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    • Based on a quick check of the Carenado website, I don't believe they've released anyting yet for Microsoft Flight Simulator (aka MFS the new sim (where you posted), not FSX the 10 year old one). Your best bet is to go to Carenado's support site for help with their products.
    • And if you want to make it futureproof add another 1000$
    • If I see that P3D sales are dead and MFS sales are booming, what else do you expect from me? For you it is a hobby but we got to pay 50+ staff. The simple fact is that only X-Plane and MFS are commercially important at this moment. That's not because we WANT that (believe me, it is not, we have a few million euro invested in P3D add-ons and love to sell them) but as I keep saying we go where the customers are and thinking that my super-enthusiastic posts have a lot of influence is kind, but incorrect.   I assume you have a large investment in P3D add-ons. Do me a favor and make a list of what you have, what you paid and then tell me Microsoft Flight Simulator - Standard is not far better value. Compare the sim to the sim. Not the sim to the sim plus $500 of add-ons.
    • I understand, but would you allow me to share some background most people don't get?   Like Mathijs I'm a 40+ veteran of this hobby and we've both seen new sims play out many, many times before.  It's out history and involvement that leads us and those like us to be e very optimistic and enthusiastic about MSFS and the commitments made and followed through by MS, AS and the other developers involved.  I know that many experienced people in the hobby would rather share their opinions (which we usually appreciate because we always learn from people sharing their thoughts whether we agree with them or not) and they are often slow to learn from those directly involved in development, but let me say this... when Mathijs takes the time to share information and his assessments, I make the time to listen to him.  Few people in our world are in the loop and know as much as Mathijs does.  I only need the digits on one hand to count the times I've seen him wrong on major things in all the years I've known and worked with him.   I'm not saying that I always agree with Mathijs, and he'll tell you that we've had some very sharp professional disagreements.  But he is always open and honest with the community, I know that he would never do ANYTHING to hurt or even mislead the community, and he is totally committed to our hobby and Aerosoft customers.  Nobody in the flight sim world represents flight simmers better nor works harder for us than Mathijs, nobody.   Best wishes!    
    • The A340 has been asked for several times already. The reponse has been that Aerosoft won't do one because the needed tech and performance info isn't available (even from pilots current on type).
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