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  1. Thanks Rolf and Dave for your input. The TOD and DECEL issue has been resolved. I wasn’t putting the ZFWCG value. I went through the A319 Step by Step using the A333 and it worked fine. I’ll install to see if that resolves the Landing Lights issue.
  2. Hi Dave, So I completely uninstalled all the Bus product (A318/319/320/320/330) and followed the documentation. Some issues were resolved but others were not. Landing light still toggles back to ON when I try to turn them off. I still do not get TOD and Decel on MCDU. I checked the things you suggested in your 2nd response and they are correct as far as I can tell. If you look at the new screenshots, you will see that the Checklist reports Decent Checklist coming up but the MCDU and ND do not reflect this. On the 2nd INIT page, I enter the ZFW but not the ZFWCG. Not sure if that has any impact on the descent calculations. I am going to try to fly A320 and A330 per the Tutorial in the A318/319/320/321 Step by Step guide. This way I can tell if it's something I missed when I entered data in MCDU.
  3. Hi Dave. I installed the experimental build and it actually made things worse. Still no TOD entry on FMC and no DECEL entry in flight plan. I also noticed a few other things with this latest build. Landing lights will not turn off. Move switch to off and it moves back to on. ECAM shows cabin signs on, spoiler arm, gear down, flaps full. All of these are incorrect. See screenshot Checklist does not show proper status when I am in Cruise mode. See screenshot Let me know if I need to log these issues some place else.
  4. Hi Dave. Thanks for the reply and feedback. I was using an older version of the AS Updater and updated it to v1.4.0.0. I then noticed there's an update for A330 as I was on v1.0.0.2. I updated it to the latest experimental release and will not setup the flight to see if I get TOD and Decel point. I'll report back my findings.
  5. I just flew a long haul from KIAD to EDDM. I noticed that Top of Descent isn’t listed on the PERF pages. I had to manually estimate the TOD. Is this a known bug? It’s happened to me twice. Never had the issue with any of the A318/A319/A320/A321 Professional flights. I also noticed the flight plan didn’t show a DECEL point.
  6. I had the same issue with fuel. Fuel Predictor showed i was short by 1kg. I then restarted the flight and increased my fuel by 3000 kg and was still short. Finally flew with 46.6 kg and made it from KIAD to EDDM. If I use the numbers from Simbrief, I would still be short.
  7. Thanks Dave for the info. I wish I had seen this before I tried my first long haul in the A330. I used the planner but it was way too low compared to Simbrief. I used the Final Reserve to get my Total Fuel to match. What puzzled me is Fuel Predictor showed I would run out of fuel. So I increased the Total Fuel by another 3000 KG and still showed I was low on fuel. However I landed with an extra 5.1kg. I got a nice headwind but it seems Simbrief and Fuel Planner wasn’t correct. My flight was KIAD to EDDM. I ended up loading 45,000 kg.
  8. Hi Mathijs.  I was looking for the latest update on the A330. One of the latest posts says the forum thread is closed. I love the new A318-A321 and want to find a good long haul aircraft.  Any updates on the A330 you can give?

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