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  1. JP - 25 legs with the Majestic Q400

    I did not have the time to post on the blog but I moved already from Tokyo (RJTT) on the 18th of November. Just after TakeOff Levelling at FL250 Quite a strong wind to get up to X 16° Some Cu but nothing to worry We knew that we were going to get a bit of icing during the descent Then the first snow as we are getting a bit North on the Pacific Flying the Arc DME at RJCM Then touch down kust before sunset Finally parked gate 5 at RJCM with GSX Quite an eneventful leg. Enclosed flight documents. JP ATW #13 - RJTT RJCM.pdf
  2. Rupert's in

    Hello Rupert, I can see that you are moving quite rapidly as I just arrived in Tokyo. I'll take my time in 8 legs and wait for the right weather for the crossing as my operational ceiling is only FL250 and we can get a bit of icing and turbulence there. Best wishes, JP
  3. jimbo_uk

    Hello James, Regarding the G-JEDU we should condider the bright side of it. For the PAX it is lower to get down the stairs with the nose wheel up !!! JP
  4. JP - 25 legs with the Majestic Q400

    Sorry, the last screen should not be there as it has been enclosed before but I cannot erase it.
  5. JP - 25 legs with the Majestic Q400

    The Hong Kong Yokohama was yesterday and this morning i was ready quite early to finish the trip to Tokyo (RJTT). Lined up in ROAH (Yokohama) with the Dash 8 Q400 and ready for take off at 04h30 (GMT) Cleared to FL 250 as we are quite light with only 3 PAX we reached FL 250 13 minutes after T Off Nothing else than sea and clouds Always on top of the clouds. No turbulence and no icing. A real pleasant flight as we like them. After about two hours over the water, the Japanese coast is in sight Over the KEC VOR Then starting our descent to RJTT and cleared directly from KOUGA to ARLON. Arriving in Tokyo the traffic is very dense with the two international airports close to each other but ATC is very efficient there (see Flightradar24) Intercepting the LOC RWY 34L Nearly sunset and on final 34L On final and as we are so light that the Vref is only 105 Kt Exit via L6 A pity that GSX does not work always when we call so we arrived at the gate (151) without anybody to meet us. Anyway we are at Tokyo now and have a few days to prepare ourselves before the North Pacific crossing that we plan in 8 legs : RJTT RJCM UHPP PADK PACD PANC PAKT KPAE KSFO Enclosed PLOG, FPL, weather charts and TOLD cards. See you soon, JP ATW #12 - ROAH RJTT.pdf
  6. JP - 25 legs with the Majestic Q400

    We have decided to move from Hong Kong to Tokyo as soon as the weather looked quite all right with a stop in Okinawa (ROAH). After take off to comply with the SID we had to maintain 5000 ft for quite few miles giving us an extra fuel consumption Until RAMEN Then we were cleared to climb to our cruise altitude FL250 The weather was fair at the beginning when we spotted few CBs on our right side Then some cells visible on our radar Getting worse with some lightning and we had to turn the storm light ON. Then quite severeicing and the IAS dropped to 160 kt and the GS 270. Then it stated to be better over Taiwan We left Taiwan through the APU VOR Then the weather started to clear for the final part of that leg We started our descent towards Okinawa And the Okinawa island in sight We were established on the ILS but we had the same problem before with FSX. The ILS Rwy 36 was a bit OFF but as the weather was OK we finished hand flying the approach. And finally we parked on stand 45 and we were met by the "GSX" people Enclosed the flight documents. See you very soon. JP ATW #11 - VHHH ROAH.pdf
  7. JP - 25 legs with the Majestic Q400

    Leaving VVCI for VHHH, starting on the runway as there is no taxiway or parking with FSX. Starting the climb on a strange departure due to restrictions in the Chinese airspace where we have to steer towards the West and later on turning to the East. When in the Chinese airspace we have to use metres instead of feet and adjust our FL accordingly. Quite nice weather when on top at FL7500M (24600') Flying over BHY in China When entering the HONG KONG airspace, we are back in Feet to FL250 We have to descend quite steeply and fast due to restrictions in Hong Kong A bit hazy in Hong Kong when on final And finally parked there after an interesting flight with a quite nice weather That's all for now with the FPL and various documents enclosed. Have safe flights, JP ATW #9 - VVCI VHHH.pdf
  8. JP - 25 legs with the Majestic Q400

    Finally as there was a bit of spare time before reaching Hong Kong we decided to do a bit of sight seeing and planned a VFR flight between LUANG PHABANG (LAOS) and HAI PHONG (VIETNAM). Legally you should not do that but with the sim everything is permitted and you wont loose your licence!!! We were planning to start at FL115 to be at a safe altitude but the conditions being IMC we had to fly for a while at FL130 in IFR For that trip we decided to use only the raw means of navigation (NDBs and VORs), no FMC for the navigation, only to monitor the fuel and get the METARs. The weather stating to clear a bit we cancelled the IFR FPL and started to go down to FL115 until the Vietnamese border (VVVV). Then descending again to FL95 when passing the NAH VOR A bit hazy at times but still maintaining VMC Over the CBI VOR (HAI PHONG) at 3500 Ft going towards the HALONG Bayfor site seeing We got very disapointed by the FSX and even the FTX rendering of this very nice place which is supposed to be one of the nicest bay in the World. So we went back to land in HAI PHONG (VVCI) and supposed to be an international airport but no taxiway and no parking in FSX. Our next would bring us to Hong Kong but we'll have to take a long detour through the Chinese airspace and fly in Metres instead of FL in Feet. See you, JP
  9. Rupert's in

