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  1. Hi Gernot,

    Unfortunately, I'll not be in Lelystad on the next 4th of november, thu I've prepared all the journey (air ticket + hotel) ..... Got some familial problems to solve here ...

    Tobus is not answering to my emails. Do you ,kow, my friend, the procedure for askinf Mathijs for the rewarded aeroosft adon ? I'd like the CRJ one ..

    But I do not know how to proceed... (getting old I prsume?!)

    All the best to u,


  2. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Don't worry Philippe, we got your message. How about meeting at Lelystad (EHLE) on 4th November 2017? I'll be there at the airport. Gernot
  3. Dear all, as a member of the previously, successfully concluded Aerosoft Round The World Tour 2015 I feel compelled to participate also in this second challenge to orbit mother earth. In parallel I'm participating in the given time frame for this tour at an air race across the US states performed by my VA Andras Meridian Airlines using a Piper PA 24 Comanche . Therefore I don't have the time necessary to fly this tour Around the World in Eighty Days in an adequate historic but also slower airplane which I assume would be e.g. the Messerschmitt Bf 108 B. However, I will use the CRJ 700/900 X which I received as a generous compliment by Aerosoft (thanks s again Mathijs!) for finishing the Aerosoft Round The World Tour 2015. I will fly this plane in the specific livery below which was provided on occasion of the conclusion of that event. Perhaps at the end of this new tour we could add an additional logo "... and in 80 days!". I'm still using FSX in conjunction with AS16 for real weather support. Please expect my flight plan soon at this location, so far I didn't work on it. Your flightsim fellow Gernot
  4. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    @Philippe, glad to see you made it too, after 2,5 years having you as companion on this tour with your informative flight reports. I'm missing you at Andras Meridian Arlines. Well if notv there, then I hope to see you on the next Aerosoft tour around the world in 80 days. I will try to participate in this tour with the generous gift by Aerosoft the CRX 700/900 X in the specific "Aerosoft RTW in 2,5 years" livery. @Neal, hope you will also finish soon this tour. You did a great job when catching up from the very end of the pool at a very late point of time. I realized that you will participate as well in the new Aerosoft tour around the world in 80 days. I'm looking forward having you as a companion on this new challenge. Wish you always happy landings Gernot
  5. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Axel, please read the PM carefully. There you can find where to send your order info. BTW I made the same mistake before. I got my package and already made the first flight. Happy landings Gernot
  6. Around The World livery

    Thanks Mathijs for publishing this livery and thanks for supporting the team that made it around the world! Gernot
  7. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Here is my flight report for the final flight of the magnificent Aerosoft Worldtour 2015 EAFS to EDLP which I concluded on 27-Aug-2017. EAFS KPT DCT DKB DCT FUL DCT WRB EDLP / FL240 EAFS – Andras Meridian Airfield METAR: EDAF 271720Z 00000KT CAVOK 21/16 Q1019 OUT: 17:13z OFF: 17:26z Avg winds aloft: 276/28 EDLP – Paderborn-Lippstadt METAR: EDLP 271720Z 32003KT 280V350 9999 FEW047 20/10 Q1019 ON: 18:16z IN: 18:21z - ANDRAS-FIELD by Aerosoft, - Paderborn-Lippstadt from German Airports 3, by Aerosoft, thanks for the nice sceneries. As I mentioned already in another post, I accidentally didn’t save pictures from our online flight of this last leg, therefore I repeated this leg immediately after the online session to repair this situation. I selected a direct route approach as proposed by Axel just in case someone without GPS would participate in the online session. Since SkyVector doesn’t know EAFS I had to select LOWI which is nearby. AS16 however is using the FSX database and therefore knows EAFS. Weather map shows some dense clouds in the first part of the leg. Parking at EAFS, a view towards east with a castle on the hill behind the small village with housings of sim pilots. Nice view to the south with the foothills of the Alps. On runway 27, cleared for departure. Climbing out of runway 27. The humid air of the hot day when getting cold in the evening is condensing at the trailing edge of the wing. A strom cell on our way, which Toby already reported in the online session when he was flying at an altitude of 5000 ft ahead of us. At FL240 southwest of RDFR Rothenburg ob der Tauber, we had nice cloud layers at this evening. Clear skies at Paderborn when entering the outbound leg of the teardrop pattern to runway 24. Another picture of this situation with a view at Paderborn airport. And on final approach to runway 24. Paderborn is quite busy at this Sunday evening. After 2,5 years we are back home again. The inevitable end of a magnificent tour around the globe with extraordinary people joining in this event. Dear all, I thank you all for your presence during this tour. It was a real pleasure for me to be part of this crew and to read your nice and elaborate flight reports. I learned so much from you and would be pleased to meet some of you live on 4th of November at EHLE, Lelystadt, Netherlands. I also want to thank Aerosoft in particular Mathijs, for their sponsorship and their exceptional generosity when offering sceneries on the tour on special discount and even donate an aircraft to all members concluding the tour by September 30th, well done gentlemen! And finally Toby, a great thank goes to you for your continuous support when planning the tour and reacting on our sometimes contradictory wishes for airports to be visited. I’m looking forward learning more on flying piston engine operated aircrafts and radials instead of modern FMS equipped aircrafts. Thank you that you hired me for Andras Meridian Airlines of which you are the boss! I wish all of you always happy landings when flying or anywhere else in your live. Gernot
  8. The final flight back to Paderborn

