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  1. At simMarket you can buy LFBO alone. :wink:
  2. ...is it normal that I can see, when I click on the new posts since you last visited link, the titles of the Beta threads going on? I only see them listed with the posts I haven't read since last time I was online, but once I click on the titles I can't access them, but this is not the case of my post. I only want to know if it's normal, and if it isn't make an admin aware of the situation so he can configure the forum so people who aren't beta testing don't see those threads listed between the ones he can see. Thanks, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :wink:
  3. Supongo que debí añadir signos de interrogación a mi anterior mensaje, ya que esperaba una respuesta. :roll:
  4. Entonces, no debo preocuparme, y esperar a ver si en un tiempo prudencial todo vuelve a la normalidad.
  5. He entrado por primera vez en la tienda "nueva" y cuando he ido a consultar mis productos adquiridos previamente (en la tienda download), y no están. Pensé que se transferían las cuentas de una tienda a la otra. ¿O no es así?
  6. search for mallorca coastline in Sim-Wings' forum and I am sure you will find the solution to your issue. http://forums.simflight.com/viewforum.php?f=112 Or even a search in aerosoft's forum could help.
  7. El mismo http://library.avsim.net/search.php?Search...t&Go=Search
  8. I was trying to login into my shop account and it kept telling me: I thought it could be that I changed my password or e-mail address or both, so I tried several combinations and always the same error, so decided to ask for a new password to be sent (using the two possible e-mail address I could be using), but got the following error: Has there been a spring clean of accounts? :? Thanks
  9. I don't visit this forum daily, and today when I went through the new posts, I saw one that reminded me about a e-mail I had to write. And I went to check my PM's as I had some info there that I would like to use and found out this function had been disabled. I was wondering, if there was a remote posibility of geting access to my private messages, as I had some info and evidences there I would like to add to a customer support e-mail I want to send. Best regards,
  10. and Valencia. If you don't see anything similar after installing Spanish Airports, I would recommend you to uninstall it and try installing it again. It happened to me once, I installed and only saw the default airports, I deinstalled and reinstalled and they appeared.
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