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    Some great entries this month, good luck to all heres my entry.
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    12 hours 31 minutes block to block and I just got done watching my phenomenal AES service fleet de-board, cater, clean and fuel my 777 at KEWR! So to close this out for anyone reading, there was never an issue with AES at all, the problem all along was with my system. I apologize for implementing AES but I am happy to say it was never AES and just me....
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    We can do that but if the original poster has written in the proper forum then we can delete or just close it etc.
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    Hast Du die erweiterten Animationen in deinen Anzeigeeinstellungen aktiviert?
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    Ich denke mal das ist normal. Das schwarze Main Panel ist vermutlich ein Hack von Marcel um den Start Screen anzuzeigen.
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    Was ist ein "Main Panel"??? Meine Katana startet automatisch mit der richtigen "Cockpitsicht" und die bei anderen Flugzeugen üblichen und teils sogar notwendigen "Shift-1" bis "Shift-x" Tastenkombinationen werden überhaupt nicht benötigt bei der Katana 4x. (Ausnahme: Shift-3 zum Aufruf des Konfigurations-Panels). Probleme gibt es dabei aber auch nicht bei mir.... Alles was ich benutze sind die Sicht-Umschalttasten (S-Taste) und die div. Kamerapositionen pro Sicht (A-Taste).
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    Finn and the rest of the folks at Aerosoft. I would just like to tell you all that Finn is representing your company exetremely well. It is a pure relief to see such good customer service and the true motivation to help from all concerned. This is especially true when a handfull of other developers won't give their customers the time of day. So, in my humble oppinion, good, down to earth customer relations really says alot about the people who are working over at Aerosoft. Thanks folks JB
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    :bow_down2_s: Well Oliver, the results at the end of my KEWR-LLBG test flight has consistently benn 40% memory consumption of 8 Gigs or 3.2 gigs without me even realizing!!! After the changes the results of today's test flight was 21% memory consumption or 1.6 Gigs which is about what I would expect after 10 hours using UTUSA, UTEU, ImagineSim KEWR, FSAddon LLBG V2, the PSS 777, ASE with 512x512 32 bit textures and using night and day textures! It took a few days to figure it all out but with your guidance I finally got to the root of a major issue with my FS setup Thank you very much for your patience throughout Oliver, tomorrow is 2.21 Test Day!!!!
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    You wont have to do much more with Hahn then in Friedrichshafen ! Let me say it that way. Only internet connection is needed for that easy way. We ll still support the Offline activation. Greets Fabian
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    This is my entry...Turbine Duke over Alpes from Italy to France... Bye

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