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  1. Did a full reinstall (client, scenery, and content) and everything is working! Thanks for the help guys.
  2. There really isn’t. I’ll own up to it, i blazed right through the checkboxes at checkout without reading them. And I’m guessing that’s probably what Mr. FS2004 did as well. I get that as a company you’re obligated to provide assistance and fixes for issues but at some point the line has to be drawn that it’s 100%, 24/7, 365, on the customer.
  3. Not sure that would really be helpful for users like us because the issue isn’t 4.3 not being installed, it’s 4.3 being installed incorrectly. My system confirms that 4.3 is installed, but it’s been confirmed that it was installed incorrectly which is something the Aerosoft installer probably cant root out.
  4. Requesting title change from “Flight Student-Groundwork” to “Resident Dunce”, please. Will be able to report results in a few hours or so, sorry for being a total boy who cried wolf.
  5. What, you think I actually read INSTRUCTIONS? All joking aside I feel like a big fat idiot, I’m not home at the moment but when I get home I’ll actually install 4.3 *correctly*. On the plus side if that’s the issue it means there’s no tweaking on the bus itself to fix this!
  6. I did a client only update, but maybe there’s a chance I did it wrong? Did I have to uninstall the 4.2 client before installing 4.3? Cause all I did was run the 4.3 installer with 4.2 still installed.
  7. Negative, just Active Sky Next, and the weather is simply overcast, no thunder is in the forecast.
  8. Ok, I have to run some errands so I won't be able to check in until later in the day. But thank you guys for trying to help, can't wait to fly it around!!
  9. Yep, confirmed engines are off and parking brakes set, still nothing. I can put in fuel/pax though, and the St. Elmo's Fire is still rampant across the windshield.
  10. Hi guys- I launched the airbus and it started up ready to fly with the St. Elmo's Fire going ham on the windshield. I figured, alright, I'll just set it to Cold & Dark and it'll get sorted, but in the secret MCDU the Doors, Ground Services, and Aircraft State options are all greyed out. I tried installing SimConnect since that was what fixed it in the FSX version but alas, nothing. Any help is appreciated!
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