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  1. Johnie

    F-14 X versus F-14 X Extended

    Wonderful, Purchasing now.
  2. I understand currently it's impossible to obtain the data. However, we are hoping this becomes available/accesible in a couple of years. It's Airbus newest and most advanced-to-date aircraft. Sure, keep focus on current projects; but, keep your teams actively seeking this data, as I guarantee you that we who strongly support Aerosoft will be with you- Always! Bare in mind that the A-350 (will) be one of-if the not the best- seller form Aerosoft. --- Keep this in mind: Remain actively seeking the data you need. This may take a few years or less; however, don't wait until someone else comes by and take that opportunity from you. We (ten of thousands) support you, Aerosoft...and we know you have a very strong and capable team- a team who never gives up....a team who who brings out the amazing possibilities from the impossible! Yes you we can !!!
  3. Johnie

    F-14 X versus F-14 X Extended

    I am highly interested in purchasing the F-14. I have P3D V4.3. I just want get assurance that the current version Aerosoft has for sale will work for P3D V4.3 ?
  4. Nope, no more coffee. Too many complains came in saying that there has been coffee spills all over the cockpit on the babe-busses. And no for the phone.. Other pilots reported near-hit incidents due to babe-busses' pilots being on Facebook while flying. (big no, no) -- However (however), the developer is working on adding smoke and fire to the wheels; this, in the event your airplane comes in too hot and dirty, and runs-away on the runway. ("runs away?" Humm.. that would be a run-a-way bus) And in place of coffee, pilots will now get a more classy drink- Red Bull. (And, if you think all of this is bull? Well, it might not be)
  5. Ahhhhh. That 's some profound stuff, Frank. And, Frankly, now I get it. It's like the assurance of knowing the wings ARE on the airplane relieves all stress and anxiety. Amen Brother!
  6. I've always wondered (I'm being serious).. What is the importance- or the need- to be able to see the wings from the cockpit. I remember a few years ago there was a major "fight" at Avsim about needing to see the wings from the cockpit. I never understood.
  7. No, wings are too small for it flex its tips. How about.. "Will I able to see the wings from the cockpit without stretching my neck?" Yeah, only if the wings are flexible enough to get close to the window. (lol)
  8. Haha . The sense of humour is nice. Every time I read "I can't wait," it makes me think... "Well sorry, you have no other choice."
  9. A majestic aircraft, both in real-life and by Aerosoft for the sim world. I am enjoying the A318/319. The 1st and the 8th pictures look "insanely" real.
  10. Johnie


    Very difficult for anyone to take your words seriously. This is one of the most amazing aircrafts the sim community has, and it will get even better. Did you buy it and flew it. Or, are you just another "ohhh, if it ain't done by my favorite developer then its not good."? Yes, you can get a few things with another bus like failures and few extra buttons , but nothing that you really need. In fact, if you're looking for "the best Airbus simulator" then I'm afraid you will need to save for the next 60 years or till you can buy a real simulator...and no, it will not cost you $140.00... it will be millions.
  11. Well, let me start by saying this , we all have different tastes and different likes. However, this Airbus has been done so beautifully well in performance, features, animations, textures, systems, and extras, that it is almost impossible to dislike or say it's not my taste. Well, we waited a long time. We got desperate, and at times we were inconsiderate in getting upset at Aerosoft. Yes, we should all apologize. I am very happy with this aircraft and even though I am a huge fan of the bigger Airbuses, I find myself constantly rolling down the runway on these baby buses. And who wouldn't with all the cuteness and agility, it is hard to keep your hands off the throttle. Thank you, Aerosoft.. What a wonderful job you guys have done !!!
  12. Johnie

    Your best Screenshot

    Cheater. That's a real photo.
  13. I believe I have done some progress. I uninstalled the CRJ and Airbus; then did a reboot, installed the CRJ, installed the Airbus, reboot.... and now it works. However, the engines are always off. How do I make sure the engines are always on? Otto, Just to add... I did not do anything else besides the above; now the Airbus shows under "add-ons"
  14. Mathijis, attached is the file you requested. Uninstall_A318A319Prof.log
  15. Hello Otto.... No, there is not an entry for the Airbus A318-A319 Professional