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  1. Ho, ho, ho, Santa has presents for you....
  2. These 2 are now available in the download section... Enjoy!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a package of two liveries for VF-154 Black Knights as depicted during Operation Desert Shield in 1990. It was the last year the Knights employed a high-vis color paint scheme. Included liveries are: BuNo 161618 NK100 CAG BuNo 161598 NK101 Also included are additional avatar textures for olive and black flight suits with the correct patches. Don't forget to back up!
  4. Operation Desert Fox. I have the whole Air Wing for the USS Enterprise, too.
  5. Also for the KA-6D over the Arabian Desert...
  6. Providing some escort for this magnificent KC-135R Stratotanker over the Mediterranean Sea.
  7. If you think you have sufficiently celebrated St Patrick's, think again and head over to the repaints section and get yourself this livery...
  8. Version 1.0.1


    This is the livery of BuNo 161437 B-model with the famous St Patrick's Red Ripper paintjob. As always, there are some additional textures that can be applied to the Avatar. Special thanks to Eduardo Rivera, who provided me with some detailed photos of this particulary magnificent Tomcat. You all should check out his photography. Cheers & enjoy!
  9. You mean like this? Did AA101 and this one in 2015... but now that I look at it again, I realise I never released them... will do so in the next few days. I also have some Sluggers from Saratoga's DESERT STORM deployment...
  10. Up next: some high-vis Black Knights, as displayed 1990 in DESERT SHIELD... Here's the CAG bird...
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