    Hello Rupert, Really a pity the way that FSX modelled the SE Asia. ILS are one thing but runways are even worse. I just went to HAI PHONG and no taxiway and no parking. I thought having a look at HALONG Bay, one of the most beautiful bay in the world and there nothing except flat little islands. Even with Global FTX it is not better. I see that you went to PARO. Good choice and a lot of sweating during the last turn I suppose. However with the HONDAJET I think that the takeoff was a piece of cake. With the Bombardier Q400 you have to be quite light to meet the requirements in case of engine failure at take off. For few month I based the Q400 there and did a good bit of Kathmandu and some airports in the North of India as well. Now I fly most of the time to Corsica, South of France and North Spain. This ATW trip is a very good idea and I enjoy it a lot. I see that you are quite ahead of the schedule and already in UHPP that I choosed as well to start the trip towards ANCHORAGE. Good luck and see you, JP
  10. JP - 25 legs with the Majestic Q400

    For our departure from Kolkata we managed to have a better stand near the Control TWR Again very early departure in the morning to avoid the bad weather. Loading the plane and having the ground staff ready. Soon after departure CBs start to show on the radar Then visually on our starboard side The more we are going towards the East the more CBs we encounter. It was starting to be a bit rough with some icing and the IAS dropping even with all the anti icing systems ON At last the bad weather is being us Reaching Laos with a near full moon Starting our descent towards Luang Prabang (VLLB) Outbound turn for the ILS Rwy 23 We were lucky to be visual as the ILS is completely OFF (in FSX) It is confirmed on the map. Afterwards we deplaced the aircraft on the head of Rwy 23 and it was confirmed that the ILS is OUT Not a too pleasant flight wit this problems inside the FSX database and the bad weather for a good bit of the way. Enclosed are the technical details of the flight. Have a nice day, JP ATW #8 - VECC VLLB.pdf
  11. JP - 25 legs with the Majestic Q400

    Finally moved from Mumbai to Kolkata on the 26th as we had to wait for an extra PAX, Mrs Aouda. So now, up to London, we'll have 3 PAX on board with about 200 Kg of cargo on every flight. Out of Mumbai climbing on the SID ALBA1B The country side is much nicer than the desert Passing over NNP VOR Approaching Kolkata the weather is getting much cloudy On short final in Kolkata, the rwy in sight just above the minima Please note than in FSX the ILS rwy 19L is a bit out. After landing we had to request the Follow Me We thought we were going to be parked on the main apron Wrong we were assigned to the far end of apron 3 Here enclosed the OFP and TOLD See you en route to Hong Kong. JP ATW #7 - VABB VECC.pdf
  12. jimbo_uk

    Hello James, I am still in Kolkata but moving soon towards Hong Kong. Regarding PFPX, it is a flight planner which has a lot of possibilities especially that you can write your own templates to suit your navigation needs. For the Q400 it is absolutely perfect for the fuel calculations. I know that there is Simbrief which is free but not as advanced as PFPX. You are right, AS16 is in the line of ASN and gives very precise weather depiction. You'll see on my diary the details of PFPX logs updated during the flight. See you, JP
  13. jimbo_uk

    Sorry James but I posted my reply in my own post: It is good to know that there are quite few Dash pilots on this ATW trip. I think it would be interesting to share the results in term of fuel, speed, torque, FF, etc. on the Majestic forum when it is going to be over. So far very accurate between the planning and the flight. AS16 and PFPX spot on. See you, JP
  14. JP - 25 legs with the Majestic Q400

    It is good to know that there are quite few Dash pilots on this ATW trip. I think it would be interesting to share the results in term of fuel, speed, torque, FF, etc. on the Majestic forum when it is going to be over. So far very accurate between the planning and the flight. AS16 and PFPX spot on. See you, JP
  15. JP - 25 legs with the Majestic Q400

    Arrived in Mumbai from Iran Shahr (OIZI) on the 18th. Nothing special on the way. Again tailwind and no clouds. Over the Iranian desert FL250 Then over Karachi Apparently in Mumbai, it is so busy that everybody goes on a hold or even 360°, so we hold over POKON Finally, Mumbai in sight, long final Rwy 27 A bit hazy on final, exactly what was on the METAR Next week Mumbai to Kalkota and then the weather may not be so nice. A lot of CBs everyday. Enclosed all the files for the flight. JP ATW #6 - OIZI VABB.pdf