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  1. That would be amazing @Mathijs Kok. Thank you for sharing this news!
  2. @Mathijs Kok and @Hans Hartmann Thank you for the update of the lovely CRJ!! Thank you for your effort in everything! Thank you for trying to "keep cool" if we customers where a little difficult if things where not running as expect^^ Once again, thank you! Regards Markus
  3. I agree to you guys... I wrote today an official complain to Aerosoft...
  4. @Crabby First: It is outrageous to call myself in this contex as a child just because I have a different opinion and see things from the clients side. @Mathijs Kok Second: As you normally knows as best as an admin in this forum, we user can not see who votes what. It's a shame that you embarrass me in public and put me against the wall. I wrote you some weeks ago, that it feels for me, that you only understand your developer view. There are every now and than posts of you where I really ask myself if you are knowing who finally pays your income.... I worked 16 years as a product manager in a hardware and software company for access control systems and act as a liaison between our clients and the engineering. Believe me Mathijs, you can learn from me the little 1x1 of the sales and customer support behavior. It's your job to represent our customer interests in your company. We should strengthen you being able to move projects and "mountains". But... you put your customers against the wall in public of your forum, so that others find synonyms like "children" for them.... letting us in our impression, that we customers are disturbing the professionals of Aerosoft and should better fly the tutorials in endless loops... Regards P.S Mathijs: I ordered for 4.000 EUR Hardware and Software this year at Aerosoft!
  5. I have no problem if a developer is collecting issues, solving them or add aditional functionalities and publish an updated release. There is alot of work in an add on like the CRJ and it's for a software releases totally normal that there are some bugs inside. But as you can see at the release notes for the upcomming build, there are things solved, which has nothing to do with the SU5 update. So why where those issues not updated some weeks ago? Do you have to wait as a publisher with your new release build until there is a bug or an issue which has an "red alarm"? I don't think so. Sure, it makes more fun creating new add ons and other products as solving conflicts. Beside that with new products you can generate new sells. Especially with a new software it's totally normal that the first time there are more updates... I don't blame anyone, I just take the opinion that no one will break their legs if certain issues would fixed earlier. So, I hope I have complied with your request giving you further input regarding my opinion. Regards
  6. Sorry, but that is such a stupid answer...
  7. By the way... I am really wondering why there is not more frequently an update. This would be (if I remember right) the second one for the CRJ. With the update for next week, there are not only SU5 issues changed. Why couldn't we get updates more often?
  8. Makes sence I think or? What happened to the people who made those changes? Do they have to change something again before installing the update? Regards Markus
  9. Read manual, do the tutorial. There are alot of things and handlings discribed. It takes some time but it will help you.
  10. @Mathijs Kok Dear Mathijs, do you know if Asobo or Microsoft where working this weekend? And do you know perhaps, if they have a personal rotation, so that they can work more as 8 hours? I am asking that, because it's very quite from the officials in social media, forum, etc.... I think you can understand asking something like that... We want to have a feeling for "whats going on", while we are waiting for solutions... Regards Markus
  11. Workaround is working for me too... Just did a flight... Only the HUD display is down.... But I can fly my CRJ again.. <3<3<3<3
  12. I noticed that^^ My impression was, that @janjoensson add the link into the beginning^^
  13. Commented and voted! @janjoensson... Add the link to your MSFS forum post inside your post here... So it is much easier to find, vote and comment it. Thanks!
  14. Thanks Mathijs for sharing with us... Do you have an official link to the MSFS forum about those software issues? Looked into the forum but didn't found a post about it.
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