topic (though I'm sure the issue of AES for AI has been raised many times before). As you have raised it again and in light of Oliver's encouraging statements on AES for FSX in his latest update (it seems like it will happen) I thought I'd return to the subject specificall in terms of AES for FSX. FSX already has 'enhanced' airports over FS2004. Namely it has moving jetways for all aircraft and backage and fuel trucks for all aircraft. I think it would be a shame if FSX addon airports with FSX AES added were not able to do some of the things default FSX airports can do. Currently add-on airports for FSX fall into 2 categories, i) those with custom animated jetways (I think Microsoft released a tutorial explaining how this could be done?). Developers include FS Dream Team and FTX. Aerosoft are maybe moving this way with moving jetways for Paderborn/Lippstadt. ii) Those with static jetways. Of these some plan to release updates to add moving jetways (e.g UK2000) but some appear to have no plans to do so. I assume (unless I have missed announcements to the contary) that a lot of the Mega Airports fall into this latter category. I would personally like to see AES provide moving jetways for those products in group (ii) for which the developer will not. It would not have to be done within the traditional AES framework but could if necessary be done within the scenery itself (using the Microsoft tutorial). At the very least I would not expect AES to remove the moving jetways for AI aircraft from those airports in group (i). Secondly the issue of baggage and fuel trucks. Currently FSX already provides baggage and fuel trucks. Maybe AES could add airport specific textures to those vehicles e.g those at Mega-airport Frankfurt could differ from those at Mega Airport Heathrow. As the vehicles are already present in default FSX I don't see why there should be a dramatic impact on frame rates. Sorry for the long post but I would like AES for FSX to be a great addition to the sim rather a 'lite' version of AES 2004 with the features of AES 2004 but at the cost of losing some features of default FSX. thanks Jon
  15. Thanks all for your thoughts. "And, save your money, because you can expact what happens, when 100 AI Aircraft get the service: You need a 16 core 10 GHZ PC." But FSX has moving jetways and bagage carts for all AI planes and it has fairly acceptable frame rates. I think if it was possible (your point about it being integrated with the scenery suggests it isn't possible anyway) to have AES for AI planes, there would have to be just basic features for the AI planes to avoid reducing frame rates to a crawl.
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