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    Hello, please make a livery for new Wizzair A321NEO You make the best liveries I find it this livery on site but don't working ..
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    Hello ! .....could you please do the wizz air airbus a321 IAE ....that would be great ! ....keep up the good work !
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    can you make A320 TC-JPM please? thx
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    hello holgi , you could make the livery of jetblue a320 bluemanity . thanks
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    Can you make me a Vueling 'Linking to Europe' thanks !!!
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    Good Day Mr. Kok, i ve a question concerning an upload ive done some time ago. It was before the update of the forum software. I uploaded an selfmade cabin crew announcement for the Lufthansa airline, spoken by a friend of mine a real LH flight attendend. I dont have the file on my home pc anymore and quite a bunch of people asked me about it. Would be nice if you have it on your server. If not - no problem at all. BTW. good work with the CRJ - looks amazing! Best wishes André from germany
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    Hey Holgi, Is it possible to do a A320 version of easyJet's new livery? Thanks.
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    hallo zusammen ich habe mal eien frage kann einer ein repaint von der alten Hapag LIoyd machen weil die fehlt noch vom A 320-200 mfg oliover ristau
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    Larnaca X in P3D. I see you say you have seen no problems but I cannot get rid of the terrible light flickering at the airplane stands at night. I have tried the Visual mipmaps tool but it doesn't do any thing. Do you not have flickering lights? Appreciate any help
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    I think you have incredible, sexy luscious grey locks Mr Kok, Id really like to rub jam into them and then run my fingers through them whilst the aerosoft speedbreak siren goes off in the background Tom X
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    Mark on your "A320 Wing Light tweak...UPDATED! A321 now added" posted around 2013 is still able now in 2016? Did you finish the tweak? Also the links you posted there do not work anymore. JM
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    HI Frost77, I downloaded your new darker VC textures for the airbus, but when I install them some are working and some are not working, Also all the widows are black, instrument are also black, Is there a known cure to finally be able to use your magnificent work? Thank you
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    air France livrery is beatiful thanks you
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    indigo incomplete repaint is so nice.... can u please show the indigo tail logo on that livery ?
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    Kann leider nicht mehr drauf antworten. Habe mein Schreiblimit ereicht -.-
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    can u make jet airways india ?
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    jet airways 737 disney livery
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    Hello Everyone. Shall I Upload PMDG Liveries too here?
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    hi please tri air india a320-232 iae sharklet
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    My computer is "smoked" yesterday, what do I do now without computers and without money for a new one?
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    ... now I am working on a Airbus A320 (Libyan Airlines 5A-LAP)
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    I start with the new easyJet Livery G-EZUA!
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    X-Plane, real flying
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