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  1. By being "not" 100% compatible, does that mean that the old (current) liveries will still "work", say perhaps by utilizing fallback textures? I'm assuming this extends to the A320/A321 as well. I've accumulated quite a few liveries (the number of jetBlue liveries that have been made is almost embarrassing) and it would be a shame to have to lose them, as inevitably not all will be updated. I'd rather deal with some nuance that doesn't look perfect vs. not being able to use a particular livery at all.
  2. With the new A320 & A330, will there be an option to select a secondary sound output for the "ASC" sounds (or if I'm mistaken, is there a way to do so presently)? Currently it appears they play through whichever device is designated as "default" at FSX boot. It's easy enough to work around, but would be a nice feature to be able to select something other than the default. (PF3 has the same behavior - so with more than one add-on behaving as such, it can't just be set once and left alone.) (I only discovered this today because I added a sound bar to my TV and was therefore able to free up the computer speaker system I had attached to my home theater PC. I'm taking a liking to having my jetBlue IAEs causing everything the room to rattle as if it's an actual aircraft lol)
  3. Meaning that one can probably rather easily create several variants and a batch process that will randomize the paper selected for a given simulator boot. Tie the displayed paper to the ICAO code of the departure airport. This thing sells itself!
  4. That actually would be pretty interesting. I'm picturing something like the newspapers from SimCity 2000, where it culls headlines from an online news source (or for that matter probably any website) of the user's choosing, settable from some config entry. Maybe even some "click spot" hyperlinks to open your browser to the actual article if you really wanted to make that paper useful. An idea for a bored programmer for a future service pack.
  5. I like to do different things on different flights. I usually prefer short turns, but if I have a little extra time and it's an early morning flight I'll do the cold & dark just to keep it fresh. Choices are good (just as long as you don't have too many choices). A few years ago I was on a midnight flight (actually an E190) and we were told we were going to have to sit at the gate an extra 15 minutes because there was some system fault and the only way to solve it was to actually "reboot" the airplane. That was fun. I would also rather chew on a piece of asphalt than drink coffee, but I have no problem with virtual coffee cups - keep 'em coming! Good to hear that some of the focus is slowly shifting back to the A330 - that's a very promising sign. Meanwhile, it's just the A32x and the QW 757 keeping FSX alive on my PC, but I'm in no hurry. I have plenty to keep me occupied; probably too much actually.
  6. I know something I've wanted to ask for a while now - will there be a way (or is there now, for that matter) a way to suppress that loud prompting *beep* while using the checklists? I've turned off most of the other UI options (info bar, etc.) as I became more familiar with the systems and procedures. I'm not aware of any way to kill that beep, however. I'm sure I could find the file and just replace it with an empty .wav, but a more "supported" fix that wouldn't be at risk of being broken with every SP or hotfix, etc. would be nice. Agreed. Doubling (or whatever the magnitude is) some facet of system overhead to add what I have (at the risk of starting a flame war) trouble seeing as anything more than eye candy would be a no-go. Both of my sims run quite well on the same card, so as much as I love my 'Buses they're not worth shelling out for an upgrade I don't otherwise need and I would just stick with a dual installation to run them. Now I'm sure those modules add some nice things, but I have a hard time believing they are "can't live without" and any bit essential to flying/managing the aircraft. I've managed to get this far without them. A few extra days on the development cycle certainly draws no exception from me!
  7. I believe you may need this then: Maybe 25 years ago my father acquired a second-hand C64 from a friend whose son had just moved out of the house. With it was a bunch of games, included were the SubLogic scenery areas SD-3 and SD-5, including all the printed material. I never found a version of FS, though. Maybe it's just as well, I never experienced a computer AI cheat so often and so badly. I don't know how you can cheat at FS, but I'm sure it would have found a way! I still held onto the maps even though I never had any use for them - always hoped they would be released for FS4 but apparently they never were along with the rest of the western 2/3 of the US.
  8. I'm actually kind of curious to know how its performance roughly compares to the NGX. I would expect it to be somewhat similar if not slightly better, owing to "shallower" systems depth and more recent optimization? After some time spent doing the usual familiarization testing and tweaking, I've been able to achieve smooth 30-35 fps performance in overcast skies in some of the "heavier" scenery areas and add-on airports - and this is only with a comparatively modest 970 GTX with 4 GB. In that case, rarely does my VRAM usage go above 1.5 to 2 GB. This is of course without the high-res terrain textures option, but in general my sliders are set fairly well to the right; farther to the right than my FSX installation in fact, and with slightly better performance in most areas. There are some instances and situations where I think FSX (with the DX10 fixer) is still superior though, surprisingly. I'm just hoping that the more graphics/VRAM-intensive features are options. It would seem to me to be excluding a huge chunk of the market by limiting potential users to those with greater than even as low as 2 GB of VRAM. Myself, I could certainly afford to upgrade my graphics but I really don't want to - and judging from what I've gleaned from various forums I really wouldn't see a whole lot of improvement to justify the cost of upgrading to one of the 1080s. I've read a fair amount of disappointment to indicate it's one of those "your mileage may vary" situations. As a bit of an unrelated note, I did notice considerable improvement in my FPS upon upgrading my nVidia drivers from 376.xx to the latest 391.xx. Maybe 25% in that overcast situation. Now if only we could exclude clouds from anti-aliasing... I should certainly hope so. Better dust off the old sectionals. (I have several more where those came from.) I actually do still have a fully functioning copy of FS4 for Mac (along with several of the SD-X scenery regions) on a Basilisk emulator that I occasionally use to play old games.
  9. I could swear the current Bus already did that? Granted I don't believe I've left them open past engine start, but I could swear I've heard it. Certainly the hum of the GSX vehicles gets louder. Either that or I am sleep deprived, or have a really good imagination... (both of which are entirely within the realm of possibility)
  10. Sabretooth78

