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  1. What? You really want to see something rotate at those precise timings? that is impossible, well it's not, but it is impossible so it is like this on everyone's system.
  2. I have been working tirelessly through the nights, I have the connector modelled, rendered and textured, some static jetways in place which are soon to be replaced by CTRL+J jetways and/or AES. Been doing a lot of texture adjustments, mainly around Concourse B and same for model adjustments by adding other smaller details to the models, fences, walls, railings etc. Regards
  3. Yes those are default objects, I'm only doing the airport and IMMEDIATE surroundings for V1.0. There will be 2 years worth of updates after the V1.0 release though and there is already a lot planned for future updates.
  4. This is what I have got of the connector so far, it is textured prepped with window reflections aswel. Update will follow later today when the textures are complete, and other previews of the other newer stuff Regards
  5. So minute by minute the airport is getting populated with vehicles.. I've also been doing a lot of texture enhancements (not seen on this preview) Sandervdb1, the new building which I assume you mean the connector, well not much has changed it's almost impossible, 80% of it is pure guess work, it will be done but nobody should expect a 1:1 model. Regards
  6. Approaching runway 07L To the right you can just slightly see the car park is filled with 3D cars, as are all other car parks out of view, the entire airport is now getting filled with clutter, cars etc
  7. Imminent! New night shot, docking systems are in place, taxiway signs and wig-wag lights. you can see some dark edges on the grass, this is the 3d grass (in progress). Next screenshots will show apron clutter etc
  8. Well as of now I am not going to make any radical changes as they just push back initial release, so I repeat, everything will be as is. However, since half of the terminal is indeed getting knocked down, that extra Jetway on concourse A and other changes to BRU that have happened in recent months, these will be released as updates, there will be 2 years of updates to follow after initial release. I am finishing off what is there now and then releasing, I've already implemented a few futuristic features at BRU at it is no easy task.
  9. Same problem, tested with different traffic add-ons.. there will be static military and GA aircraft
  10. FS2004 version is coming as promised but it may be after the FSX/P3D release, quite a few changes need to be made as some models exceed the poly limit of the FS2004 SDK
  11. Similar, of course we can't mimic this perfectly but the night lighting on the windows does need to be adjusted
  12. Hi Steven, If you look at the last night picture, you can see it right there
  13. Deffinately, they are not there yet (apart from default) as I am awaiting on AES, I don't want to place static clutter objects and vehicles that could be in the way of AES vehicles etc
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