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  1. Absturzproblem gelöst und AI-Flieger zu den Gates zugewiesen. Einfach das Update installieren. Update für EDDL Grüße Klaus
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  2. OK - Aerosoft has, pretty much in silence, released a small program called Andras Field LIGHT. See thread HERE. This is simply the runway and layout, without anything else. Its FREE, and can be downloaded here. So if you have friends who like to fly online with you, and having Andras Field as a place to land/take off, but they don´t have the Scenery (cheapskates... but still - ) then it´s now possible. (should also get things easier with IVAO/VATSIM in the future..... (that was the general idea of the project to begin with) So grab it guys, and pass it on to your friends. Let´s make
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