    Hi Dale, it was fun to fly with you, Axel and Toby the last leg of the Aerosoft Worldtour 2015 online. Unfortunately we could not talk nor listen to you, but Toby informed us about the ongoing written communication between you and him. But it was great watching you arriving at Paderborn an taxying in the dark night to the gate. Toby thanks for the pictures. I have only three screenshots from this final online leg which I took with my mobile (bad quality!). I accidently changed in the last minute the folder to save the pictures, so snapper.exe was in the background constantly asking for the proper destination but did not save any picture. Parking at the gate in Paderborn next to Toby in his Mustang. Axel was invisibly parking behind the Lufthansa B737. We turned on all availables lights to welcome Dale in his A320, watch for Dale's red/green navigation lights. And finally another view of Toby's picture above having all four of us together. In the middle my A319 GAF 15-01, on the right edge Toby in his Mustang, and above the A319, are two shadows - to the right is Axel's B738 and to the left Dale's A320. Well of course I was not satisfied with such a poor outcome with respect to pictures. Therefore I did a second flight after leaving the online session. I will post these pictures soon. Gernot
  9. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Here is our flight report for the flight LOWI to EAFS which we concluded on 04-Jul-2017, LOWI OSDOV Z2 XEBIX EAFS / FL140 LOWI – Innsbruck METAR: LOWI 041520Z 07011KT 030V110 9999 FEW070 27/13 Q1019 NOSIG OUT: 16:05z OFF: 16:16z Avg winds aloft: 296/8 EAFS – Andras Field METAR: EAFS 041520Z 28004KT 9999 FEW060 23/09 Q1022 BLU+BLU+ ON: 16:49z IN: 16:55z - by, - ANDRAS-FIELD by Aerosoft, thanks for the nice sceneries. For this last to final leg of the Aerosoft Worldtour 2015 I can’t provide you with a flight route because EAFS – Andras Field is a “virtual” airport only. But the airport is listed in the FSX database and thus shown in the weather map by AS16. We have easterly winds at Innsbruck thus climb out the same route on which we arrived yesterday. Next to us still no traffic to be identified. Climbing out of runway 08. Climbing out of the valley and the hills to the left and to the right of the valley. After turning north when passing NDB RTT we turn left heading 270° towards waypoint KOGOL. All the way back when we arrived yesterday only at FL140. Andras Field in sight at 11 o’clock, but not available on PFD, because not contained in the airbus database. We plan for a low level flight across the airport in runway direction, then a right pattern and at the end a landing at runway 27. Climbing to FL060 after flying at low level over Andras Field. On downwind leg view at Andras Field located north of Forggensee. Second approach to the airport, gear down. On final approach to runway 27. Landed at Andras Field runway 27, length 7,006 ft, elevation 2,555.3 ft. Parked next to a C172 in old Andras Meridian Airlines livery, the plane I used to perform my first flight for this small but nice virtual airline. Interested to join? >>> Now we’re looking for some old as well as new friends of this airline to prepare for some barbecue and drinks. See you hopefully for the final flight to Paderborn. For the meantime I wish you happy landings. Gernot
  10. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Here is our flight report for the flight LSZR to LOWI which we also concluded on 03-Jul-2017, LSZR OSDOV Z2 XEBIX LOWI / FL130 LSZR – St. Gallen, Altenrhein METAR: LSZR 031450Z 29005KT 260V350 9999 FEW060 21/12 Q1023 NOSIG OUT: 15:00z OFF: 15:12z Avg winds aloft: 299/9 LOWI – Innsbruck METAR: LOWI 031450Z VRB05KT 9999 FEW060 23/10 Q1021 NOSIG ON: 15:41z IN: 15:45z - ORBX-Free-Add-On-Scenery, - by , thanks for the nice sceneries. We took a northern route via VOR Kempten and NDB RTB (Rattenberg) to runway 26. In the area of Kempten we would expect dense clouds. In less than 15 minutes we are off blocks again. Taxiing to runway 10. [URL=http://www.casim Climbing out of runway 10. In the foreground an old branch of the River Rhein forming the border between Switzerland in the background and Austria. Flying at FL130 over Sonthofen a city south of Kempten. Flying over one of lots of small lakes in this area called Walchensee; the lake underneath the right engine is called Kochelsee both located in Bavaria one of the very southern states of Germany. Turning right towards NDB RTT (Rattenberg) we are suddenly within dense clouds. View towards west into the valley of the River Inn at the end of which we’ll find our destination Innsbruck. At FL084 on our descent to LOWI located some 15 NM in the distance at the bottom of this valley. At 3.300 ft, 5 more nautical miles to go for LOWI. On final approach to runway 26. Parking at an empty airport. Wish you all always happy landings Gernot
