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  1. Over the past year or so of using the A320/A321 package, I had noticed a subtle difference between some of the different repaints I keep. Eventually I figured out the problem: The CFM models sound "better" on the ground - lots more rattling and bumping, etc. (compared to virtually none on the IAE models), especially on takeoff and landing and when taxiing more than about 10 knots or so. So last night, along with using the cough drop mod posted elsewhere to eliminate the FO's sneezing (the coughing I don't mind but the sneezing can be startling!) I decided to see if I couldn't "fix" the IAE ground roll sound. I was able to by copying the TSS_Rollout.wav and the appropriate section of the CFM sound.cfg into the Sounds_IAE folder. (I believe those are the folder/file names; it was late last night and I didn't have time to post while I had the files handy.) All after making backups, of course! This worked as expected and now my IAE A320s sound like [I think] they should. My question is, is there some reason why the IAE models have a different sound? There's a marked file size difference between each models' corresponding rollout wav file and the sound.cfg section is also different. For what it's worth, I didn't notice such a difference within the A318/319 package. This has also been repeatable over a few installs - I last reinstalled per the guidelines about 3 weeks ago to chase down another problem - installed as admin, no virus scanner, etc.
  2. Hi, sorry for not following up sooner as I had lost track of this thread after posting. I uninstalled and reinstalled according to the guidance but the issue persists. The good news is that I've isolated what I did to cause it: As I run FSX on wide-screen monitors, I've gone through and edited all of my panel.cfg config files. Reason being is that by default (both default and 3rd party aircraft), the pop-up panels tend to be stretched horizontally as we all know the game was developed for 4:3 aspect ratio monitors. So, I've gone through and fixed them, with only positive effects (circular buttons are no longer ovals!) and to no apparent ill effect until this one. By default, the configuration (excluding the gauge info) of the MCDU popup window reads: ...which yields this on my monitor: My modifications are the following - on four lines below as shown in red and bold: ...which yields this: Unfortunately now it gets those artifacts. Changing the "window_size" attribute alone seems to be all that is needed to cause it. Not sure if such a modification is "supported", but it would be an appreciated fix!
  3. In my initial case and last test, I didn't commence startup until after the pushback was complete and was given the go-ahead to start by GSX (shortly after the "left is clear, right is clear") announcement. Otherwise pretty similar except that I was using the JetBlue N615JB (red FDNY) repaint available here. I'm having trouble recalling exactly now, but I think in the one situation where I commenced engine #2 start prior to pushback, the copilot did announce stabilized for #2 but not for #1, which wouldn't have occurred until after the pushback was complete. Almost as if there's some hangup with the Bus realizing GSX is done or something. I'm thinking your slight flick of the throttle may have been enough to give it what it needed to keep going? I'm not too bothered by it in the end, but it's something to keep an eye out for going forward. Also, not sure if it makes a difference but I'm running ORBX FTX and the one of only two wide-area addon sceneries I use just happens to be the 5-volume freeware PW Sceneries for the Leeward Islands, which includes TLPL - so I'd almost wonder if the slightly different AFCAD might be another variable coming into play somehow. I happened to be using gate 2 for both tests (G2 actually, I think, to be specific), if that even makes a difference.
  4. I just thought I would bring to light a little issue I experienced with the A320 checklist/copilot feature yesterday, with regard to GSX's pushback feature. I'm posting this not so much as a bug report since I'm not sure of the repeatability (or if it's just specific to certain airports for some reason, etc.) as I didn't perform extensive testing, but rather as notification of a workaround in the event somebody else encounters the problem. I was departing Hewanorra Int'l (St. Lucia, TLPL) and one of the departure procedures there is for heavy and medium jets to push back prior to start up. So I requested pushback from GSX (the setting to allow AES/GSX pushbacks is set in the Bus' MCDU) and selected "no" for the option of start before pushback when prompted. Once pushback was completed, GSX prompted to start the engines and ended its procedure, at which time I started #2, waited for stabilization and then started #1. The only problem is that the copilot never announced "engine X stabilized" for either engine, and I sat and waited a few minutes before just taking over manually. In fact it wasn't until I arrived at KJFK some four hours later, when upon vacating the runway what else did I hear but my trusty copilot announcing engines stabilized and then proceeding with the After Start checklist! Curious but past my bedtime, I tried this again in a completely different situation and everything worked perfectly (this time an A318 CFM from Manchester, NH - KMHT in icing conditions and therefore with another delayed startup). I decided to go back and try the A320 IAE at TLPL again, once with pushback before startup and once with pushback after. Same behavior with both tests - only difference being this time, once the engine physically stabilized I tried advancing the throttle slightly - no need to punch it, just hitting 25% N1 was sufficient - and upon returning to idle the copilot announced the engine(s) stabilized and the checklists then continued normally. Just one of those little things to keep in mind, I suppose. If you're wondering why returning the engines to idle prior to the takeoff roll didn't jog the copilot from his slumber, it's probably because I disabled the feature entirely until sometime later in the flight when I turned it back on figuring that he might come back to life prior to descent much like it does after loading a saved flight.
  5. I've noticed that the barometric selector knob seems to "act" in the opposite direction from the FCU knobs (speed, heading, etc.). Is this intended? What I mean is - I have my mouse wheel set to reverse scrolling direction (like scrolling on a Mac - turning the wheel towards you scrolls up). So, in that sense if I turn my mouse wheel toward me (being right handed, you see it moving clockwise assuming the mouse is pointed forward) the FCU knobs will turn to the right (clockwise) and the indicated values will increase. I'm basically turning the mouse wheel in the same direction I would be turning the knobs if I were in the actual plane. However, the same mouse scrolling action over the barometric selector moves that knob to the left (counter/anti-clockwise) with a decreasing barometric setting indication. It's not really a problem as I've begun to train myself to expect that behavior, but it just strikes me as odd. Is this a bug or just another instance of "Airbus logic"? Thanks!
  6. Loving seeing this beauty come along and looking forward to owning an Airbus counterweight to my B772!
  7. Hi, When I use the "pop-up" MCDU window, it displays fine initially but once I move to another page (so far any page, it appears), artifacts from the original page appear along the rightmost approx. 10% of the MCDU display window. I haven't noticed this addressed here elsewhere, but I've never had a similar problem with any other pop-up windows on any other aircraft, so I'm hesitant to believe I'm the only one who has seen this. Attached is an example: It's still useable, it just looks weird. For the record, I fly VC in all aircraft, and usually use the VC MCDU units anyway; there are just some occasions where the pop-up window is convenient. -Chris
  8. I have the same issue, and the same solution.