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  1. Sabretooth78

    Vertical profile update

    I can confirm that the climb behavior of the A320 IAE is much improved; however the descent behavior still needs work - I still get excess of -5000 fpm in open descent as I've previously noted. That said, I appreciate the fix and one thing at a time!
  2. Sabretooth78

    After Offset lost of Navdatas

    I tried an offset today for storm avoidance and have a question that may be related to the original post. My flight plan was: KLGB N0461F370 FRITR3 CNERY DCT BLH J169 TFD J50 ELP J2 FST DCT DILLO LAIKS2 KAUS Due to thunderstorms at ITEMM, I tried an L10 offset beginning at about TOTEC and set ALIBY as the end waypoint. SSO (San Simon) was the last waypoint prior to ALIBY. What I observed is that the aircraft acquires the offset path rather quickly (as I expected), but is rather lazy in requiring the original flight plan at the exit end of the offset. It began the turn back to the original flight plan at SSO, but didn't acquire until ALIBY, a distance of about 78 nm. Graphical representation thanks to FSXTracker: TOTEC is the point of depature, point of exiting the offset is abeam San Simon. Reacquisition of original path at ALIBY (at A/C position shown). Shouldn't the exit end of the offset be similar in length to the entry? I could see ATC not enjoying such "lazy" progress. Or is this actually as intended/realistic? A320 IAE;
  3. Sabretooth78

    No exterior light effects

    Those look a lot more sensible. Come to think of it, I don't know if I've done a night flight in the Pro version at a non-payware airport, which explains why this behavior might be a crapshoot. Turns out the next flight I wanted to do will be a night flight to a default airport so I'll be able to verify at that time.
  4. Sabretooth78

    Cockpit Lighting

    I had an issue last night where the "ambient" cockpit lighting went out during an approach into KLGB. Depending on where I would shift my viewpoint (via sidestick hat switch), the lights would come back on but go off once resetting to the forward view. This appears similar to the exterior shadows problem that seems to plague P3D v4 in general, but I thought I might post it here in the event it's not stemming from a problem that LM needs to address. For example; very dark: But turn your head slightly to the left, and it gets brighter: More or less solved by turning switching the dome light to "bright" to compensate, but really annoying on approach. This was the first time I had experienced this with the Airbus, or any aircraft in P3D4 to my recollection. For what it's worth, I did have ORBX FTX SoCal enabled, so perhaps I was just overloading the lighting calculations? (I usually don't fly airliners over FTX regions but I'm still fiddling with a rebuilt PC and exploring its limits hence why I'm throwing the kitchen sink at everything.)
  5. Sabretooth78

    No exterior light effects

    I have a somewhat opposite problem whereas the ground will be lighted appropriately, but nearby terminal buildings and AI aircraft will be completely washed out. For example: Taxi lights on: Taxi lights off: Airport is KDCA, Drzewiecki Design Washington X. I took these some time ago and forgot to report it so I don't recall exactly what the version number was, but I still get this on Model was A320 IAE.
  6. Sabretooth78

    Descent Path and Speed Calculation

    Just to provide another data point, I had some more STAR wackiness last night approaching KLGB on the ROOBY3 arrival. A320 IAE, On this particular procedure, there is a 280 kt speed restriction beyond CHURO. As you can see in the picture, managed speed wants nothing to do with the restriction. As a result I flew most of the procedure in selected mode (or as I like to call it "manual automatic"). As I did use V/S mode earlier in the descent (to avoid the open descent freefall "bug") could it be possible that I caused the FMS to mess up? Past ROOBY, things started getting really messy with the descent path calculation. As you can see below, I'm right about where I should be based on the restrictions yet the FMS thinks I should be up around 12000 feet based on the VDEV reported on the MCDU: For the landing I was given the interesting RNAV 12 approach which basically entails flying a tight noise abatement 180 degree turn just before final (not unlike the Canarsie approach into the KJFK 13s). I didn't capture any screen shots, and don't want to sound harsh but the non-precision approach guidance was useless. Bird on, approach armed and managed speed and heading, the aircraft went into an open descent dive after BREKE, at which point I broke off the autopilot and flew the approach manually. The "brick" stayed pegged at the top of the altitude ribbon for the entire approach, despite the bird appearing to show the correct cues. Also, perhaps unrelated, past BREKE the airspeed dropped and the A/THR didn't seem to be responding to the selected speed until after I jogged the thrust levers to MAN FLEX and back to THR CLB. After that the A/THR again responded to speed selections and I was able to pull off one of my better landings. I can't really provide more detail given that everything up through this point got so messed up that it's entirely possible I messed something up (or several things) to cause this to happen, though I wouldn't have expected any of it to "break" the autothrust system! in spite of all the craziness, I did stick one of the better landings I've ever made, so at least it was quite satisfying in that regard.
  7. Sabretooth78

