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  1. I have been using AES for FS9 since it's beginning and I have been having sound problems since downloading the last 3 or 4 versions. The animations work at all of my airports but at KORD, KMDW, KPVD, KBUF, KPDX, TNCM, and ENBR there are no sounds. The sound config. is set to maximum. Every so often I might hear the stewardess say "Aircraft Empty" but that's all. I am running Windows XP 32bit. Hope you can help. Thanks.
  2. How do you get the pushback truck image to stay on? It appears with the wingfold key but then disappears.
  3. My sentiments exactly. I posted a topic a month or so ago about this and their reply was that maybe it could be done but they would have to wait until the scenery came out. Also, I read alot on this forum and many people don't sign their names (including myself) and are never attacked because they didn't do so. Maybe it's because I wasn't doing cartwheels from joy. Its kind of a double standard don't you think? I have been a customer of theirs for awhile now and have never been replied to in such a manner. Sorry I left out the word "lite" in my post but I'm sure you knew what I was referring to since the person who posted after me knew exactly what I meant. signed, Gregg M.
  4. He had talked about possibly doing it on another AES post that I read referring to KFLL.
  5. I was holding off purchasing the FSDT KFLL scenery in hopes that AES would make a version that included some road traffic to this life-less airport and was very disappointed when I saw that it was not to be. What happened?
  6. I hope Oliver manages to install some road traffic for the fs9 version. I'm sitting tight until I see what happens. The fs9 version of KFLL is really lacking in my opinion.
  7. Don't mean to jump the gun on this request, but if and when you release AES for the upcoming FSDreamTeam KFLL airport, could you charge a few more credits and have some traffic on all those interstate roads around the airport for us FS9 users.
  8. I know this question was asked a while back, but do you think you will ever get a reply from FlightScenery so KPVD will be supported with AES? I have been waiting patiently.
  9. Thanks for your help Cris.
  10. I thought I saw a post that stated that if you already owned the AES program the 1.50 update was free but on the english site there is no download. Please help!
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