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  1. I know, the only drawback of this aircraft You have no idea how much of a leap forward this is. Trust me, come August 4th (assuming we don't break anything) you will be truly impressed. There isn't really anything else left to add as far as accuracy short of building the real thing!
  2. Thanks for the replay Bruce! I thought something might be possible but if not, no real big deal. It's just the lack of a marshaller at KSJC then. I'm not sure if there's supposed to be one or a docking guidance system but I have nothing to tell me where to stop when parking at gates.
  3. Well I was in the area and decided to pop over real quickly just to say hi. I know you usually need permission for something this big but I figured you wouldn't mind. I know I haven't been to active in the forums of late, but now you know why.
  4. The first I found when using any small or medium size aircraft. You'll notice that the stairs cut into the marshaller's legs. This only happens with the covered airstairs; uncovered is fine. A thought is that he be moved to the other side of the aircraft as at least with small aircraft like the 737, the com port is on the right side instead of the nose gear. The second is that there is no marshaller at ImagineSim's KSJC.
  5. I would love a plot near Kalaeloa personally. It's only 3.5 miles from where I really live. Other than that though, Hawaii does have quite a few old airfields that are closed down. One thought is the old Ford Island and Bellows on Oahu. Princeville on Kauai is already private so you could add your own plots to it. Hana is also public but secluded and there's lots of surrounding space for plots. It may not be practical though since you'd have to level a large area to fit them if you want to be able to taxi up. The Big Island actually has a couple private fields too. Allegedly there is an old Air Force Base at south point. I've been to the area and never saw anything that looks like an old base though. Just windmills and the Oakland Oceanic Array. Out side of that, West Coast would be nice. Van Nuys maybe?
  6. Was having a lousy day until I got home and checked my email. Thanks for the massive cheer up! I'm very much looking forward to being part of this unique community. And DB, let me know if they do pop over. I've always wanted to meet royals.
  7. Originally you could but as the number of sold plots grew, the frames started to drop. Now they select the houses to help keep frames acceptable. A small price to pay in my opinion.
  8. Taxibot certainly does look useful; especially in real life. I think AES should hold off until it is in service IRL though, just in case things are modified although it looks ready to go now. It would be great though as some airports like EGLL and PHNL have certain areas where you have to stop and be pulled into the ramp or pulled out of the ramp onto a main taxiway (Terminal 4 at EGLL and the B763's going to the interisland terminal at PHNL). Now you don't have to stop and wait because you'll already be hooked up.
  9. Mail sent. Actually I sent it sunday. Do we get a conformation email just to let us know our bid was received? The last 2 weeks I've been having issues with email and don't know if it actually went through. EDIT: Ignore me, I just got it
  10. I know for some ILS approaches, the FAF is simply glide slope interception, where ever that happens to take place. It looks like for RWY 27, that happens at 6.6 DME and is also already listed at the FAF so that works perfectly fine. As far as the SID, I know some airports in California have a similar problem. What they do to overcome it is they would put a hold in somewhere in the procedure where it is safe enough to enter at a lower altitude. In this case, there could be a hold at KPT that would be used only if an aircraft could not attain 7000 by the time they reach it. They enter the hold at whatever altitude they had managed to climb to at that point, then continued the climb in the hold. Once they were at 7000, they exit and continue on their way.
  11. Thanks for bumping this. Maybe it should be pinned at the top as it has very very useful charts! I do have one question about the ILS Charts though. Since these are formatted for Europe, I don't know if maybe there is a difference between FAA Charts but the Maltese cross is usually the Final Approach Fix in the Profile View. Its over the NDB on both Approach Charts here. Also just a note, the Decision Height for ILS27 is too high (over 250 feet). These are the heights normally found on a Non-Precision Approach. Once again, I'm a US Pilot so I don't know if things are different in Europe.
  12. That did it! Thanks for your help. With regards to the scenery.cfg, i opened mine just to see what was in it and for some reason it said it was for FS9 and none of my addon sceneries were in there. As of right now though, everything works fine so I don't want to mess with it. Thanks again!
  13. I already have the field added to the Mustang and PMDG and had no problems there. As far as andras being installed properly, it should be. I can find it in FSX no problem. I can even start FS and go to the airport. It also shows in the scenery library. It's just when I run the Database manager for FSC. I also tried to use AFX to find the AFCAD for the airport and noticed it doesn't detect it. I have to manually point it to the AFCAD. Could this be an indicator of what the problem is? Are there any other files i should be checking in for specific entries?
  14. Hi Matt, Thanks for your reply however i couldn't find how to add EAFS with the FSC Database Manager. I looked back through THIS thread and noticed FSC8.6 was used. I have FSC9. Could that be why I cant add it?
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