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  1. kikkilokko

    you're welcome, there's enough in the back...Jane is an excellent pilot AND driver Lem
  2. kikkilokko

    Aloha! Meanwhile my second flyer has arrived in London as well. To spend the leisure time until October 2nd I've rented an ordinary SUV ( sophisticated upperclass vehicle) for some sightseeing in and around London and to visit The Reform Club... It's not the white one in the background... safe landings Lem
  3. kikkilokko

    Aloha! First...modified my nickname to appear like in the two other forums I visit regularly...it's more an act of bureaucracie Now I am pleased to introduce my new companion to you...Miss Jane Passepartout, the 3rd-great-granddaughter ( or sthg. like this...) of Jean Passepartout. I am glad to hire her for this tour as she works in the same profession like her ancestor...and she has a flight license... My payload allows me to pick up an additional passenger + luggage. And it won't get sooo boring on the long parts of the flight. ...this picture doesn't represent the real crew Yesterday I transfered the first of my flyers from my homebase Marl EDLM to my later starting airport London City EGLC with an almost 2,5 hrs flight. shortly after the start: Scholven powerplant as a remarkable landmark Europe left behind...here is the British coast near Dover swinging London and it's default weather EGLC will be the start of the race for me safe landings Lem
  4. Heinz Flichtbeil

    Aloha! Da empfehle ich ...der Name ist Programm...dies hier: https://www.timeout.com/london/bars-and-pubs/flight-club-shoreditch Guten Aufenthalt! Ich werde wohl morgen mit einer meiner beiden Kandidaten anreisen... safe landings Lem
  5. kikkilokko

    Aloha! Finally...paintings are done and the the saddler of my choice made a suitable interior... safe landings Lem
  6. kikkilokko

    Aloha! Visual preparations have reached an advanced stage. My paint shop crew was busy with tricky paintings without any paintkit...awful pixel poker... safe landings Lem
  7. XEnviro 1.07

    Aloha! Hier ist der Teil aus dem changelog.txt: ### [1.07] ### Added - Weather Briefing window added. Displays METAR for 20 nearby stations. - General status dataref. - Dataref for the weather radar data (precipitation echo). ### Changed - Maximum wind speed now set in Knots. - Wind distribution has been changed to improve ATC reliability. - Blending adjusted to remove visible line of the ground mesh edge. - Internal representation of the weather is now based on voxel arrays. - Atmosphere colors adjusted to match X-Plane 11 light model. - Rain color and blending adjusted to match X-Plane 11 light model. ### Removed - X-Plane implemented ball mark for the selected menu entry. Temporary * removed. - X-Plane fog cutoff slider removed. ### Fixed - Water reflection for haze added. - Wininet exception handling code has been corrected. No more crashes hopefully. - Surface friction procedures amended to avoid spontaneous aircraft sliding. safe landings Lem
  8. kikkilokko

    Aloha! *sigh* I'm of two minds now because of the most recent developments... Should I stay with my historic solution and fly the Piper Twin or... ...switch over to a ultramodern-hyper-dyper-super-duper-nerdy Velocity V-Twin from Aerobasque which just has been delivered to me as a self-assembly kit There's a lot of time to mount it and repaint it like the Piper...I'm divided. The performance flying with economic cruise speed is nearly the same for range but it's faster...and more luxurious maybe one of the large screens is prepared for TV reception for boring long distance route legs ...and Velocity is not a synonym for Münster as a velo-city Maybe I will decide it on the last day and have both prepared... safe landings Lem
  9. Fragen zu Xenviro

    Aloha! Wer wetterfühlig ist, fliegt eh mit FSGRW... Zitat> FS Global Real Weather not only delivers weather data calculated out of realtime data of more than 24.000 observation stations (land- and seabased) worldwide. It also calculates air masses and temperatues for upper airlevels on a scientific base, which is absolutely necessary for correct flight planning using real world tools. As a first in history of FS weather tools it supports local weather phaenomena (e.g. Foehn weather at Innsbruck; LOWI). <Zitatende Ich muss nicht mal mehr aus dem Fenster schauen, ob ich einen Schirm brauche oder nicht safe landings Lem
  10. Mario und Auoda

    ...und ich habe alle vFlyteAir-Manuals eingepackt, endlich habe ich mal Zeit zwischendurch safe landings Lem
  11. kikkilokko

    Aloha! Here my first stage EGLC -> HECA ( which is the nearest airport to Port Suez. Quick&dirty with SkyVector for rought orientation. Now I've to calculate the partial distances to find a nearby airport for my stopovers. safe landings Lem
  12. Heinz Flichtbeil

    Aloha! Heinz, ich glaube, wir muessen bis Kairo fliegen. Soweit ich die Originalroute verfolgt habe, schippern die von Brindisi mit der "Mongolia" durch den Kanal bis Port Suez, danach bis Aden zum Kohle bunkern und durch bis Mum-/Bomba(i)y. HECA waere der naechstliegende Airport zu Port Suez. safe landings Lem
  13. kikkilokko

    Aloha! Sooo...visual preparation are finished. I'm quite happy with my new livery combination of realworld aircraft and own modifications. My intentions for the flight: I will follow the intructions from the plane's handbook part of performance specifications to fly with about 50-55% Power to cover a maximum distance up to an airport in this range. For my flightplanning I will use a map like SkyVector to prepare a leg alongside VORs or NDBs close to Phileas Fogg's original route. First part London - Cairo is already scheduled. I would like to fly VFR as often as possible depending on weather and terrain. But 8-9 hrs flight without sleep are nearly possible so for a short recovery I will switch to a safe GPS controlled route. Maybe I will stream most of the flight on my YT-channel and do a lot a screenshots for a cloud based photo collection ( with best results here in the diary ). safe landings Lem
  14. Zufällige Routenplanung

    Aloha! Die Idee ist nicht schlecht, wenn man die o.g. Kriterien in einer Suchmaske eingeben koennte und man dann seine "Wunschstrecke" fuer einen kleinen Ausflug hat Noch bin ich nicht darueber gestolpert, werde aber meine Augen offen halten. Man kann aber z.B. bei VATroute einen Startflughafen angeben und bekommt dann eine ganze Liste von Zielflughaefen angezeigt, fuer die eine Route von dort aus existiert. Da koennte man sich zumindest entfernungsmaessig das Passende aussuchen. Restdetails ist dann noch eigene Forschungsarbeit. Aber vielleicht hat man damit zumindest schon mal einen kleinen Ideengeber. http://www.vatroute.net/index.php Ich sehe gerade, dass man auch beim http://onlineflightplanner.org/ unter dem Reiter "Choose an Airport" sich eine gute Vorschlagsauswahl zurechtbasteln kann... safe landings Lem
  15. Zweimal Kölner Dom

    Aloha! Ja, der gute X-Organizer...ich mag ihn nicht mehr missen. Man muss sich leider mit ihm noch gut arrangieren und einiges selbst organisieren und korrigieren. Ich habe schon eine Menge eigener Ordner angelegt, um genau diese Sortierungsfeinheiten in den Griff zu bekommen. Der Organizer organisiert teilweise sehr grob, aber der kann ja auch nicht alle Feinheiten des eigenen "Custom Scenery"-Verzeichnisses kennen. Aber wenn man ihn einmal angepasst hat und neue Eintraege auf ihre Richtigkeit ueberprueft, dann laeuft alles rund. safe landings Lem