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  1. Thanks Mathijis, I appreciate the response!! That makes sense...
  2. Just to further illustrate the point, below is the correct config in the B738 using Navigraph Below is a video which shows trying to select the same RWY/SID/TRANS combo in the A30 2018-02-16 13-54-11.mp4
  3. So let me clarify. I am running the 1802 dataset from Aerosoft. I just bought that for the FF A320 I primarily use Navigraph Data for everything else, also updated to 1802. ATC requested that I take off on 25R with the SUMMR1 departure: When I attempt to configure that in the FF A320 MCDU, I select 25R but the SUMMR1 SID never shows as an option. I flew the exact same flight in the Zibo B738 using the Navigraph dataset, no issues. It shows up exactly as I would expect it. Either there is an issue with the Aerosoft dataset, or their is an issues in how the A320 is reading the dataset. I also have a similar issue with the TRUKN1 departure in KSFO. It works great on the 01's but waypoints are missing on the 28 runways.
  4. Hello All, I was flying from KLAX to KSFO the other day in the FF A320 and ATC had me depart on the SUMMR1 SID with a flight plan of SUMMR1 STOKD DCT BSR BSR3 When I went to file plan it appears that SUMMR1 is non-existent in the dataset?
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