  11. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Here is our flight report for the flight LSZH to LSZR which we concluded on 03-Jul-2017, LSZH ZUE1D ZUE ZUE3H LSZR / FL080 LSZH – Zurich METAR: LSZH 031350Z VRB06KT 9999 FEW050 23/09 Q1023 NOSIG OUT: 14:13z OFF: 14:19z Avg winds aloft: 307/3 LSZR – St. Gallen, Altenrhein METAR: LSZR 031350Z VRB03KT 9999 FEW060 22/14 Q1023 NOSIG ON: 14:40z IN: 14:46z - MegaAirport Zürich 2012, - ORBX-Free-Add-On-Scenery, thanks for the nice sceneries. This was a short leg via VOR ZUE. Starting at stand H87, heading east for access point to runway 28. Climbing out of runway 28 and still snow topped trees on 3rd of July at temperatures in the mid 20’s °C! On STAR ZUE1D we make a left tear drop and return to Zurich-Klothen crossing the airport at FL070 before heading towards VOR ZUE. At VOR ZUE we are heading east. At the left edge of the picture we recognize Lake Constance. And soon we have the airport of St. Gallen – Altenrhein in sight. On final approach to runway 10. If I find some spare time I’ll have to clean the scenery from autogen objects being dumped into the lake. Thank’s to Axel I know how to do this. Taxiing back on the runway to the terminal at the western end of the airport. I guess we are the first airbus landing at this small airport and taxiing on those narrow taxiways. Finally we made it to our stand at the terminal. Only a short break and we are starting for our next leg at this day. Wish you all always happy landings Gernot
  12. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Here is our flight report for the flight LFMN to LSZH which we concluded on 30-Jun-2017, LFMN BARSO UM622 IRMAR UN853 MOBLO UZ662 LAMUR UZ67 KORED UN871 DITON LSZH / FL250 LFMN – Nice METAR: LFMN 300330Z 32008KT CAVOK 19/09 Q1007 NOSIG OUT: 04:17z OFF: 04:27z Avg winds aloft: 230/31 LSZH – Zurich METAR: LSZR 300350Z AUTO VRB02KT 9999 OVC060 14/08 Q1009 ON: 05:23z IN: 05:27z - by, - MegaAirport Zürich 2012, thanks for the nice sceneries. After a marvelous week of recreation with great food at the French riviera we start our leg today for Zurich not the stnadard route via Milano but across the high mountains in the western alps. Today the peaks of the western alps unfortunately are hidden under clouds. Early in the morning when the sun is still hiding behind the hills in the east of Nice we are getting ready for departure. Lots of Easy-Jet airliners are parking on the apron. Across the bay we recognize Cap d’Antibes along the coast of which we had been flying when arriving at Nice via the “Riviera” circle–to-land approach one week ago. Climbing out of runway 04L. Heading on runway direction at FL 010 short before turning right avoiding overflying the buildings at the eastern side of the airport. Heading south to gain height before we make a U-turn right, overflying the airport towards the mountains in the northern part of the airport. Heading northwest short before heading north. Finally heading north when we have a nice and last view back across the bay of Nice and Cape d’Antibes. Between waypoints IRMAR and VANAS we had to turn on the seat belt signs due to heavy turbulences over the mountains. East of LFHZ, what a nice view at the Mont Blanc Massif. At the western edge of the picture we recognize Lake Geneva. On short final to runway 10. Watch the snow topped trees in June! Yes we had freezing temperatures in this region but this was in late April beginning of May. Retarding on runway 10. At the horizon more snow topped trees. Finally parking at stand H87. Wish you all always happy landings Gernot
  13. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Here is our flight report for the flight LEVC to LFMN which we concluded on 23-Jun-2017, LEVC SOPET B28 TORDU UM985 BCN UN870 DIBER A6 BALMO N86 LERMA LFMN / FL250 LEVC – Valencia METAR: LEVC 231730Z 06007KT 020V100 CAVOK 31/16 Q1017 NOSIG OUT: 17:09z OFF: 17:22z Avg winds aloft: 302/13 LFMN – Nice METAR: LFMN 231730Z 12003KT 9999 BKN030 SCT260 25/22 Q1017 NOSIG ON: 18:32z IN: 18:40z - Valencia X by Aerosoft, - by, thanks for the nice sceneries. Our flight today goes straight northeast following the Spanish Mediterranean Sea coast until Barcelona and then crossing the Mediterranean Sea heading east-northeast for the coast of the southern French region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. Around Barcelona and our destination airport we would expect cloudy conditions while the remaining flight would have clear skies. Parking at gate 3 late in the afternoon. Climbing out of runway 12. Another view at the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences with modern buildings such as