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  1. Correct: " This communication should happen in polite way and everyone should show respect to each other and to the company. "
  2. And, if your intention is NOT to help, it's best if you don't respond.. least yet with an offensive or arrogant reply. I provided a very detail explanation on this attitude of "use the search option" a couple of weeks ago. If you flip a few pages back (as you say), you can find the answer. Cool? or not?
  3. Johnie


    Wait. 35.57 for the Bundle Update for current owners of the A318/319 and A320/A321? Hummm, I'm afraid this price too low, considering this will be practically a new product. Of course, I'm not complaining but, it really is a bargain. Thank you, very much!
  4. "Time for a small friday update: Texturing of the main gear bay proceeds on the A330...." WOW, that looks so real that though I don't normally spend time under an aircraft, I am tempted to do do so with this level of detail. Looks pretty darn real. Beautiful!
  5. .... Well, welcome to Avsim (Well, @ Avsim- not here lol) . That's where a bunch of "kids" developed that term, in an attempt to show PMDG that they are die-hard supporters. Every other developer's was/is a "non-study level" add-on cause it was not developed by their favorite developer. (Or, because some fuses and failures are not molded.. Please inset a laughing goat- with sound- at the end of this post.) Enjoy! sorry, couldn't resit
  6. Tom, I salute you and I stand to applaud your response. The visitor needed help with a question and you provided an answer- rightly!
  7. Anders, reading your posts here and over at Avsim, I can see your intentions was to help. However, I believe the visitor needed a bit more of direct clarification.
  8. Yes, beautiful images. All the best!
  9. Twelve down-votes to this person's points and questions. I am not persuaded to down vote his/ her comments as it's a very valid point and question. However, (however), one must also explain that he/ she is not the only one that feels this way. Though most are reluctant to ask such questions for fear of retaliation (posts being edited, posts being completely deleted, or being attacked with arrogance and lack of respect), a few still find the courage to ask these questions. Now, I understand the frustration by customers; but, many times we fail to understand the immense amount of time, skills, and work these developments take to complete.. This is also very likely due to many of the development team having a separate full-time job. In-any-case, we need to adhere to a lot of patience despite the developer giving tentative- or approximate- time of the year release time-frames.
  10. It's a hint to remind the "texture guy" that by May 8th, the compass must be completed before moving on to to another part of the a/c. hoho
  11. Yes, still working on development. It's not ready, yet.
  12. Yes, Aerosoft keep[s working on finishing the product.
  13. Wow, 5442 downloads. This must be the highest downloaded livery... One of my preferred! Wished it had Sharklets. Holgi, you have an unmatched skill.