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    This would be beautiful. Thank You!
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    Hello, please make a livery for new Wizzair A321NEO You make the best liveries I find it this livery on site but don't working ..
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    Hi!! Please can you make the Virgin Sun A320/321's? I spent so much time flying with them when I were younger.
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    Hello Holgi. Would love to see OH LZL with the new reindeer livery
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    Can you do it please? its an a319 in Fly Ernest livery, thank you
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    I'm a big fan of your repaints and was wondering if you'd be willing to repaint Jetblue's N565JB ("Bippity Boppidy Blue") in the Tartan tail livery?
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    Hi Holgi, Kindly requesting this livery for an A321. Whenever you have the chance. Thanks!
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    Hello ! .....could you please do the wizz air airbus a321 IAE ....that would be great ! ....keep up the good work !
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    Hola, muchas gracias por tus repaint están geniales. Te animas con el ATR72 de Binter?
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    Hi, Could you do a repaint of the yellow livery for spirit air for the a320/321?
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    I'm sorry for being disrespectful to you before so let's just start over and put it behind us
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    Hi Holgi, any possibility of get your paintkit files A320 eurowings? Regards
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    Thank you sir, your repaints are so beautiful ! Please, continue your work because it's just beautiful
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    can you make A320 TC-JPM please? thx
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    hello holgi , you could make the livery of jetblue a320 bluemanity . thanks
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    Can you make me a Vueling 'Linking to Europe' thanks !!!
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    Good Day Mr. Kok, i ve a question concerning an upload ive done some time ago. It was before the update of the forum software. I uploaded an selfmade cabin crew announcement for the Lufthansa airline, spoken by a friend of mine a real LH flight attendend. I dont have the file on my home pc anymore and quite a bunch of people asked me about it. Would be nice if you have it on your server. If not - no problem at all. BTW. good work with the CRJ - looks amazing! Best wishes André from germany
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    Hey Holgi, Is it possible to do a A320 version of easyJet's new livery? Thanks.
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    ... now I am working on a Airbus A320 ( jetBlue N635JB )
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    ... now I am working on a Airbus A320 (Libyan Airlines 5A-LAP)
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    I just bought the Aerosoft A330 instant download. but nothing appears on the download page. the payment was successful what should I do?
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    nice work well done a+ Holgi i love it CRJ700ER House Color 1.0.0
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    Hello, my name is Kirian. I've been following you for a long time because I consider that you are the best person who does the liveries. I bring you today something that might be interesting. I've been looking everywhere but I haven't found the TRUMP'S 757 livery for the Aerosoft A321, so thinking about this, I remembered you. This livery would fit this plane. This might be a new challenge for you and a new paint to share with this community. Thank you so much.
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    Hello Jo, I buy Tromso X 2 days ago, install it with administrator rights of course, fantastic scenery but just one problem, when pushing back, after a few meters and from any gate or parking position a crash with invisible object occurs! I don't have ORBX or GSX, just P3d v4.3 and AS4, for your information. I know, regarding the forums about that issue, that the solution is to deactivate "Crash Detection" in P3d when flying to or from Tromso and indeed that works but for me, having a professional simulator, a full 737NG flightdeck by Flightdeck Solutions, it is not a real solution, because not realistic for real Ryanair pilots coming here for additional training, if for exemple a landing is too hard or on a tailstrike take off. I have 20 Aerosoft and Justsim airport installed and Tromso X is the only one with this issue! So Jo, do you maybe have a small fix for that issue, please? Best regards Daniel Nile Brussels
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    can u please make a Delta a320 livery CFM for the Professional version?
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    Hello Holgi Could you make please this Safi Airways Airbus a320? There isn´t any Afghan Airline on FSX and that´s so sad..... It would be verry veery cool if you would do this Regards Aron
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    Hello Henrique, can you do the brand new CS-TSF A321 from Azores Airlines? Best regards, João P.
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    When does the Airbus A320 come out for P3D V4?
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    pls make Hong Kong airline a320 repaint pls.I love it so much.can u make my dream come true???
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    Man, I would really appreciate if you could the new Azul (Brazilian Airline) A320neo livery, so far there's only one that doews not works with all versions. REG: PR-YRA
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    Hi can you do jetblue a321 N962JT
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    Larnaca X in P3D. I see you say you have seen no problems but I cannot get rid of the terrible light flickering at the airplane stands at night. I have tried the Visual mipmaps tool but it doesn't do any thing. Do you not have flickering lights? Appreciate any help
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    HI Frost77, I downloaded your new darker VC textures for the airbus, but when I install them some are working and some are not working, Also all the widows are black, instrument are also black, Is there a known cure to finally be able to use your magnificent work? Thank you
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    Kann leider nicht mehr drauf antworten. Habe mein Schreiblimit ereicht -.-
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    can u make jet airways india ?
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    jet airways 737 disney livery
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    Hello Everyone. Shall I Upload PMDG Liveries too here?
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    hi please tri air india a320-232 iae sharklet
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    Hi Holgi, I have not yet come across a new Aer Lingus "Rugby Team" Livery and I think its one of the nices at the moment I would love it if you could do a repaint for it pleaseee
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    i turned your delta N333NW aircraft into one of delta's future A321 Sharklet aircraft N301DN. can i upload it to the aerosoft forum and avsim. I still have some tweaks to make but these are some early shots Picture of the prepainted delta a321(not mine) :https://www.flickr.com/photos/xfwspott source to back up information :https://www.planespotters.net/airframe/Airbus/A321/6923/N301DN-Delta-Air-Lines other source https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/View?registration=N301DN&DeliveryDate=Due 2015-12-4_21-21-45-486.bmp 2015-12-4_21-32-29-275.bmp 2015-12-4_21-33-6-860.bmp 2015-12-4_21-33-50-195.bmp 2015-12-4_21-34-14-440.bmp
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    CONGO AIRWAYS - AIRBUS 320-200 - 9Q-CLU & 9Q-CDK
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    please make the : Germanwings A320 sharklets "D-AIUO" Vueling A321 sharklets "EC-WHB" Aeroflot A320 sharklets "VQ-BRW" Thanks
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    My computer is "smoked" yesterday, what do I do now without computers and without money for a new one?
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    Can you reupload the Lufthansa cabin sounds. I have seen them today. I went to the Link but it isn`t working. PLEASE!!!
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    I start with the new easyJet Livery G-EZUA!
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    X-Plane, real flying
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