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  1. Just a quick warning... You know AES is pretty good in protecting itself from piracy, almost certainly all the codes you 'found' on lovely sites where copyrights are not seen as important are blocked and when you enter them AES will kindly but seriously ask you to replace the shared code with valid codes. We have see that more then a few customers seen this when they just updated to the 2.00 version. Of course all of those people told us they did not enter those codes but when we ask them to send us some files so we can check these codes are in there. Then they say they got a son who also uses the system etc. We don't care, okay? When you entered a code you did not buy you are on your own. AES will offer the way out, do what it ask and we'll never know and your problem will be solved. Contact us and we'll know who your are (when we indeed see 'illegal' code in the files) and we'll never trust you again. Yes we log these people and you can rest assured we got tags on those email addresses. Now if you used your official work address to show us you are indeed a using a share code you are not only a software pirate but also not too clever (there is one person who works at Microsoft that is now hoping I won't type his name very very badly). We don't care. It's 19:00 on a Friday evening and three people involved with Aerosoft are online to do support to customers. If you are not willing to pay for that, we simply don't care. Just do what AES asks you.
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  3. good to hear have a safe flight
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