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  1. Thank you very much, Frenk. It looks already wonderful, even if it's alpha.
  2. Maybe we can say for sure that the A330 will not be released this week, not even the next week, and, I think, not even this month (and, but this is more uncertain, the next month).
  3. And I think that is the best solution! But (and correct me if I'm wrong), the external weather engine updates the sim weather dinamically, just to turn around the limitations of the sim. And if at a precise time, the clouds are far far away, and the weather engine does not put it into the sim, your weather radar does not see it. But, when I approach to the cloud front, the weather engine injects it into the sim, and they appear immediately. This could be a limitation?
  4. Hi Tom, I'm sorry for late response, but I would like to expose my point of view (this is the last one, I promise) My suggestion is not for answer all the questions that were asked many times in the past (and most of them are all the same). And I agree with you when you say that it's normal that people have different interests. And my suggestion is to collect all "official" updates and informations about this project in one place (a sort of blog, like the X-Plane developer blog. I know that the X-Plane project is another matter of size, my is just an example). It's different searching for what I'm interested over hundred of pages and thousand of messages, most of them asking for "release date", "current status", "failure", "lighting", and so on. And I know that this is the nature of a forum, so my post is a suggestion, not just a solution. I'm not a regular visitor (as I would like to be), because there are many interesting project and many many forums that I try to follow. It's just for this reason that I made this suggestion. And I understand your point of view (just only the problem that a dev blog could subtract resources to the develop of the A330). So I finish, and hope that you or Mathijs will update us about the today meeting with the dev team. Regards, Alberto P.S.: maybe a sort of FAQ could be helpful also at this point!
  5. My opinion is that the improvement could be made for the post of the preview and also for those of the project information. For example, all the screeshot posted by Stefan, and also those of Mathijs (the FMGS features for example that is 6 pages behind) are scattered through the 135 pages. And it's hard to find them. For me, this kind of post are the most important and they are just the most concerning the thread. Maybe it's enough to insert an list of links to them on the first post of the thread.
  6. No Could I ask why? I think that it's the most simple function. The HISTORY function loads the winds data from previous flight. So it's simple to save the winds data and load them on the following flight. No?
  7. For the winds, do you think that all the WIND pages will be implemented? And they affect the predicted fuel consumption and the ETA? And also HISTORY WIND will be available?
  8. I would like to see different and separeted FLOOD LIGHT for MAIN PANEL and INTEG LIGHT for MAIN and PEDESTAL panel, and also OVERHEAD INTEGRAL LIGHT and DOME LIGHT. But I think that I'm asking too much.
  9. +1 : the lighting (different type of illuminations) I think is essential for this kind of project!
  10. This is the reason that I consider the Aerosoft one of the best company on the FS world! And I don't think to be alone.
  11. Yes, it will be very fantastic to have the same of the real AMI (Airline Modifiable Information), so we can simulate the different procedures from various Airlines. And thanks for sharing this informations.
  12. Or maybe for those that don't want to buy the TOPCAT. And, as in the RW, that the ACARS uplink update the data in the FMC, also we can assume that the Airbus MCDU have this function and that the values are updated by the ACARS uplink.
  13. Ah ok, I'm sorry. I misanderstood something. I believed that Emi said that the Aerosoft MCDU does some kind of fake calculations, that is not like the real works. Insted Emi referred only to the fact that in the real airbus the calculation is done by EFBs. Good to know. And thanks for this!
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