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  1. I would recommend that you make a backup of your prepar3d.cfg file and then delete it. That has fixed the problem for me. Happens to me on the A330 as well as on the Maddog X. If that works, I would then suggest setting up your settings in P3D as you like them as a 'base' and then close P3D, make a backup of that prepar3d.cfg file and keep it somewhere safe. There's something going on with prepar3d.cfg files in v5 possibly related to the various VRAM related crashes people are experiencing, so having a baseline that is easy to swap back in saves the trouble of redoing all your settings. Hope that helps!
  2. It is in the prepar3d.cfg file and sometimes it gets reset with CTDs to something weird. I think under [panels] - not at my sim right now.
  3. Just to update, #s 2 and 3 above were resolved by fixing the cockpit texture resolution setting to 2048 (4096 works also, but 2048 saves VRAM) EFB works now that I moved the folder into the P3Dv5 folder. Mine also stopped working after a few flights. Elsewhere someone suggested to remove the Trueglass and Reallight folders for the QW787 and I did that for the A330 and now I can get into the plane again. FWIW. I'm usually hesitant to muck around too much, but I was missing the 330 with Truesky! I made a full backup of the A330 before I started mucking about to be sure I can restore it if needed.
  4. If you want, post your add-ons.cfg and we can double check it? That's the only thing I can suggest. But, maybe you should start a separate thread for that so we don't clutter up this collection thread? Either way, I'm happy to take a look if you want to post it.
  5. Thanks for starting this thread. I put the A330 Pro in v5 by simply adding the v4 addon entry to my v5 addons.cfg (and changing the package number) [Package.0] PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional TITLE=Aerosoft A330 Professional ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false First, as you have stated, the aircraft generally works, with a few glitches on my end that I'll document here per your request. Note that also per your post, these problems do not exist in v4.5HF2. Visually, there are a handful of problems - I've attached images for all of these: 1) Cockpit lighting is overexposed, by turning off the overhead light (dome) from the overhead panel and turning off the floods on the pedestal, the cockpit then appears normal in daytime. 2) The ND is showing only a portion of the display - looks like a display scaling issue. The left ND shows roughly the upper left corner of the full display and the right ND shows roughly the upper right corner of the full display. 3) All cockpit displays have blurry text, including the PDF, ND, upper and lower ECAM screens and the three MCDUs. (looks like an antialiasing problem on the displays) Functionally, I came across two issues: 1) The EFB shows an error - this could easily be caused by the way I've mapped the addon, though. 2) I did a flight from KMIA to KMSY and found that on climb, the vertical mode disconnected several times, so AP and ATHR engaged, but CLB just disengaged, while NAV remained and ATHR remained at climb thrust. As far as settings go, I've attached images of my settings as well - all three pages. Lastly, I turned on content error logging and have attached my content error log as well. I have also installed LVFR KMIA and KMSY (both from new v5 installers) and you'll see some errors related to those airports as well in the log. Hope this is helpful. ContentErrors.txt
  6. Version 1


    Modified files for KORD to add 10C/28C What it has: -Runway 10C/28C Added -ILS approach fixes for those approaches What it doesn't have: -Any changes to application default SIDS/STARS Bugs: -Not related to my mod, but aircraft taking off on 22L will crash into aircraft sitting in 'position and hold' on 28R - to fix this, I need to move the 28R threshold a little to the west, but haven't done that. Files: From \Documents\Aerosoft\GATC\NavDataPro\PROC the KORD.txt file From \Documents\Aerosoft\GATC\NavDataPro\PROC the airports.txt file If you haven't added anything else, you can just replace these files (mine are modified from what installed with 1.1.07) If you have made other modifications, then you should only replace the KORD entry in the airports.txt file.
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