    Weights Confusion P3DV4

    It has been my experience that SimBrief works quite well also. The "fuel factor" for all of the models generally falls within 0.95-1.05 for any given flight.
  8. Sabretooth78

    Engine Start Behavior

    Just out of curiosity I tried starting Engine 1 first and got this - again, nothing appears to actually be wrong beyond just having a messy PIREP: So it seems to happen on the last engine started, and Engine 1 regardless. Weird but not concerned!
  9. Sabretooth78

    Engine Start Behavior

    Since the release of the Pro version, I've noticed this in my virtual airline PIREPS: Maybe it's just a SmartCARS quirk, but this has occurred on every flight using it since was released. For some reason it is reporting Engine 1 as instantaneously shutting down and restarting the moment it reports it as starting. I haven't tried to see if this occurs if starting Engine 1 before Engine 2 (or if it then occurs with Engine 2 instead). This doesn't seem to be manifesting itself in the sim, in fact I would have never noticed anything amiss if it weren't for these logs. I'm just reporting it in case it ends up factoring into some other bug somewhere down the line!
  10. Sabretooth78

    Air conditioning

    On a similar note, I've noticed that the cabin doesn't seem to normalize with the outdoor temperature, with the ECAM reporting a consistent cabin temp of 24 degrees C regardless of the outside temperature. If I recall, the FSX version would eventually approach the outdoor temperature, i.e. if it's 33 outside, the cabin would gradually warm up to meet that unless you turned on the air conditioning (and vice versa in cold weather). I've done several flights in the Florida/Caribbean area with takeoff temps between 30-34 and even after running 20-25 minutes of preflight and not starting the APU until a few minutes before pushback, the cabin temperature will still read 24 across the board. (I think any passenger boarding a flight in such a situation would agree things aren't nearly that comfortable!) To me, this simulation should be considered normal ops, just as Packs Off takeoffs, Packs on APU, etc. are SOP depending on airline. I'll still continue to follow those procedures regardless, but it would be nice if there was some reporting on the ECAM to justify my efforts.
  11. One observation I've made with the Pro (P3D4) version since its release is that the autopilot maneuvering of turns, at least in managed mode, seems to be a little off. I never noticed this in the previous (FSX) version. Generally, all appears good until the AP begins rolling out of the turn; it's as if it is aiming for a path that is parallel to the outbound path, but some distance before it. Hopefully I'm describing it well enough. Anyway, this has only been an observation, no big deal as the AP would eventually smoothly acquire the new path. For all I know, maybe that's how the actual aircraft operates. Since the most recent update,, however, this seems to have become a little more noticeable, in fact on my last flight I had a handful of turns (in the 40-60 degree range) where the turn completed with the aircraft somewhat short of the path and the AP corrected with a noticeable reverse bank to acquire the path - i.e. for a left turn (as most of them happened to be for this particular flight plan), it corrected with a short but sharp right bank to acquire the path. I don't recall ever noticing this kind of behavior in the Aerosoft Airbus in any version prior, even on very sharp (acute) turns; nor on any other payware aircraft of this caliber. I haven't noticed this in selected mode, but that's not to say it doesn't. I'm suspecting since a selected turn is not trying to achieve a set path, such an issue won't occur as the AP will simply level out when it achieves the selected heading/track and isn't actually trying to acquire a defined path. Here's a diagram (somewhat exaggerated) to try and explain it visually: Magenta = Plan Blue = Flown Turn begins distance "x" short of waypoint "WAYPT" At same distance "x" past WAYPT, a/c is offset from path by distance "w" A/C acquires plan over distance "y" - smoothly (FSX, P3D4 prior to or with right bank (
  12. Sabretooth78

