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  1. Well, we can always send Frank to Airbus headquarters and request those documents. I'm sure if Frank assures them that they will be getting a free copy as soon as it's out, they could be convinced to hand the A-350 documents over. And, if Airbus won't believe him, then offer a written agreement. Go Frank !!! By-the-way, that A-330 cockpit (video) ^ looks so inviting to take the controls. Mm Mmm.
  2. Johnie

    F-14 X versus F-14 X Extended

    Yes, I purchase it. But, I had to go through PC Aviator as I tried directly from Aerosoft's website; but, every time I tried to check out, I kept getting an error message to contact my bank. I used 2 different cards and got the same message. Don't know why. But, anyway, this is a beautiful aircraft. The modeling and textures are superb; so are the systems. I really enjoy it.
  3. These are parameters within the a/c cfg; however, it's a bit tedious to go in and modify it. Not sure whose idea was to set these views static. (Or maybe it was done for a reason to make the a/c function properly- don't know). - Other parameters which I hope are improved on the A-330 is the effectiveness of reverse thrust and speed-brakes. Again, these are things I know how to fix right away on many a/c. I'm sure developers will say they work as intended, but, I've seen these are way too weak on some aircraft. (key-word-- some).
  4. Speaking about the A-330, will the wings camera-views be static and fixed as the small buses? I know how to "fix" this but it's best to leave this option free to zoom and pan around.
  5. Yes. However, since these are custom-made, an advance deposit will be required. Please contact your nearest Stefan and be frank in placing your request as refunds are not provided.
  6. Wither way, we'l have to lol
  7. Beautiful shots. 6.25 AM. CST. It will be a busy day flying to numerous destinations.
  8. For sure. I understand. With being 1 of the 2 most powerful airplane manufactures in the world, they sure must keep all their top secretes very safe-guarded. But as with everything, hopefully it becomes available someday, soon. ,
  9. Airbus A-350: Mathijs, I understand the A-350 data is currently not available in order to develop a feasible a/c. However, after seeing the beauty of an aircraft Quality Wings has done with the 787, and considering it's Boeing's latest and most modern a/c, I'm wondering if Aerosoft has put any thoughts into "some-day" looking into considering developing Airbus' most modern aircraft-- the A-350--900/1000 ?
  10. Sexy? How is it sexual related or relevant? Ahhh, the terms we sometimes grow using without understanding its meaning.
  11. Hahaha.. the irony. You got 3 downvotes on your post. Wow, people are trigger-happy. What I have noticed is that some people engage in arguments, and once engaged, a grudge develops. Once this grudge is established they keep posting and downvoting each other for almost any comment the other posts.
  12. People downvote when they don't like the comment. That's all. And I agree.. if you don't like the comment just keep walking. And, since we are in the voting celebration, I'm going to give you, Nealmac, a DownVote for not exercising your right to downvote. (LoL, just kidding)
  13. Johnie

    F-14 X versus F-14 X Extended

    Wonderful, Purchasing now.