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  1. This is gonna be such a great year for P3D V4....
  2. Such a great addon.Now the only thing that is missing is the airport in real life
  3. Well due to this statement i think we could expect the busses at any time now. Would be sad if we have to wait another 2 months
  4. Tomorrow is the crowded skies ivao event which is sponsered by aerosoft.Anything in common with the upcoming release of the new busses?
  5. This Video of the A330 is over 7 months old and the plane looked done.What work has been done on the A330 in that time?
  6. Lets just hope both busses come out next month. Would be a nice late christmas present from aerosoft
  7. What time did people invest in the Aerosoft Version? 3 minutes installing it? And seriously? Superior immersion? The Aerosoft A320 is a toy compared to the system depth of the competitor. Thats just fanboyism. Reasons for the new Aerosoft: more liveries,cheaper price,A318-A321 is available,TrueGlass and maybe its more FPS friendly. But it doesnt have a superior immersion for sure lol
  8. Why are people asking if the plane is gonna get released 2018? Mathijs Kok already said like 5 weeks ago that the release is gonna be moved to early 2018. I just hope the A330 gets released soon. To be honest (and i might get hated for that) the competitors A320 is just far better in my opinion so im not realy interested in the A320 family but im so excited for the A330! Also cant really understand why the A320 is gonna get released first.There is already a study level A320 for P3D V4 and the old Aerosoft one is compatible from FSX up to P3D V3 but a good 330 is lacking for all versions of P3D and FSX
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