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  1. Pictures only and I use Chrome on my desktop
  2. Hello all, i'm not sure if this is the right thread to post about this but im having an issue with the download section, specifically the repaints, my browser is not showing the thumbnails or images for the downloads, I tried clearing cache and cookies and still nothing, here is what im looking at, thanks!
  3. The fact that there is " The fact that you haven't even began to "scratch the surface" with this sim is mind blowing to me, the details previewed of this aircraft are insane, Flight sim has a bright road ahead and im looking forward to every minute of it! Great work Aerosoft!!!!!
  4. Im still having this issue even after the update, my external lights (nav, strobe, landing, beacons) are almost non-existent. Yes I rebooted after installing, Yes I have experimental updates checked in the updater.
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