l'Hemisfèric, a planetarium and a cinema looking like a giant eye or l'Oceanogràfic, the largest oceanographic aquarium in Europe which we had a chance to visit during the last week. The airport of Barcelona from FL250 underneath light clouds as predicted in the weather report. Here we are already on our descent at FL140 south of Fréjus, one of the famous vacation areas at the French Riviera. While we are heading north towards VOR CGS on the “Riviera” circle-to-land approach, on the left side we have a view at the glamorous cities of Mandelieu-la-Napoule and Cannes with Île_Sainte-Marguerite off the coast. I love this “Riviera” circle-to-land approach avoiding overflying the peninsular of Juan-les.Pins and Antibes, following the eastern coast of Antibes north towards VOR CGS thus reducing noise to these residential areas in particular during summer seasons. I could watch the aircrafts coming in on this approach, when I was on vacation with my family in the department Alpes-Maritimes some years ago. Short ahead of VOR CGS we turn right by an angle of about 45° heading for runway 04R. On final approach to runway 04R. Parking at stand 45 in front of an CRJ7 from Air France. Wish you all always happy landings Gernot
  14. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Here is our flight report for the flight LPFR to LEVC which we concluded on 16-Jun-2017, LPFR MINTA R47 SVL UN747 YES B28 ASTRO LEVC / FL250 LPFR – Faro, Portugal METAR: LPFR 160652Z 06906KT 9999 22/13 Q1017 OUT: 07:15z OFF: 07:32z Avg winds aloft: 047/5 LEVC – Valencia METAR: LEVC 160652Z 10502KT 9999 FEW133 22/10 Q1021 ON: 08:54z IN: 09:00z - by, - Valencia X , by Aerosoft, thanks for the nice sceneries. This roughly 400 NM long flight took us almost direct east-northeast, in the first section following the southern Spanish Atlantic Ocean Coast. Weather map showed clouds only at the northern coast of Africa. Between the low coast carrier we had been ready for push back at Faro after a nice week of vacations. Climbing out of runway 10. Turning northeast heading for Valencia. The flight was quite uneventful, the scenery of Spain not too exciting. After almost an hour into the flight we arrived at waypoint ASTRO1C initiating the ILS approach to runway 30. In front of the coast east of Valencia we intercepted the ILS glidepath for runway 30. The STARS generated by Aerosoft's Airbus FMS often are overshooting the final glide paths, that's why we have to correct and turn right again. We first crossed the large harbor of Valencia, the biggest on the Mediterranean western coast, and then had a view on the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences with extraordinary modern buildings. Since before as a ATR 72 didn’t leave the runway in time we had been advice to initiate a go-around. On second attempt for final approach we had now a closer look at closer look at the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences with modern buildings such as l'Hemisfèric, a planetarium and a cinema looking like a giant eye or l'Oceanogràfic, the largest oceanographic aquarium in Europe. We had been perfectly aligned for final approach at runway 30, vertically as well as laterally. We parked at gate 1 and had one week of time to explore the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. Wish you all always happy landings Gernot
  15. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hi Axel, in my mind you mention the two most substantial arguments when considering migration off from FSX to another flight simulation environment. Saving your investment done so far for FSX environment in terms of supported hardware, scenery or aircrafts and Similarity of FSX and the successive simulation in terms of handling. The second argument was strengthening my decision not to follow-up on X-Plane, when I tested V10 thereof. To get acquainted with X-Plane might not be difficult for someone who is completely new in the business but awful for someone having long time experience with FSX and its keyboard commands. Regarding P3D V4 I will make up my decision some time later, when most of the third party providers have migrated the majority of their products and I will be able to get a better overview on which of my products I will have to relinquish and which will still be available to me at which additional update cost. I fear I will have to make the move sometimes, because on the long run I don't expect further support in terms of new products for FSX-environment. On the other hand this perspective generates another question in my mind: what am I really missing with my current FSX- environment that I would get only when migrating to P3D V4? I'm glad there is no real pressure to answer this question and to make up an instantaneous decision. Gernot