    Aerosoft Shop Freeware in P3Dv4

    Just following up, all three of those packages appear to work just fine. Since I'm keeping FSX on my PC for the foreseeable future, in order not to hurt the existing installation I just renamed my FSX folder, installed the packages to a "dummy" FSX folder, and then moved the files and set up the addon/scenery library entries accordingly. One word of caution, though, make sure you keep it below any ORBX scenery library entries, if you have them. I my particular case I noticed a conflict in Innsbruck; I might assume there would be other instances throughout the various European FTX regions.
  11. That's a fitting sign/ad on the jetway. Love the sound of that buzzsaw. On my last flight on an A320 about a month ago, I sat behind the wing and was almost disappointed with how quiet the flight was - next time I'm going back to my usual seat alongside the engine where it almost sounds like the engine is in the process of vibrating itself apart! I've been anticipating the release of the A330 in particular for some time, so regarding the delays, yeah, it's disappointing but as an engineer (civil) myself, I know the drill. If you aren't missing schedule due to the unexpected, it's due to scope creep or something else. There's no such thing as an "easy" or "normal" project. At least you don't have quite the same level of consequences for overshooting! It'll be ready when it's ready, and in the meantime I have plenty to keep me busy. With my FSX running the best it ever has and with P3D just about ready to go, I think I can live. Besides, I just bought the NGX yesterday so I'll have more than enough on my plate should I choose to fill it, especially with the busier seasons of spring and summer approaching. Not enough time in the day...
  12. Sabretooth78

    Step Descents

    Is there a way to invoke a step descent without triggering the the MDCU PERF "DES" page? I have a flight in progress where I was cruising at FL380 (mag. course 182) and descended to FL370, per RVSM, at a particular waypoint on my flight plan where the course changed to 178. Now I was only about 40 NM short of my TOD, so perhaps I was too close to TOD (though the descent preparation alert chime hadn't sounded yet) and the system mistook it as the beginning of descent? For what it's worth I figured something like that might happen so I entered the new cruise altitude into the MCDU before entering it on the MCP but it clearly didn't, at least in this case, make a difference.
  13. Sabretooth78

    Aerosoft Shop Freeware in P3Dv4

    I've been going through my add-on collection and I have a few from the Aerosoft Shop that I haven't seen on the P3Dv4 update status list nor been able to find any word in other forums. Namely: Aerosoft Alcatraz Aerosoft Stadiums 2008 (I believe that's the name) FSDT Oresund X Is there any official word on the status of these; any intent to update or is it just assumed they *should* work with the same risks inherent to any other non-DLL, EXE, etc. legacy add-on? With the impending release of the updated A320s being among the last of my "must have" FSX add-ons to get the P3Dv4 treatment (and with much teething passed by), I've finally decided to jump into getting P3D set up and configured so I can hit the ground running when the Buses finally do arrive. So as a result, I've been parsing my collection, set up an update status spreadsheet, etc.; all that nerdy stuff an obsessive-compulsive neat freak would do with their scenery library...
  14. Sabretooth78

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    I'll continue to piggyback on this request and the others for a rebooted E190, or perhaps the new E2 series. The E190 is going to be the reason why FSX will remain on my PC once I do eventually make the switch to P3Dv4*. It's unfortunate feelThere doesn't seem to have a desire to update it because it really would seem to have an excellent foundation as it is a great model even today once you get past the fact that it is (and looks) 10 years old. That said, I drool at the prospect of an E190 that has the polish and practicality of an Aerosoft Airbus. (Of course, my tune could change if jetBlue (my preferred VA routes) dumps their E190s and switches to the C-Series. But that probably wouldn't be until the mid-2020s and hopefully by then somebody will have at least done one of those justice as well.) * Editorial note: I haven't made the upgrade yet because I [by no small effort, finally] have FSX running like a well-oiled machine and while most of my scenery add-ons are finally P3Dv4 compatible, none of my aircraft are. Yeah, I could pull the trigger anyway, but I fly a lot of VA with specific planes on specific routes and I like it that way; having something better that I can't fully use to its potential is just going to damp the experience of both simulators for me.
  15. It is already possible, with a few tweaks. I'm not sure if in real life the ECAMS page is different somehow, but you can at least get the same effect in the sim. I've only applied it to my A321 IAE, but there's no reason you can't tweak the other models: