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  1. Thank you very much for Flight Simulator 9 version.
  2. Nice preview! As I can see you use 3dDS poligons for ground development. In this case it is not a big problem to compile the scenery for FS2004
  3. Mathijs, thank you for the explanation, but did you get the answer???
  4. EmilG Do you plan to release for FSX first, or for both?
  5. Mathijs Any news about the project? We are waiting patiently.
  6. Mathijs, please ask developers.
  7. Dear Aerosoft, Do you have the plans to update your scenery up to date? Construction works are completed and new taxiways J and L are added. If you need I try to get the pictures. Thanks
  8. Mathijs, Shaun, thanks for the answers. I really hope the release is not too far.
  9. Hello Mathijs, As promised by Tiziana Frankfurt-Hahn project should be released for FS9/FSX and x-plane. We are still waiting this airport for FS9, but still no response from developers. So, please confirm that project for FS9 is not dead. Thanks
  10. Milano Linate X
  11. ArtAir


    Dear Aerosoft, We are still waiting any news about Prague project... Could you inform us if you have any please?
  12. So, Mathijs, any comments...
  13. Dear Aerosoft, Do you plan to make Bulgarian Airports Varna and Sophia (FS9 & FSX) in near future? Would be very nice!!! Thank you
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