    Vertical profile update

    Same here. "Rocketed" up to FL350 from KTPA in about 12 minutes on my latest flight, and got the same >5000 fpm descent in open descent, so it definitely seems the work is still in progress.
  13. Sabretooth78

    A320 FMS CTD

    I realize above what I posted may have been confusing - there were not "two" discontinuities before and after the "Manual", rather there were two discontinuities total (on the departure end, anyway) with the "Manual" in between them. Clearly caused by the way I had entered the flight plan. Aside from that I do believe I've accurately recalled the steps leading up to the CTD as I posted it almost immediately after. Granted, I wasn't focused on having to recall it from memory as I obviously wasn't expecting to have to remember it! The takeoff was a little sloppy in the sense that FS2Crew must not have caught my takeoff call (I distinctly remember making the call), so I was playing catch-up with that while also navigating. I did subsequently reattempt (and successfully complete) the flight immediately after, this time catching the absence of ACONY in the FMGS and taking care of all that during preflight. No problems there aside from the very bumpy arrival into Tampa! Imported, created in SimBrief and downloaded through the Downloader. As these often contain SID/STAR waypoints, I then usually have to open the flight plan in LittleNavMap and delete SID/STAR waypoints as necessary, basically removing all "runway specific" waypoints as I use PF3 for ATC and that makes life a lot easier, especially on STARs. I did not have to do this in this case as the SimBrief download was properly truncated between ACONY and JSTRM (DEAKK5 arrival into KTPA). The plan was loaded into the FMGS as a company route. I had to fix it in the Company Route Editor prior to loading into the FMGS (as I always do) as it had some lat/lon coordinates (as I find they usually do) but it was ultimately: TJSJKTPA01 SAPPO R507 GTK A555 ZBV DCT PHK Whatever is the current, I believe 1810 for both. I have a current Navigraph subscription. I just realized I hadn't updated the AIRAC for the aircraft since running the update but I don't recall the FMGS screen to have been incorrect as a result of that update (though I can't recall for certainty). I just rebuilt most of the PC recently, so I readily have probably far more detail than you need. Mobo: ASRock X470 Gaming-ITX/ac AM4 AMD Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 8-Core 3.7 GHz (4.3 GHz Max Boost) Socket AM4 105W Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Graphics: EVGA - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Storage: Boot: Samsung - 970 EVO 250GB Internal PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe) SSD P3D: Samsung - 860 EVO 500GB SSD Add-ons and utilities (less ORBX and a few others): Samsung - 850 EVO 500GB SSD Backup/Archive: Apple 500 GB HDD (came original with a 2012 MacMini which I updated to an SSD so it was sitting around not being used). The RAM is probably a little behind spec (also isn't on the mobo QVL) and is next on my list to upgrade (and probably to 32 GB) once prices come down a little. That said, it seems to be performing just fine. P3D has generally been as, if not more, stable than on my prior i7-6700k/GTX 970 build. (I made the change because booting was becoming erratic and I was sensing an upcoming failure, went with the AMD more because of price than anything; aside from the fact I've always been partial to them going back to the late 1990's.) I probably come off as knowing a lot more about building a system than I actually do; rather I just tend to be a DIYer and know just enough about it to be dangerous.
  14. Sabretooth78

    A320 FMS CTD

    I just experienced a FMGS.dll CTD as reported by Event Viewer. Situation was just after takeoff from TJSJ/08, ACONY2 departure. For whatever reason, the waypoint ACONY wasn't imported from the database (nor did I have the foresight to catch this before takeoff), so after stabilizing on the 350 degree track and passing 4500 feet (as "instructed" by ATC) I entered a DIR TO to PALDE, which was basically on the same track as ACONY at that point. After setting the autopilot just above 10,000 feet, I then entered another DIR TO to ACONY (which I had to enter manually). I then deleted the "Manual" and the two discontinuities on either side of it, and the FMS seemed to take it but within a second the sim started sputtering and quickly thereafter CTD'd without an error message. Model A320 IAE, version (current)
  15. Sabretooth78

    Ventilation Sounds

    Figured it out. I had "Loudness Equalization" set in my speakers Properties. What I get for playing around with settings on a new install. Carry on!