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  1. Thanks I figured that out and all is well, thank you for a great product, have used it for years and see many more to come. Joe
  2. Ok I found the file, changed it's name to Flights but it still does not bring up my data, I think may need to fix it on my remote machine since I run FSFK on WideFS. I will check this but, yes, the data is in the file, it just does not come up when I pull it after renaming it.
  3. Ok I finally got the time to attempt this. I do not have my FLKEEPER.mdb at all. I have searched for it and it is gone. I do have a small file by this name with no data in it. So it looks like I lost many years worth of flight information. : ( Joe
  4. Thanks again Jure, I will give that a try. Joe
  5. Jure, I bet you are right, i was running with the world/terrain map on. I will turn that off and see if that makes a difference. I rarely use the mapping function anyways, mostly to find my way around on the ground or when in close terrain confines . . . Thanks much Joe
  6. I installed FSFK 3.0 and everything went pretty smooth although I had to reset a number of custom seetings and I LOST my logbook with thousands of hours. Just wondering if there is or was a way to recover those. Any help appreciated. Joe
  7. Just checking to see if anyone is experiencing any reduction in FPS after installing FSFK. If not, or if so, can you let me know where you are or aren't seeing it, i.e., running FSFK with FSWide or on the host (FS PC). I was noting some jerkiness where there was non before and only thing added with to update to FSFK 3.0. Any feedback appreciated or recommendations to improve persormance. Joe
  8. Hi, thanks figured it out finally and got it taken care of but was a pain since they have some problem using MSN emails, but all is well. Up and going. Joe
  9. I am a long time user of FSFK. I just purchased FSFK3.0 on simmarket where I originally purchased FSFK. I was given the discount and sent a confirmation email with my reg number. I downleaded FSFK3.0, installed it and tried to enter reg number and it does not paste, only pastes in first box with only 3 reg numbers, tried several time to past piece by piece, still no luck. I am using the same email that was used to send me my reciept and reg number. I just keep getting error . . . "the license information you entered is not correct. Please verify that you use the same email address as mentioned in the registration confirmation mail" Very frustrating, now I can not use FSFK at all and I lost my 2.8 install when updating. Help appreciated Joe
  10. I am up for KSLC from Gary Widup . . . http://www.avsim.com/hangar/utils/gwidup/ excellent freeware airport and used a lot by DVA and is an active mountain west airport. . . Gary is a great guy to work with . . and his sceneries are excellent. Joe
  11. Ok, I have had RC4 for sometime now and like it but hear that PFE may be much better and would like to give it a try. I run multipe PCs on my system using WideFS from Pete Dowson. My question: can PFE be installed and run across a network using WideFS? Thanks
  12. Ok, I have had RC4 for sometime now and like it but hear that PFE may be much better and would like to give it a try. I run multipe PCs on my system using WideFS from Pete Dowson. My question: can PFE be installed and run across a network using WideFS? Thanks. . .
  13. Hi, I have been using the autobrake with several AC and it works fine but in the PMDG when I use the autobrake switch in the 2D or VC, it does not set the TSR correctly. It does not show disarm when set to RTO and does not indicate the position when setting the autobrake for landing. It does show me PSI indications but just does not respond to my switching it to a new position. Any help much appreciated. Joe
  14. That was absolutely incredible, thank you very much, worked like a charm. Thank you for the quick reply and incredibly quick fix, much appreciated. Thanks Joe
  15. I have multiple monitors run on a Blackbox by Matrox and I ONLY fly from the virtual cockpit. You are correct, it will show up if I am in 2D cockpit only. Is there anyway that I can change this since, I would like the small guage to show on one of my client PCs that I run it on using WideFS . . . when I am in the VC mode. Thanks, Joe
  16. Hi, I have installed and programmed the autobrake system and it works fine, with pedals and Autobrake settings across WideFS. However, the "small" panel only appears if I am NOT connected with WideFS. Once I connect to wideFS I can only see the large view and as soon as I click small, it just dissappears and no matter what I do with the tray Icon, i.e., visible or trace, it will only appear if I use the full display. Any help appreciated . . Joe
  17. Also, this is what got me to purchase it in the first place . . . "Connection with FS Aerosoft Flight Calculator can be linked to FS2004 to retrieve data that you would otherwise have to enter manually. Doing it automatically saves you time and ensures the data is accurate. To connect to FS FSUIPC is used, this means that the Flight Calculator can be run on a seperate computer if WideFS is used." The above was posted on the sales information at SimMarket . . . JOe
  18. I am having the same problem, it is not running across WideFS and I use 3.783 which is the lates FSUIPC. I have posted this and still no reply. If this product does not run on WideFS, I probably just wasted my money. I have not been able to get it to connect via WideFS, just a blank screen the does nothing and shows no connection light. Help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. If this can not be run via wideFS, please let me know and I will stop trying to make it work. It does not do me much good on my FS PC since it is a semi home cockpit and only FS9 runs on that box driving several monitors on a black box . . . I would really appreciate any help or suggestions here. Thanks Joe
  19. Ok got it to work on the local install but it will not turn on or connect across the network via WideFS, it loads but no connection and no readings visible when pushing the mode button (I figured out that the on/off does what it is suppose to) So the issue is connecting via WideFS and I am a registered FSUIPC user version 3.75, actually a mod for our VA . . FSUIPC v3.783 Have tried about everything I can think of and it just will not run at all across wideFS . . . it does not display anything at all . . . can only turn it off and load it, yes, I have had FS running with wideFS indicating connected and then start Flight Calculator . . . no luck. Thanks again . .
  20. I have even tried to install it on my FS9 PC and still the same issue, I press the on/off button and the program just closes, very frustrating . . . . help please . . . I purchased this on simmarket, entered the correct infor in the registration and it said registration accepted and in both installs, just does not turn on . . . Joe
  21. Hi, I just purchased Flight Calculator and installed it. When it opens, I click on the on/off button and all it does is close the application. I have it installed on WideFS . . 3.75. I installed FC on my client PC and pointed the FS9 director to my mapped drive across the network. All seemed to install fine, but when I load it and try to turn it on, it just closes and exits the program . . . . Help appreciated. Joe
  22. Well, that did it. Nice catch, it defaults to East on the longitude. I changed them to west and works fine now. Also, I have not had to reduce the size of Matt's charts they are around the recommended resolution and seem to work fine now. Now that I got this one down, I will spend some productive time getting the western US imported. Thanks Everyone!!!! Joe
  23. Ok here is my last set up attemp which saved fine but still does not show up either in the viewer or the Gauge. It always load World Maps/West 3-2, no matter if I pick IFR/VFR chart. Maybe a picture can help to point out what I am doing wrong. Joe
  24. I have tried every suggestion here and still the maps are not loading. I am using Matt Fox US_SEC_SALTLAKECITY EAST and have set it up . . . just one question, to work do they have to be Lambert Conical? I use the "none" setting in "Projection" radial . . . Thanks Joe
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