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    Hello all, can we hope for a new version before 20**? have good day dom
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    You should also take a look into the Windows event log (eventvwr.exe -> Windows Logs -> Application) and check for an ERROR item written by prepar3d.exe at the time of the latest crash. The details of that ERROR item might contain a useful hint to find the culprit.
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    as you have a problem with AS and UK2000 it's unlikely that it's a scenery problem. As P3D quits after "loading up" I would have a look at ai aircraft (missing/corrupt textures or such). Try to set your traffic to 0% and try.
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    The primary question with this error situation would be: Did you change the aircraft and try it with another one? When the sim crash direct after the touchdown, I see no scenery related part, which is activated related to the touchdown of your aircraft. The only part of the sim, which is activated at this moment is the ATC (when you use it), that will try to assign a gate and calcs the route to the stand. But within the logic of the aircraft, there are maybe many parts runing (and maybe crashing) when the aircraft touchdown. So I would expect, that the sceneries and specialy there location on the disk is not part of your problem.
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    They are not vector graphics but bitmaps in PDF format, that the only format our contract allows us to use.. Currently we have no plans to increase the file size, sorry you feel they are like a cheap screenshot. We have no heard that comment before but will keep it in mind.
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    The jetways are animated by SODE, which you should have installed along with your ENGM.
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    German Airports - Friedrichshafen professional wurde im Shop updated to Version 1.10 HISTORY 1.00 Release 1.10 - deleted Cart Bahn Area - new Buildings southwest on the Airport aerial, like Comptetence Park, DHL and others - new ILS GP West - new Messe Area Buildings - modified aerial image - new harbour area - Terrian north of Airport fixed - Reduced Brightness of Taxiways at Night - Optimized Runwaylights to remove color anomalies - missplaced Streetlights fixed - New Configtool and Add-on.xml Activation - FTX GES Season Switch optional
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    Das angekündigte Update der Prinz-Edward-Inseln ist nun verfügbar: Details im aktuellen Posting auf meiner Webseite. Ich freue mich auf euer Feedback.
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    FS2Crew is not compatible with Aerofly FS 2.
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    These 2 are now available in the download section... Enjoy!
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    Operation Desert Fox. I have the whole Air Wing for the USS Enterprise, too.
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    Also for the KA-6D over the Arabian Desert...
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    Hi, Could you do a repaint of the yellow livery for spirit air for the a320/321?
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    EXCUSE ME SIR I purchased aerosoft A318/319/320/321 via steam but i have no idea how to install the liveries could you kindly assist thank you
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    Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 Professional updated to 1.10 Please note this is a 3 gb download. HISTORY 1.00 Release Version 1.10 - Missplaced Dockingsystems - Missing Shadows at some Jetways, Vehicles and Buildings - Remove of Powerline at 07L/25R when use ORBX - Remove Streetlight of ORBX and other addons generating Streetlights - Add lost ILS and GP Installation at the north runway - Optimized Runwaylights to remove color anomalies - Fixed wrong Gatesnumbers at the ground of E5/E6 - Optimize Runway and Taxiway Lights - Add Building 125 north of Pos V102 - Add Firestation and new Buildings Gateway Garden - Add optional Orbx GES Season Switching - Optimized Dynamic Lights - Change Configtool add-on.xml registration of the Addon
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    Fswidgets works with Aerofly FS2, but FS2Crew does not.
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