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    Hi, on behalf of Philippine Virtual Airlines Group. I would like to thank you for your effort. For those people who are using the A320/A321 Package (not the extended) Use this instead. [fltsim.XX] title = Airbus A320 Cebu Pacific RPC4106 sim = A320 model = SHARKLET panel = sound = texture = CebuPacific_RP-C4106 kb_checklists = AirbusA321_check kb_reference = AirbusA321_ref atc_id
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    Installed latest 2.0.1 config program. Now, in PMDG 747 QoTS in P3Dv4.4 my #2 throttle doesn't sync with the other three and the reverser switch is always engaged! Also, when I exercise the throttle, it activates my spoilers. Right now, this throttle is unusable in he 747 mode. I'll try in the 737-NGX and see what happens there. I have been trying to get this throttle to work satisfactorily in P3Dv4 for weeks. Even changed it our with another $250 Honeycomb only to get the same exact throttle #2 problems. I can undestand learning curves, but this is getting frustrating real fast.
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    Well I updated to 2.1 and now none of my existing profiles work. Exported to a temporary location and then reloaded them after updating the software. All of my press events are gone. I still see them in the JSON files but they don't appear in the configurator for some reason and they're not recognized in P3D at all.
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    Great work, thank u! Fantastic to have an A320 with the 'mask'.
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    A really good one. However I prefered the first one. Keep it up !
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    Hi, Best livery I ever saw. Good job ! I am impatient to see the next one ! Ouin Ouin
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    This Delta livery Along with others I have definitely meet my expectations. Great job! I love the darker hue of blue on the tail and engines.
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    Really appreciate! thanks so much! the best livery on the A330! the detail is just amazing! 少女前线天下第一!(girls`s frontline is the best!)
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    Oh man always wanted a Challenger 870! you should do one like this but with 2 striped of color running along the fuselage, would be perfect!
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    This is a very nice addition to the Twotter, especially for the Glasgow - Barra flight.
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